Magi Craft Meister


In the port, there are small rental docks which was where Marcia’s workshop was. The catamaran was also stored there right now.

「Over here, this is my workshop.」

「Alright, Reiko, put it down over there please.」


 Reiko put down the ingot of bronze on the dock’s floor.

「Now then, first we’ll need refine this.」

 Hearing Jin’s mutter, Marcia,

「Eh? Jin, did you just say 『refine』?」

「Yeah. What about it?」

「No no no! Isn’t what we just bought an ingot!?」

 However, Jin with a bitter smile,

「Yeah, but you know, there seem to be a lot of impurities in this. There seems to be Arsenic, Bismuth and Lead in it.」

「Eh? Eh? Eh? I don’t really get it, but the material store knew about this and still sold it for a high price?」

「Unfortunately that is how it is.」

 After Jin said this, Marcia’s face was dyed with anger,

「Shit! That damn material store! I’m going to complain!」

 However Jin stopped Marcia,

「Stop, stop. That’s just a waste of time.」

 However, Marcia’s anger was not appeased. It was Reiko who called out to Marcia.

「Marcia-san, put that aside and take a look. You can see Oto… Onii-sama’s exquisite skill.」


 Having that been said, Marcia gave Jin a look,


 The ingot flashed for a moment, and in the next moment, all the impurities that were in the ingot had scattered out into separate lumps


「And that’s done.」

「W-What did you just now?」

 Marcia doubted her own eyes.

「Eh? I just separated the impurities.」

 Jin said indifferently.

「Ev-even if you say that, how did you do it so easily!?」

 On the other hand, Marcia was agitated.

「How you say, because I’m a Magi Craftsman?」

「I have no idea why you made that a question but.. haa… Fine then. So, what’s next?」

 Gradually, Marcia was no longer able to be surprised by each and every little thing Jin did.

「Shape the golem… 《 Forming》《Forming》《Forming》」

 Using the Craft Magic, Forming, in succession, he was able to construct the golem. Since he had already learnt how to build the body on Hourai Island, he was accustomed to it.


「Alright, this is done. Next is the Ether Converter, Mana Driver and Control Core.」

 Jin took out 3 Magi Crystals from his pocket. Marcia jaw almost fell when she saw that.

 Since Magi Crystals were not less than 10 times more expensive than Magi Stones.

「How can you casually take something like that out of your pocket?!」

 Reiko tapped on Marcia’s back,

「Since it’s Oto… Onii-sama」

 Marcia, who almost fell from depression, suddenly recovered,

「That’s right, it’s not like it’s a bad thing. Rather, I have to thank fate for introducing Jin to me!」

 Unexpectedly, Marcia quickly recovered. In the meantime, Jin with the help of Reiko was touching up the small details while proceeding with the work.

「Alright, it’s mostly done with this. All that’s left is…」

 It was the first time Marcia had seen Jin’s style of production, however,

「… Hey Jin, this golem is a female model right?」

「Hm? That’s right. Now the 『finishing touches』, and」


 Marcia was at a loss for words when she looked at the design of the golem.

「And it’s done…… Hm? What is it, Marcia?」

 Jin asked Marcia who had her mouth wide open. Coming to her senses, Marcia,

「Hey Jin, if my eyes haven’t gone bad, this golem is…」

「Yeah, I used Marcia as the model.」

「I thought so!」

 Right, the golem that Jin had made was not just a female golem, it looked just like Marcia. Of course, the surface of the golem had a characteristic metallic lustre.

「A golem that looks like the ship operator sounds good doesn’t it?」

「You know…」

 Looking at the almost, or rather completely same body line, Marcia was amazed. How did Jin even know her own body shape.

 Actually, it was thanks to the nearby Reiko’s help. Since Reiko’s eyes came with a see-through function. As Reiko was familiar with the body shape, she pointed out the finer details.

「So, um… Marcia, come over here for a bit.」

 Crouched next to the golem, Jin beckoned Marcia over.


 Marcia crouched next to it as well and Jin,

「I need to transcribe your knowledge on ships to the golem, so please only think about the ship.」


 Marcia’s surprise was still not exhausted. Usually, ordinary golems were taught knowledge over time after activating.

「Well then, here we go…… Transfer Info! Level 3.」

 Recently he has been able to set the level of Transfer Info to as much as necessary, it had become much easier.


 Marcia was surprised by the magic power of Transfer Info going through her head. However Jin continued,

「《Master-Slave》. First is Marcia, second is me, third is Reiko.」

 He defined chain of command.

「Alright, everything is done with this… Hm? What is it Marcia?」

 Jin asked, having seen the exhausted Marcia. Marcia was partly amazed,

「… It’s nothing. So, can this one move already?」

「Yeah. I’ll activate it now. 《Rise》」

 The golem then stood up.

「Marcia, go ahead and name it.」

 Jin said and,

「Eh, ah, me?」

 Marcia was in a panic, but after contemplating for a while,

「Then… let’s call you Arrow.」

「Yes, I am Arrow.」

「Wha, i-it spoke!」

 Marcia didn’t know how much more she could be surprised.

 Now that the golem was finished, Marcia took a good, long look at Arrow. As a result,

「As I thought, there wasn’t enough bronze.」


「Since all golems that row the boat would have a tough physique without exception. Wasn’t that why you made Arrow a female model?」

 Indeed. In order to row the oar and paddle, everyone made that type of golem, especially having the upper body be tougher. But Arrow had the same appearance as Marcia. If you compared the arms to a male model, it was significantly thinner.

 With the power required from the golem, a female type would be at a disadvantage.

 However Jin laughed,

「It’s because this golem won’t use its arms. Besides, a golem’s power is not affected by its size.」

 Jin said while he shortly glanced at Reiko.

「Ohh? Anyway, I understand that Jin is definitely not a normal Magi Craftsman.」

「Haha, that’s good to hear.」

 While saying that, Jin once again successively used Forming on the remaining bronze.

 In an instant, turbine-like parts, wheel-like parts, and winding back-and-forth parts were made.

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