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Chapter 6 – Preparations for the Journey

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Translated by Falinmer

04-07 Preparations for the Journey

When Jin finished breakfast the next day, he began the preparations for the trip.

「Umm, change of underwear, shirt, pants and a jacket」

Because he can clean my clothes with [clean up], he only takes two sets of clothes.

「…, is there anything else I need?」

It is the first time Jin is going to be travelling in this world, so he’s confused by it, and he can’t count on Reiko in this regard.

「For now, I’ll treat it like when I traveled on earth.」

Money, medical supplies, handkerchief, tissue, guide book and camera.

「There are no guide books or cameras, huh.」

While saying so, Jin decided to make a camera soon.

「And the handkerchief with the crest of Reinhardt’s house.」

It was what he was given to confirm his identity, he couldn’t forget it.

「After that, I’ll put it in this bag.」

After he made sure that nothing was missing, he finished his preparations.

「Father, what shall we do with the Warp Gate?」

Because of the Warp Gates, if they needed anything they could return to Hourai Island at any time.

「Well, umm, what would you do?」

Jin was unsure of whether or not to bring it because it was so bulky.

「Well, if I only bring the Magic Device, I can do something about the housing on the spot.」

As long as he has the Magic Device for the Metastasis, he can do something about the mount and housing afterwards as long as he has the materials available.

「That’s right, I think that’s good. Should we take two sets?」

「Yeah, even if something happened to one of them, as long as we have two sets we should be able to return.」

With that, the Magic Device that could be considered the heart of the Warp Gate was prepared.

He wrote the control system on a plate with a Magic Crystal of the darkness attribute.

Because it has to be synchronized to the magic wave pattern on the master side in Hourai, it’s a part that can only be made on Hourai island.

「Yosh, this should be good.」

Without the housing, there’s no issue of weight as the two units only weigh about two kilograms.

「Is there anything I’ve forgotten?」

Well, even if he forgot it, he could probably buy it and in the worst case, he could make it.

「Father, why don’t you bring a water bottle just in case?」

「A water bottle, sure. There are insulated properties, and there should be a magic formula to purify the water inside.」

He decided to make it right then. Making it out of light silver, he made the double sided structure and removed the air from inside. In short, he made a thermos bottle.

Furthermore, he made a magic circuit on part of the bottom to purify water so his stomach wouldn’t have trouble with unboiled water.

「And that’s done. I also made one for you, Reiko.」

「I don’t need to drink, but I’ll reserve it as a spare for father.」

She said as she received it.


「Since you were invited, father, how about something as thanks for Reinhardt?」

「A gift, huh…?」

After Jin thought for a while, he took a milky white Magic Crystal and…

「[Forming]… [Magic Formula], [Writing].」

A ring was created. It was an inferior version of the Guard Ring.

「Shall I call it a Protection Ring?」

Jin didn’t know whether protection or guard sounded stronger, but he named it this way because he named the first one guard.

「I’ll make a few and maybe I’ll give them out if there’s a good opportunity.」

「That’s right, although I have the Guard Ring, maybe I should have something like a sword?」

Because Reinhardt knows that Reiko is an automata, he wouldn’t think much of Jin’s equipment.

「If it’s a sword, it’s easy to handle and…」

「I see.」

As Jin was saying so, he immediately took out some adamantium.

「[Forming], [Hardening], [Surface Treatment].」

The sword was complete. It was a small Japanese sword with a slight curve. It was about 50cm and Reiko thought it looked good. Since he’ll be using magic, he needed something to put the blade in.

「Father, this is…」

「Yes, was this knowledge copied into you, too? This isn’t a sword, but a katana. It’s lighter than a regular sword and it’s tough, too.」

While he was saying so, he made a sheath out of light silver. The color of the oxidation film made it pink, so that even if Reiko had it, it wouldn’t be out of place. The sword harness was made to look silver.

「Though I’m not familiar with the structure of a Japanese sword, this should be OK.」

The hilt was made of a fang from a Siam Dragon, and the string was made from the thread of a Ground Spider so it wouldn’t slip.

「Ok, it’s complete. The inscription…. because it’s pink, how about peach blossom?」

And he handed the finished “Peach Blossom” to Reiko.

「Thank you, I’ll make sure to take care of father with this.」

As he thought the preparations were complete with this, he decided to issue instructions to Soleil and Luna for his absence.

「Then, if there is anything…」

Jin started to say and then…

「H-Hold on!」

As he said so, he rushed back into the workshop and Reiko followed behind him. Soleil and Luna stood by as is.

「What happened father?」

Reiko asked Jin as he began to look for something in the workshop.

「Oh, I made a Mana Cam.」(TLFalin:マナカム, it’s basically a cell phone, don’t know why it’s called a cam)

Jin had forgotten until now that he had made one.

「All right, I’ll make two sets first of all so that I can talk with Reiko and Reiko can talk with Soleil or Luna. If there is something, you can contact them with this.」

For the moment, he didn’t call it a cell phone because he cannot choose who to talk with. It’s just a transceiver. Because it’s about the size of a modern cell phone, it’s not too bulky.

「I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything with this.」

Relieved, Jin again went and gave instructions to Soleil and Luna.

「…Do you understand?」

「Yes, understood.」

「If there is anything, contact us by the Mana Cam.」


Saying so, Jin and Reiko went to Port Rock using the warp gate.

At Port Lock it was morning local time.

They went to the Sea Bower Inn which they were familiar with.

「Oh, long time no see, did you go somewhere?」

The proprietress greeted them.

「It has been a while, since the competition. I heard from Marcia that you made her golem.」

According to her, Marcia seems to be running around to open her shop as a Shipwright.

「I see, how’s the town now?」

She had paid off her debts and had bought the tools she needed, and then went to another town to buy some materials the day before.

「So, what’re you doing today? Are you staying the night?」

「Yes, but it’ll only be one night.」

Jin said and,

「Well then, I’ll go with the same 300 as before. The room I had… Bonito is still vacant, right?」

He got the same room as before. Well, the competition is over, so there were less tourists than before.

「Now, we’ll wait to be picked up tomorrow.」

Jin murmured so, and sat down on the familiar bed.

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