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Chapter 344 Top-notch

Before one realized, the sun had set and it had gotten pitch-black outside.

Jin’s office’s ceiling was also equipped with the same illuminating materials as the laboratory, which illuminate as long as ether is present. The device, which was named ‘AL’(Ether Luminous body) by Jin, illuminated the room automatically as soon as it started to get dark, because of which they didn’t even realize that the sun had set until they looked outside the window.

Lishia and Pascaud were at a loss of words when they saw the bright ceiling. Seeing them like that, Jin realized,

(Ah, I forgot that this material, the AL, is lost now, even though it was everywhere during my predecessor’s time…)

But at the same time, he also thought that if it’s the revival of ‘lost techniques’, he could explain it even if it looked a bit aggressive.

However, he decided on restarting the two as they just sat there, speechless.

“Uhh, this was gifted to me by Deus Ex Machina, with the completion of the castle.”

And on the spur of the moment, Jin tried to gloss it over.

Jin and the others finished their dinner downstairs.

Jin advised Lishia and Pascaud to sleep early and rest well as he wanted them to head out early the next morning.

And then Jin claimed that he would prepare the medicines and would head for the workshop at his house.

“….I understand. I have a lot of things I want to ask but coming up with a solution for the disease comes first.”

“….It’s exactly as you say, Ms. Lishia. I will also support you with my best.”

Saying that, the two left for their rooms.

“Now then, I should also do what I must.”

And so, Jin rode Koma to his workshop. Koma also had a light equipped so his self-control as a golem was quite high, making it safe.

“….Jin-nii, welcome back.”

Elsa welcomed him there.

“I’m back… Elsa, did you hear about the situation?”

“Mmm. I heard from Butler A.”

Elsa knew Shouro empire-styled healing magic so Jin had Butler A fill her in on the details after the meeting with Laojun.

“How good were you with healing magic again?”

“….I can use upto ‘Heilverfahren’.”

He didn’t quite understand from the chant so he asked her to use it on the pelshika stored in the refrigerator.

“….On this?”

Elsa looked doubtful but as it was a request from Jin, she abided.


With that, the pelshika faintly shone for a moment.

“What was that… just now?”

“Umm, you can bestow magic characteristics in liquids which have a high amount of ether in them.”

Hearing that, Elsa also understood a bit.

Jin analyzed the pelshika on which Elsa used her magic. And fortunately, Elsa’s magic, Heilverfahren, was a high-class magic on the same level as medicare or even higher.

Delighted, Jin let Elsa know, as well.

“This is amazing, Elsa.”

Being complimented, Elsa blushed a bit and asked Jin,

“….Is that, alchemy?”

“Yep. You know of it?”

“Mmm…… Ms. Saki liked that stuff.”

It was Jin’s first time hearing that name.


“Saki Eschenbach. The daughter of the alchemist who used to live in Rai-nii’s family’s territory.”

“You mean, Toa Eschenbach’s?”

Unexpectedly, such a name came out of Elsa’s mouth, at which Jin was a bit surprised.

“You know him?”

Elsa asked, slightly tilting her head. Jin explained how he read about him in a book at the library in Shouro Empire.

“….Saki-nee used to play with me a lot when I was small. I learnt many different things then.”

“I see.”

He wanted to ask a few things about the Eschenbach family but now was no time for that.

“Well then, Elsa, will you come with me to Hourai island? It would help if you assist me in making the medicine there.”

“Mm. Gladly.”

And so, they leapt to Hourai island using the warp gate underneath the workshop.

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At Hourai island, Laojun was done with the preliminary preparations as he was told after the meeting.

[My lord, the preparations are complete.]

“Alright then, I will make golem horses as planned. And Laojun, Elsa can use a magic called Heilverfahren. It also seems to have a higher effect. And so, work together with Elsa and make more medicines.”

[Understood. Ms. Elsa, thank you for your cooperation.”

“Mm. I will do my best.”

Jin left that to Laojun and Elsa. Elsa went to the laboratory on the 2nd floor with Laojun’s mobile machine, Laozi. It was right above the workshop where Jin was.

And then, Jin began working on the golem horse which Lishia and Pascaud are going to be using the next day.

The base was similar to Ain but he also applied some custom tuning. Which was, ‘a reduction of fatigue while riding’ effect.

The rider needs to balance when riding. This is done by moving about on the horse’s back. There’s a need to balance so that one does not get thrown off and, to do that, they need to use their abdominal muscles which in turn tire them.

Moreover, one also needs to hold the horse and the saddle with their lower body and convey what they want to the horse.

To do all these, the muscles needed are completely different from those that are required in everyday life and so it is very tiring. And even if you’re used to it, if you ride at a high speed, you will still get tired.

With all these in mind, it would just be better to make an offroad bike but there’s no way Lishia and Pascaud can master using it in such a short period. Besides, there would be people watching, as well.

And so, Jin simultaneously adjusted the horse’s gait so that the rider doesn’t feel the up-down movements much at all and equipped a shock absorbing material to the saddle.

Its form would no longer be similar to that of a horse but he decided to prioritize the comfort of seating more.

And then, he also enhanced its self-control and made it so that it completely understood the rider’s words, making it possible for one to give instructions by mouth. However, he didn’t insert a speaking function. That was because it would be kind of creepy if a horse were to talk.

Instead, he made it so that the horse could shake its head up and down when it agrees and left and right when it doesn’t so that the rider and the horse can come to a mutual understanding.

“It might be better to not tell Lishia about this……”

Jin didn’t want her to have more doubts because of the horse being too high spec.

The smith golems also helped out with the sequence of work and so he was done making 10 golem horses within an hour.

Why 10? Well, that’s because if the smith golems are helping out, it wouldn’t make a difference for Jin if they made 2 or 10.

They might need them later on and so Jin decided to make more.

He plans to lend 2 of them to Lishia and Pascaud. To not have them stand out much, he made the horses tea-colored.

“Alright, with this, they won’t have a problem moving around.”

Wondering how the medicines were coming along, Jin went up to the 2nd floor.


Just when Jin came up to the 2nd floor.

The drug base in front of Elsa let out a blue light and transformed into a transparent liquid. And at the same time, Elsa collapsed.


Jin rushed over.

“Laojun! What did you make her do?!”

But it was Elsa who interrupted Jin when he rebuked Laojun with a strong tone.

“…..That’s, not, it… Jin, nii. This, is, what… I, wanted, and, did…”

Elsa explained, with a pale face. From her condition, Jin judged that she had probably used up all her mana.

Although Elsa has excess mana syndrome, she too would naturally collapse if she used up her mana.

And so, Jin took the drug base which had nothing added to it and made her drink it.

The ether in the drug base would be sucked in by the body’s cells and would convert to mana.

And in a twinkle, life came back to Elsa’s face.

“….Fuu, uu.”

Elsa took a deep breath.

“Elsa, I am grateful that you are helping out but please don’t overdo it and hurt yourself…”

He reproved with a slightly strong voice.

“….I am sorry, to have made you worry. But, I also wanted to be of use.”

While patting her as she looked apologetic, Jin said ‘thank you’. Being told that, Elsa raised her face and gave a smile.

Seeing Elsa settle down, Jin questioned Laojun.

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“Well, Laojun, what was that magic?”

[Yes. To my surprise, Ms. Elsa has become able to use the highest level of magic in this short period of time.]

Laojun stated the surprising fact.

“What?! That ‘Genesung’ just now?”

[Yes. She was using Heilverfahren at first but after talking with me a bit about magic application]

“….That’s amazing, Elsa.”

And again, Jin looked at Elsa and praised her. Being told to her face, Elsa’s cheeks reddened.

“…It’s thanks to Jin-nii. You taught me that imagination is important for magic, after all.”

Certainly, Jin did tell her that imagination was important when teaching her engineering magic. And that goes for general magic, as well.

And Elsa, who had realized that, became one of the top-notch healing magic users in this world with one leap.

And the recovery–no, curing medicine Elsa, created, was serene and transparent.

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