Magi Craft Meister


Jin and Reiko were in the cave of the 《Warp Gate》 they emerged from. After leaving there, as Reiko had said, they were surrounded by a thick forest.

「Un, I wonder if this should be about slightly south of Hourai Island? No, probably because the longitude is shifted」

「Father, what do you mean by that?」

「Aa. I determined that from the position of the sun」

Jin left Hourai Island at around 1pm. Looking around, it seemed to be before noon. It was natural that the altitude of the sun was different.

「That would mean between Hourai and here, the longitude shifted about less than 10 degrees. Knowing the distance I can understand the size of this world」


Jin calculated the angle using a unique measurement ability of the 《Magi Craft Meister》, however Reiko did not seem to comprehend.

The knowledge in regards to this kind of thing was not transferred to Reiko, however the explanation would be left for later as there was no time, Jin said, and proceeded to walk into the forest.

「Now then, that voice calling for help came from somewhere here」 ⚑

「No, I do not hear such a voice」


Jin was troubled as to what to reply.

「W-Well then… so, which way is Blue Land?」

「Yes, it is this way」

Reiko took the lead and guided Jin. The undergrowth is short so walking was easy.

「Are there no wild beasts?」

Jin asked while walking,

「Yes. From what I have checked there are only small herbivorous animals. Even demon beasts cannot be seen」

「So that’s it, then that’s a relief」

「Yes. Even if there were any, I will protect Father with this body of mine」

The current Reiko could easily take on an entire country, so most things were not a threat.

After walking for 30 minutes, the forest stopped and a grassland appeared. A rampart could be seen on the other side.

「That is Blue Land」

「I see, so it’s a Fort City」

A Fort City that is surrounded by stone walls, that is Blue Land.

After further walking for about 20 minutes, they approached the rampart of Blue Land. Around the rampart were lined up stalls, crowded with people.

「Do we need anything to enter the city?」

「My apologies, I did not enter inside last time therefore I do not know」

「I see. Well for now, we’ll take a look at the stalls while gathering information. I will be able to understand the currency and level of tools here 」


So the two decided to look around the stalls together.

And because of that, they were able to understand a few things.

First, language. So far, the words Jin spoke in Kaina Village were the same.

Next, currency. This tooru was also the same.

After that, this country is called the Egelea Kingdom, it was the same as the Cline Kingdom that Kaina Village belonged to, a country of small groups.

And finally, this Blue Land is referred to as the economic centre of the Egelea

And so they gathered information while looking around.

「Oh, is this a 《Magic Crystal》? No, it’s a 《Magic Stone》」

There was a store that sold 《Magic Stone》 in a variety of colours.

「They aren’t very big… geh, 1 for 1000 tooru!?」

It was about 10,000 yen.

「So it’s 1000 tooru for this small one」

「Oh, are you gonna buy it lad?」

Though the owner of the stall said that,

「No, it’s a shame but I’m afraid I don’t have enough on hand」

Jin said running away.

「But for such a 《Magic Stone》 to be 1000 tooru. Then how much would this 《Magic Crystal》 go for?」

Jin had brought red 《Magic Crystals》 for money. Roughly, the market price of a 《Magic Crystal》 is 10 to 20 times that of a 《Magic Stone》.

「It will be difficult to sell…」

He wanted to avoid being too conspicuous.

「Reiko, were there any 《Magic Stone》 in the Laboratory?」

「They were disposed of because there was no way to use them, therefore I believe there should be if we go to the disposal location」

「Ah, the market would go into chaos if we sold it without a plan」

On modern Earth, there was a rumour about an organisation called the Diamond Syndicate that did this. Jin is the 《Magi Craft Meister》, so this was outside his expertise.

「Shall we leave selling them for next time?」

They decided to give up on procuring money for today and finish looking around.

「There doesn’t seem to be many stalls that deal with Magic Tools」

From what he had seen so far, he had yet to see such a stall. Reiko to the Jin who was looking for more,

「Father is the only 《Magi Craft Meister》 in the world, so there shouldn’t be any need for a reference should there?」

「Aa, thank you. However, you never know what kind of interesting idea you might stumble upon in this place. I believe a 《Magi Craft Meister》 should not be conceited and remain modest」

「If that is what Father says」

Reiko was devoted to Jin no matter what.

At that time, they found a shop that placed out Magic Tools to the edge of the lined up stalls.

「It’s kind of… shabby」

Jin saw the goods being sold and muttered. That was his honest impression,

「What did you say!?」

It was a small mutter, but having seemed to have heard it, the girl that tended to the store was enraged.

「Are you trying to find fault with our goods?」

Standing up, the girl glared at Jin, her age was about 15 or 16. Only slightly shorter than Jin, she had wavy fiery like red hair and red eyes. Though she looked stern, 9 out of 10 people would say she was a beautiful girl.

「Say something!」

Jin realised that the mutter he had carelessly leaked was heard and thought how he should explain himself.

Faster than Jin could open his mouth, Reiko answered.

「He only said his honest impression. Is it wrong to speak about the truth?」

And oil was poured on the fire.


「From the looks of thing, nothing seems to be being sold. Could it decrease anymore from what is originally not there?」


「You should stop pushing the responsibility onto other people and take a look at reality」


「No, I did not want to say it, however I reluctantly explained it for you」


The red haired girl took out a rod from somewhere, swinging it down while aiming at Reiko.

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