Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 282 - Ch. 282

Ch. 282

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Lin Tianlang must communicate well with Lin Mumu this time and ask her how she did it!

And Inoue Kazuki finally understood what Lin Mumu had done. She actually changed his formation in such a short period of time!

And Inoue Kazuki, the master of the formation, was trapped in the formation and couldn’t get out!

That student Lin Mumu, don’t know what method she used to isolate him, making it impossible for him to break the formation.

Poor Inoue Kazuki was trapped in front of the bamboo building and became a sight.

Later, during the afternoon break, many girls who didn’t know the truth passed by and took a photo with him.

Inoue Kazuki had to put on a happy smile and take photos with them seriously.

Fortunately, Inoue Noko came to protect him later, so this embarrassment was avoided.

Until dinner time, when Lin Mumu walked out holding her leaf plate. Only then did Inoue Noko grab Lin Mumu’s arm: “What on earth did you do to my senior brother? Let him out quickly!”

Lin Mumu’s eyes fell on Inoue Noko’s hand and she answered her calmly: “I hate it the most when strangers touch me, I hate it even more when people talk to me in a commanding tone. What I hate even more is when someone covets my man.”

Inoue Noko was really afraid of Lin Mumu. The last time she was injured by Lin Mumu, her bones were set, but could never fully recover. She was so frightened that she quickly stopped, fearing that Lin Mumu would do it again.

After giving Inoue Noko a warning, Lin Mumu didn’t really do anything to her. Inoue Noko was an international student who entered Yanda through formal channels. If there was a problem on the Yanda campus, it was impossible to just let it go, it would also implicate her master.

Otherwise, if this was a place like a fighting ring, there would be no need for Lin Mumu to talk nonsense to her and she would just do it.

What nonsense are you talking about when you can take action? She couldn’t do anything, so she could only scare her.

Lin Mumu didn’t have the slightest affection for these two people, and they still insisted on hanging around in front of her, so she could only turn a blind eye and leave quickly.

“Lin Mumu!” Inoue Noko stopped taking action, but still called to Lin Mumu unwillingly: “Let him out, and I will tell you a secret about Mr. Yun.”

“Not interested. I will take care of my man’s affairs. Tell me, do I need you to talk nonsense?”

Inoue Noko sneered: “Then do you know that he was injured by a gunshot, but you can still go to class with peace of mind? It seems that you don’t love him.”

“You don’t have to worry about my affairs, be good to your senior brother.” Lin Mumu casually released Baozi. After Baozi took away a piece of talisman, Inoue Kazuki was finally relieved.

Lin Mumu set up a series of killing formations. If others messed with the talisman, not only would they not be able to save Inoue Kazuki, but it would also make Inoue Kazuki’s formation more complicated, so Inoue Noko did not dare to mess with it.

Even if she watched the dog take away a piece, she could only watch and could do nothing.

When it came to formations, Inoue Noko didn’t understand anything. Inoue Kazuki was pretty good, but he was not as good as Lin Mumu.

Professor Lin came back from class and looked at the masterpiece of his apprentice with satisfaction. He pretended to be an expert and explained to Zhou Qiang and Lin Tianlang how his apprentice Lin Mumu set up the formation.

Lin Mumu was so stubborn that she felt uncomfortable now. No wonder Yun Ting’s voice was wrong, it turned out he was injured!

This bastard didn’t tell her when he was hurt, and he didn’t come home to heal? If Inoue Noko hadn’t told her, did he plan to hide it from her?

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