Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 19 – Kunlun Island’s Situation Report and Departure

05-19 Kunlun Island’s Situation Report and Departure

That night Jin took out the ManaCom and tried to contact Soleil or Luna on Hourai Island.

Luna picked up the call.

“Luna from Hourai Island speaking.”

“Ah, Luna, it’s me.”


“Has anything unexpected happened?”

“No, everything is going well.”

After hearing that Jin was able to relax, and asked for a report on Kunlun Island’s progress.

“Yes, regarding Kunlun Island…”

According to Luna, Kunlun Island’s situation was as follows.

The dummy mansion was complete. The living spaces, workshop, dining room, and running water were all in order. Things were also made to look aged.

Some raw materials were also brought in to not raise suspicion.

Stationed on the island were five subordinates of the 5-colored golem maids: Topaz-100, Amethyst-100, Ruby-100, Aqua-100, and Peridot-100.

Three spare Warp Gate systems to Hourai Island were also completed.

Food stores were being filled to capacity.

It was possible to harvest a lot of the naturally occurring Citran and Appleles, but only few Pelshkas.

Some mining was also done to make it look like the mineral resources were being dug up for use.

“Good work, you’ve achieved a lot in this short time.”

Jin praised Luna and the others.

With this, it should be soon possible to deceive Reinhardt and company when they’re invited to the island.

“Okay, can you also make it look like it wouldn’t be strange to find artifacts on that island?”

“Yes, I think that can be done.”

Even though the orders were somewhat vague, with the information transferred from Jin and Reika, Luna and Soleil should be able to handle it.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you. The reason I was asking is that I’ll probably be coming back before long.”

With that the transmission came to an end.

Now using the hidden Warp Gate to get near Blue Land should be good, Jin thought.

“Looks like this’ll work out.”

After resolving all the pending problems, Jin could relax for the time being.

*   *   *

Next morning.

“Farewell, Miss Elsa. Jin-dono, thank you for everything. I hope we’ll meet again.”

After breakfast, Marquis Firentsiano bid his farewells when Jin and Elsa departed from the villa.

They were heading north, to the border of Egelia Kingdom.

“Rai-nii is here.”

Elsa said and looked where Reinhardt was waiting in a carriage to meet them.

Because Reinhardt is a diplomat, he had pay a visit to the royal castle before leaving.

The line of carriages was led by the carriage of Reinhardt’s guards and servants. Next was Reinhardt’s carriage. After that, Jin and Elsa’s carriage. After that, Elsa’s guards and servants. Finally there were the carriages carrying everyone’s luggage and food.

“Oh, I forgot to make a damper again.”

Jin muttered.

“Hee hee, Jin’s an unexpectedly forgetful person.”

Elza who was sitting opposing Jin giggled. Reiko clung to Jin tightly and said,

“Please leave it to me, father. I won’t let father fall ill a second time.”,

She was operating as usual.

Slowly the line of carriages continued towards the border.

*   *   *

The capital Bolgia was located on top of a plateau 300 meters above the sea level. After crossing the Delft mountain pass the rest of the way continued with a gentle slope.

After the mountain pass, the group stopped to stay a night in a town called Metroff.

Nothing particularly worthy of note happened during the night, and the next day the path was easy and mostly downhill.

Even though they headed north, the climate didn’t change that much because of the change in elevation.

“We’ll arrive at the border soon.”,

Elsa said while looking out of a window.

Just as she said, in half a day the group had arrived at the border.

The border fortifications that were still standing since the Great Magic War still triumphantly towered over the surroundings with a majestic appearance.


After the passing of 300 or so years, the stones were weathered, wind and rain caused moss to grow over it, and vines had spread rampant thanks to the sunlight.

“What a ruin.”

Jin’s short description of the fortification as a ‘ruin’ was appropriate for the appearance.

“But inside they’re the same as they used to be.”

Elsa added.

The commanding officer of the garrison came out to confirm the paperwork for passage.

“My apologies, but this is part of the job.”,

While saying so, the officer opened the carriage doors and checked the passengers’ identities.

This was to make sure people like Valentino who were on the wanted list couldn’t escape the country.

After checking even the luggage and finding no problems with the group, the commanding officer ordered a subordinate to open the gate.

The gates made a hefty sound as they opened.

The iron gates were 50 centimeters thick. A Magi Formula to make them resistant to magic was drawn on the surface.

“Their age sure is made clear just by the appearance.”

Jin bore such thoughts.

The carriages passed through the gates into a tunnel inside the fortification. The tunnel’s walls also had Magi Formulas carved on them.

“Hmm, the style is rather old but it looks efficient.”

Jin murmured while gazing out of the carriage’s window.

“Jin-kun, you can read the characters written on the walls?”,

Elsa asked with a surprised look on her face.

Jin said he could surprising Elsa even more,

“Not even Rai-nii can read more than half of the characters on these walls”

“Ah, is that so? It’s because they’re rather old. Judging from their form, they age at least 1000 years back.”


Elsa was speechless, and Jin carried on,

“There’s some old Artifacts that have been found where I come from, so I know a lot about things like this, see?”

Somehow satisfied with that explanation, Elsa said,

“Jin-kun is indeed mysterious. It makes me want to know more and more things about you.”,

And stared at Jin.

Jin didn’t realize it, but next to him Reiko pouted and glared at Elsa.

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