Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 21 – The Secret Weapon

05-21 The Secret Weapon

The battle between Schwarz Ritter and the two mystery golems continued.

First, Schwarz Ritter moved to confront the golems one by one, and succeeded.

In a one-on-one fight, Schwarz Ritter held the advantage.

Schwarz Ritter kicked one of the mystery golems with all of his strength, sending flying and crashing against the cliff face.

“Good work! Now attack the lower half of the body!”

Schwarz Ritter obeyed his master Reinhardt’s commands, and let loose a series of kicks aimed at the other golem’s legs.

Jin felt admiration watching those moves.

“Hmm, excellent movements. The joints have a very wide range of motion. That’s evidence that the amount of joints is very close to a human’s.”

The mystery golem lost its foothold and fell down due to Schwarz Ritter’s sweeping kicks aimed at both legs.

In preparation to fight the approaching second golem, Schwarz Ritter gave the off-balance golem a back kick to finish it off.

“A flexible body, as I thought.”

Jin admired the golem again. Schwarz Ritter had the most humanlike joints he had seen on a golem since coming to this world. In other words, it would be easy for a human to program the motions. That’s why the movements flowed so naturally.

“But Father’s golems still come out on top.”

Reiko whispered something like that when Jin praised Schwarz Ritter. For Reiko, seeing her master who’s a supreme craftsman praise someone else didn’t make her happy.

The golem who was smashed with a back kick had a huge dent on its abdomen.

“Great, just press on like that!

In response to Reinhardt’s instructions, Schwarz Ritter put all of his strength into a tackle. A dull sound echoed.


The golem with a dented abdomen took the tackle head on, and it launched over ten meters away alongside the cliff wall. Its right arm and left leg tore off, and it could no longer stand.

“Good work, now finish the other one off!”

Schwarz Ritter grabbed the golem that was somehow still standing by the head, lifted it up, and smashed it against the cliff.

It made a staggering metallic noise. The golem sank five centimeters into the rock, and its limbs tore off. It could no longer fight.

“Alright, I’m going to take out the Control Cores of these guys, so help me out.”

Reinhardt ordered and searched the chest of the golem in the wall with Craft Magic, then the Magi Crystal was extracted.

Then he walked towards the other golem. Schwarz Ritter walked along with him.

At that moment.

“Father, something’s coming.”

Reiko’s voice. Before Jin got time to warn Reinhardt, they appeared.

“My my, long time no see, Reinhardt.”


A golem a bit shorter than Schwarz Ritter at around 180 centimeters appeared, along with a man.

“Well, we’ve got our differences, but for now I don’t have any business with you. The one I’ve got business with is…”

The man, Valentino, looked at Jin with eyes full of hatred.

“You commoner bastard.”

*   *   *

Valentino had come here. His goal was clear.

His target was the man who had uncovered his crimes. In other words, Jin.

“Schwarz Ritter.”

As Reinhardt was about to command Schwarz Ritter to catch Valentino, he said,

“Give it up. Your golem is indeed excellent. But, it’s just a helpless doll in front of this Albus.”

Hearing that didn’t stop Reinhardt in the slightest.

“Jin is my friend. Of course I’ll defend him.”

He said, and gave the order to Schwarz Ritter.

“Protect Jin from that golem!”

That just caused Valentino to smile faintly and laugh,

“That’s fine too, I’ve been meaning to test Albus’s capabilities.”

Jin and Reiko stood together to protect Elsa and the other travelers.

“Father, that golem possesses something that causes my analysis to fail.”


Reiko reported such a thing.

The greyish white golem had, at least on surface, what looked to be Mithril plating.

Height approximately 180 centimeters, just below Schwarz Ritter’s.

Without mistake, the design was the same as those of the golems that just caused a ruckus.

Jin judged from appearance that the structure and strength were both far inferior to Schwarz Ritter’s.

“Father, please try analyzing the Magic Energy pattern.”

“Hm? Got it. ……What’s this!?”

“Wha- What’s wrong?”

Elsa was surprised and asked in a worried voice because of Jin’s sudden outburst.

But Jin just muttered,

“Mana Core… Flow is… But despite that, the output’s too large…”,

Completely absorbed in his analysis of the opponent.

“Schwarz Ritter, go!”

“Albus, go.”

Schwarz Ritter and Albus clashed. For a moment, it seemed like Schwarz Ritter was overwhelming Albus.

“Albus, overwrite.”

Albus emitted a dull light in response to Valentino’s phrase.

When the light dimmed out, Schwarz Ritter had stopped all movement.

*   *   *

“Father, that light is dangerous.”

“Mm-hm, I know.”

Jin perceived it with his analysis, according to it the Magi Formula in the Control Core had been overwritten.

Therefore, Reinhardt’s Schwarz Ritter ceased to be capable of making normal movements.

“Reiko, will you be fine?”

If Reiko was affected by that, it would be a dire affair.

“…I do not know. There is too little information.”

“I see. Reiko, hide behind me for now.”

“Eh? But-”

“Just do as I say!”

And Jin desperately considered what to do next.

*   *   *

“What’s wrong, Schwarz Ritter!?”

Reinhardt yelled, but Schwarz Ritter kept standstill and didn’t make a move. No, if you looked closely, you could see his body quivering irregularly.

“Schwarz Ritter!”

While Reinhardt was yelling in vain, Schwarz Ritter was pulled down by Albus, and he fell.

Without any hint of getting up, he lay on the ground, sometimes convulsing and quivering as if he was nervous.

“Schwarz Ritter…”

Albus approached step by step.

“Reinhardt, give up. I only want to rip off the head of that commoner. If you let me do that, I can overlook the rest of you.”

“Don’t joke with me! As if I would sell out a friend!”

“…[Wind Bullet]”

As Reinhardt was yelling, Elsa cast a Wind Bullet from behind.

But it was repelled by Albus without suffering a single wound.

“Miss Elsa, please don’t do pointless things. Do you think normal magic could scratch Albus?”

But Elsa didn’t listen,

“[Wind Bullet]”

This time the spell hit cleanly. But the end result was the same.

“If you know it’s pointless then quit it. …Now then, commoner. Any last words? You should be honored by the extreme lengths I’ve gone to because of the embarassment you caused me.”



Jin was simply looking down and quietly muttering something.

Reiko was standing behind Jin as if she was hiding.

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