Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 24 – MAID

The night of the next day, once again he transport to the research facility. Jin looked around the room,

「With this vast research facility, it’ll be inefficient with just Reiko」

When Jin said that, Reiko,

「There were Maid Golems when Mother was alive, but she suspended them because there was no use for them after dying」

「Ah, is it fine if I rebooted them?」

「That’s fine. Do you wish to check on them?」

Saying that, Reiko led Jin to a room underground.

「Here they are」


There laid the body of about 20 female type Golems. But, the majority of them were decayed and damaged on some part of their bodies.

「These have been damaged quite a bit」

Different from the 《Automata》, if a Golem did not have magic power circulating inside its body to run, it would quickly deteriorate.

「Making new ones would be faster」

「That is right, I apologise for my negligence」

「It’s fine. Could you carry one of the bodies that isn’t damaged to use as a reference?」

「Yes, leave it to me」

Reiko has the 5 times the strength of a normal adult. Therefore she was easily able to lift the Golem and carry it to the workshop.

「You’ve really helped. For some reason I don’t even gain a single bit of muscle by training」

Jin casually uttered and Reiko,

「Father, have you not noticed it yet?」

Reiko asked him with a puzzled look on her face.


「Because Father’s body was mostly supplemented with magic power, the current basic condition is maintained」

「So you’re saying that no matter how much I train, I won’t gain any muscles?」


「What a thing…」

Certainly, Jin was convinced by comparing it with his knowledge. Simply put, Jin’s body consists of chunks of magic elements.

「Hm? They why do I feel thirstiness?」

「Because the body’s functions remain intact, so water and nourishment are needed」

「Aa, I see… Hm? Then what about body enhancement type magic?」

In Engineering Magic, there is the body enhancement type. He might need it in the case he required strength for making something big.

「In the case for Father, there’s not much meaning to it」

「That’s true」

Certainly, he had tried using body enhancement magic before in Kaina Village, but there was no effect because it was not Jin’s original body, so Jin believed he could not use it on himself.

「Rather than enhancing the body with magic, I think that activating the magic power in the body would be far more efficient」

For such an idea, it was something difficult for Jin as he was still not familiar with the thing called magic.

「I see, activating the magic inside the body. Was there such a magic?」

「Yes. However, because Mother could create several new Engineering Magic, Father should also be able to」

「I… see. I’ll try it bit by bit. First of all though is this Golem」

In order to clear up what was before him, Jin returned his focus to the Golem.

「The material… is it perhaps brass?」

「Yes. Mother had already prepared a good amount to work with」

It was rusted and black, he could see that there was copper rust on some parts of the Golem, and so he decided without using 《Analyse》.

「Un, it’s brass. It would be better if it were cupronickel if I were to choose」

「Cupronickel? What kind of thing is that?」

Reiko asked about Jin’s words. When Jin transferred his knowledge to Reiko, he did not transfer everything so it was a natural question.

「Cupronickel is an alloy of of copper and nickel. It has a better corrosion resistance than brass and its movement is natural because it is soft」

The 50 yen coin and 100 yen coin are made of cupronickel. (The new 500 yen coin is made of nickel brass)

「Nickel? What kind of thing is that?」

Another thing that Reiko didn’t know. In other words, the predecessor did not know it either.

「Hm? There was a lot piled up in the storehouse the other day」

Jin said, taking Reiko along to the underground storehouse.

「It should be here」

There laid a mountain of silver-grey ingots.

「So that is nickel. It certainly remained an unidentified metal after the Arsenic was separated」

「Arsenic… scary」

Arsenic aside, he had the piled nickel moved. Of course together with the copper.

「Mix 75 copper to 25 nickel」

He made an alloy with 《Fusion》. The red copper changed to a silver colour.

「So this is cupronickel. Certainly, it’s a white copper」

Brass is 60 or 70 copper to 40 or 30 zinc. So the red copper turns into a yellow brass, but with about 10% of nickel it becomes whitish.

「Using these materials, I’ll make a Golem」

Golems and 《Automata》 have one thing that is different which is their structure. While 《Automata》 are not completely like a human, they have a frame and skin, and on the other hand, a basic Golem is made of materials and a core.

However the predecessor 《Magi Craft Meister》, Adrianna Balbora Ceci did not make such a simple Golem.

「Even the eyes use 《Magic Crystal》」

「Yes, Mother liked to change the colours」

The magic attribute the 《Magic Crystal》 has changes with colour. Though Jin did not know that before he rebuilt Reiko.

「Alright, well then, is red, blue green, yellow, and purple about right?」

「I think it’s excellent. I will immediately go collect them」

Red has a strong fire attribute, blue has a water attribute. Green has a wind attribute and yellow an earth attribute. As for purple, it has a lightning attribute.

Jin used the original Golem as a reference, making the five bodies using cupronickel. The inside is hollow, so ribs are used to reinforce it. Jin was devestatingly bad at designing a face, so he had them look like the original Golem. He planned to distinguish them with their eye colour and clothes.

「Sorry for the wait, Father. It took some time to find ones that were a good size to use as eyes」

「I was just about done with the bodies here too」

He put the eyes into the five Golems made of cupronickel. Of course after he carved a 《Magic Formula》 on them.

「Okay, all that’s left is the Golem’s core」

Along with carving a 《Magic Formula》 in the Golems’ core, he poured in his magic power into those cores for them to operate, he further put in the 《Magi Craft Meister》, Adrianna Balbora Ceci’s, 《Ether Converter》 and 《Magic Drive》, developing a semi-permanent operating Golem (Gon, Gen and the 2 other Horse Golems also had this).

The core was a milky white 《Magic Crystal》. It had all attributes. The rainbow-coloured ones that Reiko used were a higher grade crystal with all attributes, and the milky white one was a lower grade. Although it still had enough value to build a mansion.

Other small details were improved. Because completing it in 3 hours that night was impossible, he worked and played in Kaina Village during the day, coming back to the research facility at night to work on it for about 3 hour. And like that, several days passed and the Maid Golems were made.

Evening of the 5th day.

「It’s now complete」

When Reiko said that, Jin,

「No, not yet」


「After all I’ll feel restless if I look at them without clothes」

When Jin said that, Reiko knit her eyebrows,

「Father, have you perhaps grown tired of me?」

Perhaps due to the influence of Hanna, Jin vaguely felt she was full of emotions.

「Why did it come to that… it’s simply a problem of appearance」

「Is that so? I’m relieved」

Saying that, Reiko ran off to get the materials for clothes, and looking at her from behind, Jin muttered a few words,

「Please don’t become a yandere…」

Simple underwear, black one piece, and a white apron dress. And also said to be the symbol of a maid, the white brim (headdress). Jin made one first, then Reiko immediately finished making the same thing enough for 5 people.

「Fuu, we’re finally finished」

「Thanks for the good work, Father」

「Okay, well then, 『Activate』」

The 5 Maid Golems got up.

「Nice to meet you, Master」

The 5 all bowed together.

「Alright, then your names will be… let’s see, Ruby, Aqua, Topaz, Peridot, Amezu」

He named them to match the colour of each of their eyes. For Jin, this was quite decent.

「Reiko, I’ll be going back to sleep, but you should remain here for a little more and teach and appoint them their share of work」

「Yes, Father」

「Please treat us well, Ojou-sama」

The Golems must unconditionally abide to those with the magic power of Jin, and they recognised that Reiko with the same magic wave was a superior existence.

Anyway, with this the labour shortage in the research facility was slightly resolved, and it was decided to proceed to the indoor maintenance.

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