Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 25 – Good Mood

08-25 Good Mood

“Invitation, then abduction, huh.”

Jin was thinking after hearing Reinhardt’s story.

“Master? Reinhardt-san is the person who we travelled with until recently, right?”

Ann asked about that to confirm.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Master, are you close with him?”

“Hmm, I suppose.”

“In that case, is it not risky to not have him and your other friends guarded?”

Ann described the possibility of a so-called ‘backdoor attack’ situation.

“There’s no doubt that Hourai Island’s offensive capabilities are the best in the world. Defensive abilities too. But master is different.”


“What would happen if master’s own weakness was attacked? How to deal with it must be thought out.”

It was a fair argument. This time he had been able to save Elsa, but what about for example Hanna from Kaina Village? Or Marcia from Port Rock? Beana or Earl Kuzuma from Blue Land? Prince Ernest from Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle?

Or Reinhardt?

If they were kidnapped and made hostage, what would Jin do? It wasn’t known if it would be possible to simply cut them down.

“You’re right. The SP must be augmented, and those people protected from the Unifilers.”

And in this manner Jin decided to augment the number of the SP. It was already late that day so he decided to leave it for the next day, then returned to his mansion and fell asleep.

Jin obediently going to sleep was also because Reiko was being scary.

*   *   *

After having breakfast, Jin decided to promptly increase the SP’s numbers.

He decided to permanently station some in Kaina Village, Port Rock, Blue Land, and Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle. Two would secretly guard Reinhardt.

Thinking of their general purpose, he decided to go with all adult female types. As he already had a template 10 copies were soon complete.

“Your names are, let’s see, ‘Iris’, ‘Azalea’, ‘Cattleya’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Camellia’, ‘Erica’, ‘Lobelia’, ‘Sage’, and ‘Cosmos’.”

To keep the theme of flower names, Jin feverishly came up with names.

They were immediately dispatched to places where there were Warp Gates, but the ones headed to Egelia Kingdom’s royal castle ended up waiting for the rollout of the VTOLs and would be dispatched together with the Quinta.

“Now then, next is…”

“There’s just one matter, master.”

Lately Ann had become like a staff officer. He was worried whether or not Reiko would be jealous, but mysteriously they seemed to be able to share roles, so Jin was relieved.

“Master is a human. Therefore let’s consider something for master’s safety.”

Jin also agreed with that.

“Golem suit, night vision goggles, helmet, and a battle suit.”

While thinking of ideas one thing sprung to his mind.

“No wait, the drugbase we prepared yesterday should be complete by now.”

Medicine that could heal Jin’s body was of maximum priority.

“Oh, that’s right.”

And so Jin went to open the Ether Box and retrieved the drugbase.

It emitted a faint light while in a vessel made out of crystal.

“It’s magnificent. I’ve never seen a drugbase that contains this much Magic Energy.”

“Alright, what’s left is only to load this with magic and it should be good.”

There was a trick to it like when inscribing a Magi Crystal with a Magi Formula.

“Father, please leave that to me.”

Here’s where Reiko volunteered.

“The other day I had a chance to learn healing magic at the healer Sally’s place. She was able to use magic up to the high-level spell [Medicare].”

“Hm, [Medicare]? If I recall correctly, wasn’t that the spell I thought was Shouro Empire-style?”

Jin posed a question.

“That place is near Shouro Empire, and because of that closeness I suppose both sides have dealings?”

Reiko stated her conjecture. Well, even if Jin disputed that no conclusion could come out of it, so that talk was over for now.

“In that case, I’ll leave it to you Reiko.”


Reiko nodded and increased the output of her Ether Converter and Mana Driver up to ten percent, then refined her Magic Energy.


For an instant the drugbase shone, and once it lessened the drugbase became a pale blue restorative medicine.

“Ann, how is it?”

Jin asked and Ann examined the medicine.

“It’s an excellent piece of work. The highest grade of restorative medicines.”

She gave it the stamp of approval.

“Hmm, as expected from Reiko.”

After receiving praise Reiko smiled happily.

“Alright then, let’s portion it to small vials.”

Jin made small vials out of muscovite, then Reiko and Ann filled them with medicine. About 50 milliliters went into a bottle.

As there was ten liters of it, it was a considerable amount of work. On top of that this time the vials were in the style of ampoules. Without containing air, they were also suitable for long-term preservation.

Because they were made out of muscovite you could see the contents and they wouldn’t splinter easily. As muscovite was soft opening the ampoules was easy.

He made about 200 ampoules, 50 of which would be stocked on Hourai Island and the rest would be at hand in the advance base, armored vehicles, etc.

According to Ann, with the purity of the medicine being so high, it could be stored with nearly no deterioration.

Just in case, he decided to make an improved version of a small refrigerator which could also work as an Ether Stocker where the medicine would be kept. Then he could have peace of mind.

“Now then, is it finally time for my equipment?”

“Let’s build them one by one.”

Ann also agreed.

“The preparation of the materials is ready.”

Laozi’s human-type terminal was also here to tell him that.

“Master, before suddenly building armor, I think it would be better to first produce equipment to guard each individual body part, if you would like. ”

Jin understood Ann’s advice.

“I see.”

Jin who already didn’t know what to do after wanting to make armor out of the blue followed Ann’s advice.

“Would the helmet be a good start?”

“Mh-hm, a helmet for sure.”

Jin could already imagine it. With things like a visor or goggles, a telecommunication function, a light projector and such attached, a science fiction special effects helmet so to speak.

“The body can’t be anything else than light silver, huh.”

If it was too heavy his neck wouldn’t support it.

“A ManaCom to be able to talk with Reiko and Laozi among others.”

One idea after another sprung forth.

“Let’s also install a small but strong floodlight. And make sure that it can emit infrared and ultraviolet light in addition to visible light.”

It was going swimmingly.

“Let’s make sure the visor part doesn’t only impede light, but also has a night vision feature and something that lets me see infrared light.”

He looked to be really having fun.

“Coat the exterior with a composite of Mithril and Adamantite, and cushion the interior with Gulaschwamm for sure.”

Gulaschwamm was basically a sponge.

“I can already see the plans coming to life indeed.”

Laozi said while laying the materials Jin mentioned down on the workbench.

“All right, let’s build it!”

Jin’s voice was lively. Reiko who was next to him also seemed to become happier.

Jin went on a roll and after about an hour the protoyype helmet was completed.

He tried putting it on and,

“Hmm, it’s so-so.”

Jin said while making corrections to parts of the Magi Formula with magic.

“Okay, it ought to be something like this. …I’ve already built it, but it would be good to have a simple gas mask or rather oxygen supply too, huh.”

Apparently he wanted to make it useful in places with miasma, volcanic gases, et cetera, or at high altitudes with thin air.

“Alright, let’s build the prototype model two!”

In his good mood, with his momentum he built four prototype helmets during the morning and decided on the model number one for light use, and the model number four for use when an oxygen tank function needs to be attached.

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