Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 42 – Happy Birthday

06-42 Happy Birthday

In the evening on the very same day, the guest house’s hallway was borrowed for holding Elsa’s birthday party.

Looking at the assembled lineup, there was of course the guest of honor Elsa, her cousin Reinhardt, Eral Kuzuma, Beana, and Jin.

The nanny Mine, the butler Adberg and the guard Herman were also there.

“Everyone, thank you for coming.”

In a green dress Elsa gave a simple address.

Then, Earl Kuzuma as the representative,

“Miss Elsa, happy birthday. Cheers!”

He led everyone to a toast. Everyone raised matching glasses.

And then all present gave gifts.

“Happy 17th birthday, Elsa.”

From Reinhardt, she received a pendant made out of a large Aquamarine. It was of course the one he had bought in Elias Kingdom’s capital Borgia.

“Thanks, Rai-nii.”

Elsa smiled with her whole face and looked happy. At once she undid the chain and hung it from her neck. It matched with the color of her dress and looked very pretty.

“Happy birthday, miss Elsa.”

From Earl Kuzuma she got perfume. Its scent was that of a Citran which Elsa liked very much. Instead of an intense fragrance, a faintly refreshing scent wafted from it.

“Earl, thanks.”

Elsa tried applying a bit of it behind her ears. The faint fragrance was pleasant.

“Happy birthday, Elsa.”

Jin gave her the brooch. It was made out of Mithril and set with multicolored crystals.

Elsa accepted it while looking a bit down, but because of the beauty of the molding and the color she broke her silence.

“Pretty. These, Magi Crystals?”

“Yeah. They’re too small to be of practical use but I inlaid some of every attribute.”

Its molding was also magnificent. The whole of it was made out of mithril, but the petals and the flower bud were coated with gold, surrounded by leaves coated with aluminum that had been colored emerald green.

Multicolored Magi Crystals were arranged coming down like drops of dew from the flower.

“It’s lovely. I’ll treasure it.”

Elsa said and held the brooch close to her chest. Jin turned to her and,

“To tell you the truth, I was the one who made it, but the design was, umm …Done with Stearina’s assistance.”

He said honestly. When Elsa heard that coming from Jin, she understood and thought oh, so that’s what that was last night.

“It’s okay, this is filled with Jin-kun’s feelings. Thanks.”

She said and smiled.

From Beana she got a bouquet. Apparently she asked one of the maids to go buy them.

“Thanks, Beana. Good fortune to you and the Earl.”

Elsa said, then Beana blushed and looked downwards, and Earl Kuzuma too looked a little shy.

From Mine she got a handkerchief, and from Adberg also a handkerchief. Then when Herman also gave her a handkerchief the three became agitated but,

“Everyone, thanks. There’s never enough handkerchiefs. I’m glad.”

Elsa said and bowed.

Reinhardt who was looking at them by himself gave an appreciative nod.

After that they dined together. As Mine knew what Elsa’s preferences were, she worked with the guest house’s cooks to make the menu.

Elsa looked very happy when there were nothing but foods she enjoyed, and the way she ate made it look delicious.

Surely there was no one who could look at her expression and not feel soothed.

And after the meal, while they were drinking tea and having a peaceful talk,

“Now, Elsa, today there’s a special present for you.”

Reinhardt said, and handed over a long and narrow package to her. Its length was about 40 centimeters and it was a little heavy.

“Thanks. What’s this?”

“Just open it and see.”

When told so Elsa began to open the package. When she was done her eyes went wide open.

From the package appeared a dagger with a golden grip and a golden scabbard. The scabbard was studded with delicate ornamental Magi Stones in multiple colors. And in the pommel, although small, a Magi Crystal the same color as Elsa’s light blue eyes was fitted.


“Some time ago, you wanted one right?”

“Mm. I wanted a dagger that was like the one that was important to mother.”

Elsa replied and Reinhardt said,

“Mh-hm. That right there was made by Jin.”


When Elsa heard that she was surprised and her eyes went a little wide.

“Jin asked me if it’s okay or not to give a girl an edged tool for a birthday present. Adult concerns mean things like this.”

“Jin, kun…did.”

She said and the Jin in question felt embarassed and looked down. Elsa walked up to embarassed Jin and,

“Jin-kun, thanks.”

She said, gave a quick bow of her head, and returned to her seat. But she didn’t sit down, and instead with the dagger in hand,

“Let’s try unsheathing it.”

She said and unsheathed the dagger.


“How beautiful!”

Earl Kuzuma and the guard Herman blurted out. Apparently those two understood the dagger’s worth. Actually, one more person, the butler Adberg knew of its value but he barely managed to keep quiet.

At the blade’s base the dagger was about three centimeters wide. The blade’s length was around 30 centimeters, and it gradually grew more narrow towards the sharp tip.

The guard, handle, and the scabbard were golden, however they were only aluminum that was colored. The Magi Crystal in the pommel was small, but its transparency had an eye-catching beauty to it.


It seemed that Elsa had a rough idea of what the material was. As someone who possessed Magic Energy, she could surely understand that the sword transmitted Magic Energy well, and that it could serve the same function as a wand.

For magi knights, a wand would let them direct their Magic Energy and focus it better, it was an extremely useful item for them.

But it was hard to have a blade hold the properties of a wand. Because hard Mithril transmitted Magic Energy poorly, and Mithril that transmitted it well was soft.

Nevertheless, this blade that Jin made was hard on top of transmitting Magic Energy well, so it appeared to be plenty strong enough to use as a weapon.


“Elsa, for noblewomen a blade isn’t a weapon to kill an enemy with. Remember that.”

Reinhardt began to lecture Elsa as if warning her with an unusually gentle tone.


“As a noblewoman, that blade is the final tool to protect your dignity with. Only when you absolutely no matter what do not want to your will to be trampled is it acceptable to draw.”


“I guess you don’t fully understand yet. But that’s alright. Undoubtedly some day a time when you naturally understand will come. At that time I want you to remember my words.”

“Mm, Rai-nii. I got it. Thanks.”

Elsa meekly thanked him. Frankly, she understood what he said, but understanding what he meant was still far off. However, she understood that Reinhardt told her something important so she vowed in her heart to make sure she would not forget what he said.


And then those words soaked into not only Elsa’s heart, but Mine’s too.

When you don’t want your will to be trampled. Until now, there had been two times. First time it was through force, and the second time it was through political power that she had been overpowered.

She wasn’t a noble herself. So there’s no other way around it, she had thought, however Reinhardt’s words strangely stuck in Mine’s heart.

*   *   *

“It seems that the detailed information has arrived.”

“Yes, this morning the dove arrived, and we immediately began analysis.”

“So, how was it?”

“Yes, it appears there was a single golem that held unthinkable power.”

“It wasn’t Schwarz Ritter?”

“No, Schwarz Ritter’s strength was in line with investigations. This time, the one that destroyed most of the rampaging golems possessed over five times more strength than Schwarz Ritter.”

“What? Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

“Yes. However, I think that a golem that displays such strength cannot act for long periods of time. I conjecture that most likely it is a golem for short decisive battles that utilizes Elradrite.”

“Ha, hahaha. All the same, soon we’ll be able to analyze it. And I anticipate we’ll then produce golems above that one.”

“That is so.”

“A genius, just like I thought.”

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