Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 4 – PEDLAR

The season has changed to an early summer from spring.

「…it’s been nearly two months, huh?」

It has nearly been two months since Jin came to Kaina Village. During that time he has installed a pump, dug a hot spring, and maintained the drainage. He has also built a bicycle trailer and a wheelbarrow.

He created the bicycle trailer because it looked like it was difficult for Hanna to carry the water. As for when he made the wheelbarrow, it was surprisingly convenient and gained popularity so one was deployed to each family.

Right now, Jin was playing a game of tag with the children. Up till now, this world, or at least this village did not have the concept of playing. They are able to play because there is no distinction of women, and now playing has become popular.

「This time Jin-niichan is the oni」 ⚑

「Alright it’s my turn. I’ll count to 10 now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…」

All the children run away.

「9… 10!」

「Okay, here I come!」


Martha gazed at the heartwarming scene.

「After Jin came, that girl 《Hanna》 has become extremely lively even though she was grieving after her parents died」

「Alright, I’ve caught the first one」

Because of the increasing oni rule, the oni gradually increased. It ended once everyone has become an oni.

「Got you Hanna-chan~」

「Caught you Kurt!」

「Wait up Mario!」

「I’ll catch you Jessie」

They continued until it became dark. After that they washed their sweaty body in the hot spring, coming home with a refreshed look on their face.

Recently, it felt like Hanna’s hair had been getting more lustrous. From a dull gold to a shiny gold. Could it be an effect of the hot spring? Arriving home, Jin followed after Hanna who trotted in.

「I’m home~」

「We’re back」

「Welcome home Hanna, Jin」

Martha who was preparing dinner, greeted them home.

「You must be hungry, I’ll have something ready soon」

「Sorry for having you make my share all the time」

「It’s fine, my life has been much more comfortable than it was before thanks to you」

In fact, the need to carry the water was drastically reduced to the point that the hot water from the hot spring could be used for washing. It was considerably convenient.

「Okay, it’s done!」

「Wow, this is delicious!」

Tonight’s menu is fried eggs and stir-fried vegetables.

「There isn’t much salt left so you’ll have to put up with it being lightly seasoned」

Martha sounded apologetic. Hearing that, Jin asks her.

「Oh, I see. But isn’t it a problem if there’s no salt?」

「It’s fine, I can just buy some from Roland who will probably be coming tomorrow or the day after.」


Not being familiar with the name, Jin asked again.

「Roland is a pedlar. About once every two months, he comes to sell fabric, clothes, salt or sugar, a variety of dried fish, and all kinds of food.」

「I see」

As expected, it seems impossible to be self-sufficient.

「Then I’ll need money」

Before he could say that the rubies he brought was his living expenses, Martha interrupted him.

「There’s no need for money, you’ll need to barter. Because this is a remote village, there’s no means to earn any money.」

Roland also has information, although Martha wryly smiled when she said that.

*   *   *

As Martha said, the next day at noon, a single wagon appeared. A large wagon drawn by two horses. Riding it were two people.

The village chief, Gibekku welcomed them.

「Oh! Roland-san, welcome. Eric-san hasn’t seemed to change either.」

Roland looked like a sturdy 40 year old man, Eric was a tender-looking man not yet 20. You can tell they are parent and child from their hair and looks. The two carried a short sword on their waist. Probably for self defence.

「Greetings. The village chief also seems to be in good health.」

「Thank you. My niece has been looking forward to Eric’s return.」

Hearing that, Eric’s face lit up red. He seemed to have feelings for the village chief’s niece. Ignoring Eric, Roland continued.

「We were ahead of our schedule by about one or two days. This time we’ve brought a lot of salt.」

「Oohhh, is that so? That is great」

Before summer, the demand for salt increased.

Roland immediately parked the horse-drawn carriage at the central square of the village and put out a simple table, lining up the goods on it.

「First of all, for food there is salt, sugar, and the common dried fish. There is also this dark seed. It is resistant to the heat so you can sow it now」

「Can you give me some salt?」

「Yes, it’s 1 bag of wheat for 200 grams.」

「How about sugar?」

「Yes, it will be 20 sheets of fur for 2 kilograms」

「Can you distribute a little of the dark seeds for this?」

「Oh, this looks like a good ore. I’ll give you a little bonus」

Everyone seems to be exchanging wheat and fur, and occasionally the ore of a jewel. Eric eagerly watched.

When the food was completely bought, Eric helped Roland replace the goods. Now there were fabrics, clothing and tools.

Jin was watching from a little distance away, looking at what kind of tools were being sold.

「Hmm, aside from fabrics and clothes, is that a lantern? Also is that a pen and ink?」

By the way, the village chief had bought a pen and ink.

「I’d like to talk to you later if that’s alright」

A talk about outside of the village, and if possible, he wanted to hear about this world was what Jin thought. The next day, they came to give him what they talked about.

*   *   *

After finishing his business, Roland put his goods and table away into the horse-drawn carriage.

「Well then, let me show you to a nice place」

The village chief said to the two people.

「A nice place?」

「Yes, here it is」

The village chief guided them to the hot spring.

「What is this place? It wasn’t here when we last came was it?」

「Yes, it was only completed a few days ago. It is called a 『Hot Spring』」

「Hot spring is it?」

「Well anyway, please enter」

The feeling of entering the hot spring was not just that of hot water, needless to say, Roland and Eric were surprised.

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