Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Mocking smile (Part 1)

“See, you guys didn’t give us any face and were utterly shameless. Be careful, I, your father, will take you all to the police station. The long dark nights are lonely, I wouldn’t mind if you guys were to accompany us cheerfully in the station.”

Xiao Liu was bitten and cursed crudely. He hurriedly took out his police truncheon and aimed at Liu Yuanyuan’s head.


Lin Mumu snorted and firmly spread her arm to receive the hit and protect Liu Yuanyuan.

She originally wanted to punch Xiao Liu, he was not allowed to hit Liu Yuanyuan. The head was the most important body part, if she had any problems later, it would be too late for regret.

Just before Lin Mumu could take action, she heard the sound of police cars behind her, so she could only drop the matter and protect Liu Yuanyuan with her arm.

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Liu Yuanyuan was frightened and anxiously checked Lin Mumu’s arm. When she released An Xiaoqin, her limp body was roughly taken away by Duan Hailiang and went straight towards Nandu Hotel.

“Oh, still unyielding? These soft and tender little girls, your father, I, likes this type of fresh and pure female student!” Xiao Liu didn’t expect a few female students to be so difficult to deal with, he lifted his truncheon and spilled dirt words with his foul mouth.

However, he felt something was strange. The good-looking girl whom he had just beaten didn’t have any expression of fear. She was actually smiling weirdly at him.

There seemed to be a kind of ridicule and gloating in her smile. As if she was silently saying: Idiot.

Was she provoking him? How could Xiao Liu’s pride bear it? He immediately reached out and caught Lin Mumu’s hair.

Liu Yuanyuan was scared silly and anxiously tried to push away the man’s arm. Suddenly, Lin Mumu whispered a word in her ear: “Cry.”

Liu Yuanyuan hadn’t reacted yet when another powerful push came from Xiao Liu.

Liu Yuanyuan didn’t understand what was her purpose but she already felt extremely wronged in her heart. After hearing the word, she immediately started crying loudly, and the more she cried, the more miserable she looked as she started to gasp for breath, her crying sound echoed loudly in the quiet evening.

Chapter 30 – Mocking smile (Part 2)

A moment later, several police cars drove over. The heading car’s door was roughly opened and a young man in black rushed to help Lin Mumu out of Xiao Liu’s grasp and pushed him away before rushing to Nandu Hotel’s entrance and punching Duan Hailiang on the face.

Another senior police officer started shouting loudly: “Is your police truncheon made for fighting little girls?”

The three police officers heard the voice, and instantly were frightened just like a mouse seeing a cat, they didn’t dare keep up their arrogant acts anymore.

Lin Mumu started sobbing while begging for help: “You are a good people, right? You will take justice in our stead, right?

We are students of Beijing University. Our classmate got drunk and just got out of Fei Shang to go back to school. Their leader saw our friend and insisted on pulling our classmate Xiaoqin to the hotel to book a room.

We refused to let him, and they ganged on us together, saying the long dark nights were lonely, and they would take us to accompany them overnight at the station.

Xiaoqin is over there! Quickly go save her! My classmate is very beautiful, I am afraid she’ll be bullied by a beast.” Lin Mumu knows that An Xiaoqin was saved, but still pretended to anxiously point at the hotel.

“Is this really true?!” This was the director of the north of the city’s police station. He didn’t expect that the people under his own administration would do such lowly things.

“How could we joke about our classmate’s reputation? We are students of Beijing University, we didn’t expect to be bullied at the doorstep of our own school.” Lin Mumu’s voice barely fell when Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan had already burst into mournful and miserable weeps.

The two little girls didn’t know Lin Mumu’s purpose, they merely felt the lingering fear after the scary experience they’ve just been through, and were feeling extremely wronged, crying was not necessarily a sign of weakness, but rather an emotional outlet for stressful feelings.

At this time, An Mingxuan had already supported back the muddled and limp An Xiaoqin. Duan Hailiang was beaten into a pulp by two punches of his and a kick to his stomach. He was now painfully rolling on the ground.

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