Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 26 – Surprise Attack

06-26 Surprise Attack

“All the actors are in place.”

“Then, let’s begin.”

*   *   *

Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle was said to have an impregnable defense that was a point of pride.

After the Great Magic War, the structure was built drawing on the experiences of the war.

The outer walls could withstand physical attacks, while the inner walls specialized in defense against magic.

Furthermore, there was a magic barrier to prevent the entry of suspicious people.

Finally, the best Imperial Guard knights and high-power golem troops were chosen.

These were the factors behind why Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle was said to be impregnable.

*   *   *

The unveiling of the golems began just before noon, but as the unveiling dragged on for over two hours, now it was already the afternoon.

People like Jin were getting bored.

As the King instructed, at last the late luncheon preparations started. Maids prepared the tables and carried food in. It looked like it would still take a moment before it was finished.

Beana used that time to go greet her teacher Gladia Hampton. Since Jin had free time, he decided he may as well follow.

“Teacher, long time no see.”

Gladia Hampton, who was having a friendly chat with someone next to them stopped the conversation, looked at Beana,

“…Who were you again?”,

They said with a face that made it seem they weren’t very interested.

“Have you forgotten? I’m Beana, until last year I was under your tutelage, teacher.”

After saying so, Gladia Hampton thought about it for a bit, and eventually seemed to remember,

“Oh, you. Excuse me, I have so many pupils.”

“Oh no, don’t mind it.”

“So, what can I do for you? Are you here because you made a golem too? Although I don’t think I heard them mention your name.”

“Eh, no, about that.”

Jin gave a helping hand to Beana who was pressed for an answer.

“Nice to meet you, Hampton-sensei. Beana’s been my assistant, and that’s why she’s attending here today.”

“You are?”

“Ah, excuse me, my name is Jin.”

“Hm, so?”

“No no, that’s all. Come on Beana, you’ve said hi, let’s go.”

Jin said, and pulled Beana away from Gladia Hampton.

Gladia Hampton seemed to have already forgotten about Beana, and returned to the conversation with the nearby person.


Beana was disheartened. Because in her heart she held wishes like even if just for a moment, she wanted to show the teacher she looked up to how much she had grown, and, if possible, be praised by them. But those hopes were quickly dashed.

“Well, isn’t it like that?”

Jin thought and thought about what he should say, then spoke.

“A teacher teaches a lot of pupils, right? From a pupil’s perspective the teacher is only one person, but from the teacher’s perspective the pupils are a crowd. It’s not something you can completely memorize.”

“…Mm, I guess. Oh well. Thanks, jin.”

Beana seemed to cheer up a bit, and Jin took her towards the food that had been set up.

Jin was hungry, and next to him Beana also cheerfully walked forwards to eat the lined up cuisine.

*   *   *

The gem that amplifies Magic Energy, Elradrite.

A standard piece of Elradrite could amplify Magic Energy 20-fold.

Combining two of these would make it 20 times 20, a 400-fold increase. What if you were to then combine two more?

The answer is a 16,000-fold increase. Granted, it doesn’t work out simply as the calculations, but the real result is not less than a 10,000-fold increase.

And so, the 10,000-fold increase of Magic Energy allows for the writing of Magi Formulas on Control Cores, usually done at contact distance, to be done at a range of 20 meters.

“[Erase], [Writing].”

That golem, at the behest of its master, released all of its hidden strength.

*   *   *

Jin felt a chill run down his spine.

It was the same as the Magic Energy he felt the other day.

“Shib, whabs whong?”

Beana asked while her mouth was stuffed with meat. In spite of that, Jin replied with a grim face,

“Beana, be careful.”



At that instant, a shriek echoed in the hall.

“Beana, here!”


Beana who was suddenly pulled by Jin stumbled and almost fell, but Jin caught her in his arms and activated his Magi Tool.


All the golems that participated in the golem party, no, even the golems who carried meals for the tables to help the maids’ preparations, all began to run wild.



Everywhere in the hall noises of things breaking and of screaming could be heard.

“Wha- what is going on?”

“Your Majesty, Your Highness, do not be afraid, I will protect you.”

Actually, it wasn’t all the golems.

“You’re…fine? Lotte?”


The golem Jin built, ‘Lotte’, and…

“Schwarz Ritter! Stop the golems running berserk!”


…Reinhardt’s Schwarz Ritter.

“Ugh! Tauros, what’s the matter!?”

“Aah! My Helios!”

The rest of the golems had been removed from under their masters’ control, and were running riot as they pleased.


“Hyah! Stop, stop it!”

The Imperial Guard knights there struggled hard, but the difference in numbers was too vast. The number of knights was just short of ten, and there was no way they could restrain the over forty golems.

Even though they were armed with swords, their opponents were unfeeling metal puppets, while they were flesh-and-blood people. Nine became eight, and eight became seven.

You could say that under the circumstances, the vice-captain of the Imperial Guard knights who was by the King and the Prince was putting up a good fight.

“Take this!”

The only people in the hall who were allowed weapons were the Imperial Guard knights. Among them, the vice-captain Bruno had a famous sword with Adamantite coating.

Swinging it with all his strength, he had the power to cut the bronze golems into slices.

Currently, Bruno had cut down three golems.

“King! I’ll keep them at bay! Please escape!”

“Y- Yes.”

The king of Egelia and the third prince Ernest left their seats. Accompanying them was only Lotte. Their goal was the emergency exit in the corner of the hall.

When they got close to the emergency exit, in front of their eyes the exit was broken through, and the castle’s bodyguard golems rushed into the hall.

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