Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 3 – Legendary Equipment?

04-03 Legendary Equipment?

「Although I can make basic armour and shields…」

Jin didn’t really feel like putting on such equipment.

「Accessories it is then.」

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Jin took a Magic Crystal out from a nearby shelf.

「Let’s make a ring or pendant.」

The Magi Crystal in his hand went iridescent,

「Forming…Writing Magic Formula… I wonder if this is any good.」

The final product was a ring that exhibited all the colours from the rainbow.

「Reiko, are you there?」

「Yes Father.」

When Jin called, Reiko immediately came to his side.

「Take a look at this. It’s a guard ring.」

It was the ring that he just made.

「The ring has a complicated Magic Formula written into it. I can’t analyse it.」

Even though she was skilled enough in Magic Engineering to be Jin’s assistant, Reiko was still no match for the Magi Craft Meister in this field.

「You can’t tell? It’s designed to nullify both physical and magic attacks, so I’d like to see what happens if Reiko attacks.」

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「It’s too dangerous. You should test it on a golem.」

Reiko was opposed. She wasn’t certain if Jin, with the ring, would be able to prevent Reiko’s attack.

「Hm, it’s as you say. It can’t be helped. Now who can test it?」

Soleil and Luna had their hands full with the mass production of airplanes and ships.

「Who’s available… ah, Peridot is.」

It was the golem in charge of household chores. It’s a modest role, but thanks to that, there wasn’t a single speck of dust in the laboratory.

「Right, let’s ask Peridot.」

So they went to the square in front of the laboratory.

「Okay Peridot, after wearing this ring, you only need to stand there.」

「Yes, I understand master.」

After putting on the ring, Peridot moved a sufficient distance away.

「Peridot, the keyword to trigger the ring is ‘Barrier’ . Try testing it now.」

「Yes, Barrier.」

It wasn’t visible to the eye, but it should have been triggered with that.

「Reiko, start with basic magic.」

Reiko was given the go ahead.

「Yes… Fireball.」

A two meter tall fireball flew towards Peridot. But as they reached within 1 meter of Peridot, its movement becomes hampered and the fireball dissipated.

「Okay, here is the next one. Fire Bullet.」

Dozens of 30cm fire bullets flew forward. However, they were also stopped.

「Hmm, that was good. Reiko, next.」

「Yes, Flame Lance.」

Flame Lance is an advanced magic. It’s powerful enough to even kill a Demon Sea Serpent. But even that magic was stopped within 1 meter.

「Right, it’s effective against fire magic. Next try lightning magic.」


In the end, It was found to be able to defend against all advanced magic, so Jin was greatly satisfied. In addition, it could also defend against wind and water magic.

「Reiko, that’s enough for magic. Try hitting her physically this time.」

Jin wanted to test its effect against physical attacks.

「Yes, I understand. Here I come!」

First Reiko tried to punch at 10% power, but her fist stopped 10cm away from Peridot.

「Hmm, it can’t be helped that the distance is shorter compared with magic. Well then, Reiko, 20%.」


The barrier then blocked Reiko’s fist at 20% power.

「Finally, 30%.」

「Yes, here I come.」

Reiko rarely used 30% of her power. Roughly 5% would put adults to shame, 10% was superhuman, 20% was beyond human.

The moment Reiko’s fist at 30% power hit, sparks seemed to scatter, but somehow the barrier still survived.

「That’s enough Reiko, thanks for your hard work. Thank you Peridot.」

Jin thanked Reiko and Peridot,

「Well then Peridot, as a reward, the ring is yours.」

「Thank you very much master.」

Peridot bowed and went away. Jin turned to Reiko,

「Reiko are you alright? Is your hand damaged or anything?」

「Yes, there are no abnormalities. Thank you for your concern Father.」

「I see. Well then Reiko, what do you think? I think it’s good enough.」

「Yes. Although we didn’t try, since it can withstand advanced magic, it can probably stop 50% of my power.」

For an individual’s defence, it was at an unprecedented legendary class. In this world, the space is filled with ether and could be manipulated with magic. Just by saying ‘Barrier’, you would become impervious to everything.

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「Right, let’s return to the laboratory.」

Jin returned to the laboratory with Reiko and 10 more rings, identical to the first. Four were given to the 5 colour golems, except Peridot, two were planned to be given to Soleil and Luna as a reward.

Jin then made another ring which combined Magi Crystal with Mithril Silver to create a pendant, with the same Magic Formula written on it to give the same effect. The chain was also made with Mithril Silver.

「Reiko, this is yours.」

Jin held it out to Reiko.

「Eh? For me?」

Reiko was confused.

「Ah, You’ve helped me out a lot, also you’re a girl, don’t you think it would be nice to have a pendant?」

Reiko smiled happily.

「…Thank you Father. I’ll take care of it.」

She received it and immediately hung it around her neck.

「Yeah, it looks good.」

Jin was also happy.

Finally, Jin started on focusing on his own equipment.

「I’ll make a bracelet instead of a ring, since it would suit me better.」

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A bracelet was made with Adamantium and plated with Mithril Silver. It’s shape was similar to a wristwatch and had a Magi Crystal set in it.

「With this size, aside from defence magic, attack magic can also be written.」

Previously, in the city of Port Rock, Reinhardt had a wand. A magic activation sequence had been carved into it and could be activated if magic was put in.

「Let’s use that as a reference… 」

Rather than just engraving the sequences, a selection was allowed. Fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, light and dark magic could be used up to the advanced level.

「Right, now to put in extra security so that is can only be used by me.」

A one of a kind legendary equipment had been made in this world.

「Time to try it out.」

When Jin muttered this,

「I will be your opponent.」

said Reiko.

They went out to the square again, and Jin shot various types of magic at Reiko. However all of it was blocked by the barrier created by the pendant, Jin was delighted.

「Well, with this magic is decent.」

It has to be said that being able to use all magic up to the advance level is definitely not ordinary.

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