Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 19 – To the Capital

06-19 To the Capital

“Everything is going as planned.”

“Uh huh, I hear this time some interesting folks are participating too.”

“Indeed. I’ve heard that ‘Schwarz Ritter, ‘Tauros’ and ‘Ceres’ are taking part.”

“Hm, the golem of that Stearina who rejected our cooperation, huh. That too will be a brief entertainment.”

“If this operation is a success, we’ll be able to immediately grow stronger.”

“Not if. It’s when.”


*   *   *

As planned, Duke Blue’s, Earl Kuzuma’s, Earl Guarana’s and Reinhardt’s groups departed from Blue Land.

On the first day, they stayed overnight in the town of Verbena. Since they left on the afternoon, they couldn’t travel more than about 20 kilometers.

The night was peaceful as even Earl Guarana didn’t cause any problems.

The next day was rainy.

They headed towards the provincial city of Streal. Around this area was where the highway turned to earth, with spots with potholes here and there, and muddy because of the rain, so progress was slow.

“Heeey, can’t you go any faster!”

Today the vanguard was Earl Guarana’s group of carriages, from one of which he lodged a solitary complaint.

“Even without hurrying so much, we’ll make it there plenty before dark, though.”

Reinhardt muttered with a strained laugh. This time, Jin was riding in Reinhardt’s carriage along with Reiko.

Incidentally, Beana was the one riding together with Elsa in her carriage.

Apparently they found a mutual understanding in detesting Earl Guarana and hit it off. Not just Reinhardt, but also Earl Kuzuma helped the two avoid attracting Earl Guarana’s attention.

In the afternoon, the rain had stopped, and just like Reinhardt said they arrived at Streal while the sun was still up. It was a lively city, although not as lively as Blue Land.

Duke Blue’s party stayed overnight in the feudal lord’s mansion that served the purpose of a guest house, Earl Kuzuma’s and Reinhardt’s groups in a Streal noble’s household, and Earl Guarana stayed in the highest class inn around.

“I’m pleased that you could come, Earl Kuzuma, Reinhardt-dono. And is that Miss Elsa too, welcome.”

The one who said so and came go greet them was the noble living in Streal, Viscount Grieri. He was a young man with light brown hair and who gave off a friendly impression.

With his solid physique, when he stood next to the tall and thin Reinhardt he seemed especially reliable.

“You must be the Magi Craftsman Jin. And this is?”

As he asked he turned towards Beana. Beana was flustered,

“Ah, I-I’m Magi Craftsman Beana, and I’m indebted to Earl Kuzuma.”

“Oh my, you’re a Magi Craftsman too. Isn’t that something. Well, why are we here standing around and talking, please come inside.”

He left the guiding of Jin and Beana to his butler, and to the Earl and Reinhardt he said,

“Please, make yourself at home.”

And played the part for the guide by himself.

“Well, it’s like a normal noble’s”

Jin said.

“I don’t really know what you mean by normal though.”

Beana said.

The two had been guided into a single large room.

“By the way, I wonder if this room is meant for just the two of us?”

By the looks of it, the room was about 10 tatami mats large, and there was only a single large bed.

“It seems so. Well, this kind of treatment must be because we’re little-known Magi Craftsmen.”

After that, Jin said,


Calling out for his Automata.

“Yes, Father.”


As if she had been there all along, Reiko appeared right next to Jin, and that startled Beana.

“Oh, did I frighten you? Sorry, my bad. I hate when there’s trouble, so I had Reiko enter stealth mode.”

[Stealth]. It was the high-level magical function born as a result from the analysis Jin performed on the amulet the foe encountered some days ago used.

It could hide the user, and not just their presence. The principle behind it was using light magic to bend the light around the user’s body so as to display what’s behind them.

Of course, no light would reach the user’s eyes during it so they’d be in the dark, but Jin’s knowledge came in there, and he had the magic interact with just the visible wavelengths of light.

In other words, using the infrared frequencies Reiko could see things.

“…She would be undiscovered until she suddenly stabs someone in the back, no?”

Beana expressed her impression of danger. It’s certainly ideal for secret maneuvers.

Jin wondered if he should build a ninja unit or something when he had the spare time.

“No peeking.”

After eating, Beana said she’d change into her sleepwear so Jin left the room. By the way, Jin and Beana had a simple meal in a separate room.

Since the only thing left was to sleep, the two decided to change into their sleepwear.

Elsa then happened to pass by. Or rather, she came on purpose to Jin’s room.

“Jin-kun, what are you doing?”

It was an obvious question.

“Oh, it’s because Beana’s changing right now.”

He answered.

“Eh? You two are together in the same room?”,

She asked back, with a tone that was a little surprised.

“Jin, you can come in. …Oh, Elsa?”

The door opened, Beana came out, and she seemed surprised to find Elsa there.

“…Beana, come with me.”

“Err, hey, wait a-”

Looking a little angry, Elsa took Beana towards her group’s room, almost dragging her.

“Young lady. Are you perhaps intending to have her sleep in the same bed as you?”

“Yes. Because my bed’s large.”

Elsa’s bed was a double, no, a king-sized bed. It looked like it would easily fit three people as small as Elsa sleeping there.

The nanny Mine had a bitter face. She could have as many friends of the same sex as she wanted, but her sleeping together with a commoner made Mine uneasy.

Elsa made a compromise after she saw the look on Mine’s face.

“…Okay. Mine, you sleep with me. Then Beana will sleep in Mine’s bed, and that should be fine.”

“Y-Young lady!? You would give me the privilege to?”

After hearing that, Mine’s sullen face instantly turned to sparkling with joy.


“Understood, Beana-san, wasn’t it. Please sleep in this here bed.”


Beana couldn’t keep up with Elsa’d and Mine’s pace, so she went with the flow and where she would sleep was decided for her.

Meanwhile, here’s Jin.

“Beana’s late.”

“Father, if Beana-san comes back I’ll wake you up, so please go to sleep already.”

“Hmm, you do that. I’m sleepy.”

Jin said and lied down to rest on one side of the bed. Reiko calmly stood by his feet as if on guard, and kept an eye on the surroundings.

But Beana didn’t come back, and there were no signs of other people either.

And like that, the night went on.

*   *   *

Although there was a mix-up like that, the feudal lord of Streal, Marquess Braun joined the group, and after passing through the town of Ruls they arrived at the capital Asunto in the morning as planned, with the golem party being held in two days.

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