Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 19 – Dead Heat

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03-19 Dead Heat

「Number 35 has appeared! Fast, very fast! They’ve just caught up with number 3 in 2nd place!」

「Yeah, it seems that number 35 is really showing their ability now.」

The play by play commentary of the rapid advance was a real eye opener.They were now aware of the team of a nameless shipwright and magic craftsman that was known by no one

They are competing for the top position.

「Atto, number 35 finally reached second place! Now they are aiming for the top!」

Number 1 who was in the lead, Riche of Elias’s Glory began to fret. The golem specialized for rowing which a master craftsman and Lord Valerio made.

Although they are advancing at almost full power, another team is approaching them and putting pressure on them.

「I have my pride too!」

Riche changed the course of the ship slightly as she muttered.

「Argh! Clever jerk!」

Marcia spat out. Riche moved her ship to block Marcia’s course.

「But, the other side seems flustered too.」

Marcia calmed down and changed the course of her ship, but Riche anticipated that as well and Marcia couldn’t get passed her.

「Number 1 blocks that course as well! Number 35 is not falling out though!」

「She should have taken a wider route, it’s difficult when they’re this close. This area is great for a technique expert like Riche.」

Course interference is not a violation unless the hull touches it, and the one in the rear is considered bad when the hull touches it during a pursuit.

While the two ships were competing like that, number 3, Elsa of the Blue Marlin ran past at full speed using a wide path.

「WOW! While number 1 and 35 were entangled, number 3 has taken the top away! Number 38 has began a little late!」

And the leaders approached the fourth stage, the turning point and uninhabited island, “Io”.

*   *  

On the other hand, Jin and Reiko hurried toward the uninhabited island “Io”.

Since they had come out here anyway, they wanted to see how Marcia was doing.

「Why were the Death Sea Serpents in that kind of a place…?」

The Death Sea Serpent should be a monster that lives in the north sea. That’s what Reinhardt said anyways.

「Have you ever escaped from anything like Hekatonkheires?」(TL: for anyone who’s interested)

「Hmmm, I don’t understand. Anyway, the race is the priority right now.」

Since the information was lacking, she couldn’t understand, and Jin was too simplistic about it.

(I’d like to make an airplane…)

Just when he was thinking about such things, an unexpected accident happened.


One of the axles driven by Reiko broke and sank underwater. It happened in an instant while they were still travelling at full speed.

「Search for it!」

Jin hurriedly said to Reiko.

「No, even if you became serious, it would still be difficult. Even if I’m charged with magic power, since it sank into the deep sea, how long would it take to find it?」

We’ve already advanced several tens of meters from where it dropped. Even if it isn’t impossible for Reiko to find, how long would it take?

Then, Reiko dejectedly said,

「I’m sorry. How thoughtless of me to lose a work of yours, Father.」

And Jin comforts her,

「No, because the material originally had trouble with durability, it’s inevitable. Aside from that, it’s more important for our safety to remove the paddle wheel.」


Reiko handed Jin the paddle wheel so it would be safe.

「Oh, this was about to break too… Forming!」

Through Jin’s magic, the paddle wheel is turned into a small paddle. He was not able to make anything big because of the lack of materials.

「Reiko, I’m sorry, but would you paddle with this?」


Reiko began to row at once, but the speed was not entirely gone.

「no good….」

Because of the bronze’s bad quality, the hardening magic couldn’t do much either. Reiko seems to be over 10% of her output, and the rod seems like it’ll break.

「It does not seem like we will be in time.」

When she saw that Jin was disappointed, Reiko

「Father, I will swim and push it.」

She said so, but before Jin could say anything she quickly took off her clothes and plunged into the water. Reiko seems to have felt responsible for having broken and lost the paddle wheel.

And Reiko grabbed the boat from the water and began kicking the water with here delicate bare feet.

「Oh, ooh! This is fast!」

When she was first transferred to the sea from the Warp Gate to look for Jin, Reiko was able to go 100Kph while carrying baggage and clothed.

Now that she has further been strengthened from that time, she could easily support the ship with Jin in the back at 100 Kph.

If you looked from the end, you might not notice it, but the ship is travelling at high speed.

「That seems to be Io Island.」

The silhouette of the island that was the turning point reflected in Jin’s eyes. There also appear to be some ships which had tourists on them.

「Reiko, I was wondering, but are we going to slow down soon?!」

Jin was worried about whether Reiko, who was underwater, could hear his yell. But, because Reiko’s hearing is not regular, let alone the voice of her “father”, Jin, she immediately dropped her speed.

Slowly, the ship that Jin was riding on proceeds between the tourist boats that were watching the competition. Although Jin was holding the paddle, for such a small boat to enter the sea was already suspicious.

Fortunately, the audience in the tourist boat were too busy watching the fierce competition of the lead group and no one was paying attention to Jin.

*   *  

「The three lead ships are about to approach the turning point!」

「The key to the fourth stage are the turns and how to shorten your time. The size of Io Island is about 1 Kilometer, it is an almost circular island.」

The commentary continued.

「Because of the conical shape of the island, much like a volcano, the shore is shallow and the water gets deeper as you get farther away.」

「So, that is to say…」

「That’s right, if you try to take a tight turn you risk running aground, but if you play it safe and take it big you’re going to take more time.」

「So that’s the key of this area, isn’t it?」

「Yes, but the three lead ships seem to be trying to turn to the very limit.」

Just as the announcer said, the three lead ships seem to have decided to go at a distance as close to the limit as several meters from the uninhabited island, Io.

*   *  

「We somehow made it in time.」

They could finally see the figures of the leaders from their location.

「It’s athletes numbered 3, 1, and 35. Aren’t they in a good position? After turning around the island, it’s a speed game!」

Jin tried to recall thee stage configuration of the competition, And, there…

「Father, may I say something?」

Reiko came out of the water.

「Reiko, what is it?」

「Yes, I saw two strange golems underwater.」

「Golems in the water?」

What a strange place to be.

「So, what are they doing? Those fellows.」

「For now, nothing, they’re keeping still.」


I couldn’t understand their intention. Considering it was installed near the competition, it’s suspicious. I don’t understand why they would purposely put it in the water. (TL: This appears to be him thinking, but he’s usually much smarter than this, it should be obvious that someone is cheating.)

「Have you identified their affiliation?」

「Please wait… Well, it is probably produced by a Magic Craftsman named Valerio. I smell the same magic power as the golem with athlete 1.」

「What!? ….Hmmm」

When it’s associated with the nobleman, Valentino, I feel we’ve caught onto something. It may be an interference this time.

「Yosh, Reiko, i’d like you to watch the two golems and prevent them from interfering with the competition.」

「Understood. Do you want me to destroy them?」

「That’s no good. If it’s an arm or a leg, I don’t mind if they’re destroyed so they can’t move, but you can’t damage the Control Stone of the golems, we need them to submit as evidence.」


Reiko disappeared into the water.

Soon, the lead group approached Io Island.

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