Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 8 – Magi Jet Engine

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Chapter 8 – Magi Jet Engine

The Cygnus was completed the next day.

The same day, Marcia went to her part-time fishing job while Jin went back to Hourai Island.

「Well, I wonder if my thinking is correct.」

Last night, an idea came to his head while he was in bed at the Sea Pavillion


Jin used basic wind magic. Normally it’s a magic used to blow away rubbish. A strong wind was generated which ceased after around 5 seconds.

「Hmm, as I thought, there’s no recoil.」

Jin noticed that there was no recoil with most magic. The commonly referred to “law of action and reaction” was valid even in a different world.

However, this did not apply with respect to magic. Jin was trying to analyze the reason why.

「So Reiko, when I signal, please use Blower.」


Reiko was a super automata, in order to protect her master, attack magic of all attributes has been programmed to be used, including high level magic that her master cannot use.

「3, 2, 1, now!」



Strong winds swept from Reiko’s hands, it was followed by flows of Jin’s magic.

「This time use Strong Winds please. 3, 2, 1, now!」



Now, Jin began to examine the workings of magic and magic energy.

After repeating this 3 times,

「I got it! It’s as I thought!」


Seeing Jin jump to his feet was uncommon, Reiko was puzzled.

「Reiko, thank you. I finally found the reason only the target is blown away with wind magic.」

Jin then explained to Reiko.

「For example, the magic Blower, appears to have created wind from the palm, however, it actually fires by collecting air from the surroundings.」

Jin speculated this structure was because it was a relatively weak magic.

「When firing, although there is supposed to be recoil, the operator does not feel it. This is because magic cancelling the reaction is triggered at the same time.」

「Is that so?」

「Ah. There’s no doubt. Air flow, magic energy flow and magic structure, it’s all as a result of examining them.」

But, Jin let out his breath,

「From the operation of Blower and Wind, it’s only good at cancelling part of the recoil.」

From Jin’s extent of understanding, magic is the recorded procedure of invoking the (flow) in the world, it starts with the soul of language in the presence of chanting and continued by the imposition of mana.

In a magic item, a “Plate” is used to record and store the “World” procedure (flow) with the soul of language, magic is triggered when supplied with mana.

Storing a new procedure (flow) into the world is creating a new magic, it is said.

With that said, the memory isn’t foolproof, differences appear between mages spells.

That aside, Jin continued talking.

「Because of that, you can do the same thing with a magic tool.」

「I was able to understand the story. But the magic tool you mentioned before, what is it useful for?」

With an impish smile, Jin said,

「We’ll see」

Theng, bringing some Light Silver from the warehouse, he began to make something.

As expected of Jin, although it took some time to make something for the first time, it was completed soon.


It was a cylindrical object 30cm long, 10cm in diameter.

「Father, this is?」

Then Jin opened the lid and put a tiny Magi Stone in the upper part of the cylinder, after that, he pushed it to the middle and closed the lid.And,

「Reiko, hold it firmly but be careful not to crush the cylinder.」

「? Okay.」

With that, Reiko held the tube,


Jin started it. At that moment, wind started blowing from the cylinder in Reiko’s hand,it pushed against Reiko with considerable force.

「Father, this is?」

「Oh, its a big success. It is a Magi Jet Engine.」

Jin’s enginering naming was relatively decent.

「As it is, it will keep going until the Magi Stone runs out.」

It kept working for another 20 minutes.

「Un un, it’s as I thought」

「What does it mean? Father」

Reiko asked as Jin nodded.

「Un、in the magic Wind、the part of the magic that prevents recoil that I talked about a little while ago consumed more than half the magic power.」

「In other words, if you stop the magic that prevents recoil, it would require much less magic.」

Jin happily nodded,

「Yes, yes, that’s right. With this, the prospect of flying in the sky is in sight, it can also be used to make a high speed boat.」

With Jin’s thoughts, the jet plane would probably come before the propeller plane.

「Well、it’s about time. Let’s return to Port Rock for the time being.」

*   *   *

Coming out from the cave, Jin headed for Port Rock, as he neared he thought he smelt something burning.

「Father! It’s a fire!」

Almost at the same time, Reiko pointed out. Black smoke was coming out from the harbour area.

「Isn’t that from the direction of the dry dock?」

With a bad feeling, Jin began to run. Reiko followed.

「Ah, the dock!」

It could be seen from a distance. The source of the fire was the dock owned by Marcia. A deep red flame could be seen inside, with smoke erupting, it was in a state where you couldn’t see anything.

「Reiko, can you extinguish it?」

Immediately after Jin said that, the dock was flooded with seawater. Raising a lot of white steam, the fire immediately went out with the large amount of seawater.

「That was?」

「It was Water Storm.」


The person who used the magic was the Magi Engineer from the Shioro Empire they had met yesterday, Reinhardt.

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