Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 133.2 - Indecent video (Part 2)

Chapter 133 – Indecent video (Part 2)

Lin Mumu liked this aspect of his very much and always thought her dog was very intelligent, not only could it find its owner by itself, it could also somewhat understand its owner and express its mood by making different sounds.

A loud ‘Ao’ means happy, and a whimpering ‘Wu’ meant not happy.

“Well, I can’t take you with me to class, but I can take you to the flower and bird market tomorrow for a little walk, you’ll see a lot of dogs and animals there.”

“Ao!” Xiao Baozi seemed very excited.

After giving the Xiao Baozi his bath, Lin Mumu casually turned on her computer and found out that her QQ kept flickering with new unread messages.

It was the QQ roommate group that seemed about to explode from some breaking news.

Chen Fangya: “This is too awesome! Today’s indecent video of Li Li, the popular big star, is almost breaking down the entertainment news.”

An Xiaoqin: “Share it here, let us quickly have a look! Before I could even lay my hands on her the woman is already doomed?”

Chen Fangya: “I can’t share it anymore, I heard that the reaction was too large and the video was quickly deleted. However, some resourceful websites kept a copy and are still sharing it. According to Zhou Qiang, the video was very clear, especially Li Li’s face, so there’s no way she could escape the repercussions.”

“What about all the money she owes us!” Lin Mumu immediately wrote down her biggest concern.

“Seeing how things are going, she definitely suffered a big loss from this scandal, so it seems like our case is hopeless and we’re not likely to be paid back.”

“Furthermore, some ex-boyfriend of hers came out to expose her shameless nature and how she slept with men to climb higher, including many directors and producers. In short, once this thing started to spread, she was already finished. From now on, she can’t hope to be anything in the entertainment industry!”

An Xiaoqin: “I also have good news for you, Mumu. Apparently, Xing Shao was called back home by his father to be taught a lesson.

Today’s news were truly a source of great satisfaction. When old Xing heard about the smashing of the flower shop, he thought you were very upset and got so angry he was about to faint. Maybe he’ll even personally visit you tomorrow to settle down the issue.”

Lin Mumu helplessly tapped: “I’m not so petty, I wouldn’t take out my anger on some unrelated person because another smashed my shop. Besides, the main concern when doing business is naturally money, so how could I pass on such a chance to make a profit? Please help me persuade him not to come over.”

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