Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 17 – TWO EARLS

The castle gates used massive doors. A carriage stopped in front of that.

「It’s Earl Kuzuma. Please open the gate」

The sentinels protecting the castle gate checked the crest engraved on the carriage and it was certainly that of an Earl’s house, furthermore the coachman presented a pass to compare,

「Opening the gate!」

A loud voice directed from the officer on the top of the rampart. Then the gate opened while making a heavy sound,

「Please pass through」

The sentinel saw them off and the carriage passed through.

*   *   *

「Fuu, this feels good」

Beana entered the bath in Earl Guarana’s mansion. As you’d expect from an Earl’s mansion, marble was spread across the luxurious bath that overflowed with hot water,

「As expected, nobles have a good life」

For bathing, the commoners wipe their body with hot water at most, it is fundamentally different.

「I got to do my best」

Beana muttered getting out of the bath.

Returning to the dressing room, the clothes she took off were gone, and instead new underwear and a bathrobe had been placed.

「Somehow it looks more luxurious then I remember」

She said while putting on the underwear. The silk felt comfortable.

After putting on the bathrobe, she left the dressing room. A plump middle-aged man was there.


「Hohou, quite the thing aren’t you」

With a hand on his chin the man muttered, his status could be identified from the extravagant clothes he wore.So Beana,

「U-Umm, you are?」

「Hn? I am Earl Guarana」


Beana hurriedly bowed, the Earl waved his hand,

「Aah, it’s fine it’s fine. More importantly, come with me 」


「I said come with me!」


The Earl forcibly seized Beana’s hands. Beana tried to shake him off but.

「If you disobey me, something might happen to your little brother and sister you know?」


It was obviously a threat. Beana’s face was frozen.

「You’ve calmed down, now, come」

Once again gripping her hands, he dragged Beana along. Her face was pale.

Walking down the corridor and going up the stairs, they arrived at a room.

「We’re going in」

A maid stood in front of the door, giving a look of pity at Beana for a moment, then opening the door according to the Earl’s order, the two of them entered.


In the middle of the room was a large bed. Even Beana could guess what she would be made to do here. However, holding onto a gleam of hope, she tried asking.

「Um, what are we doing here?」

Earl Guarana then obscenely grinned with his oily face,

「Gufu, you’re asking what we’re doing here? We’re doing… this!」


Suddenly pulling her bathrobe, Beana lost her balance. She fell back onto the bed from before.

「The night is long, let’s enjoy ourselves」


The Earl approached her while taking off his coat, Beana tried to resist but,

「Your little brother and sister are quite cute aren’t they?」

Saying it again, Beana stopped resisting.

「Don’t be so afraid, I’ll treat you nicely」

While saying that the Earl leaned bent over Beana.


But that voice only pleasured the Earl.

「Gufufufu, it’ll be great if you raise your voice again」

And then at the time his hands were about to touch Beana’s underwear.

There was a knock on the door. Although the Earl ignored it at first, the sound of knocking came again,

「Be quiet. I’m busy!」

He shouted but,

「My apologies. However, Earl Kuzuma has come to see you」


Though they had the same position of Earl, Earl Kuzuma’s house is an old family, on the other hand Earl Guarana’s house was an upstart. Their influence was different in the kingdom. He could not ignore it. Clicking his tongue, Earl Guarana separated from Beana.

He left the room with loud footsteps. When the door shut, Beana breathed a sigh of relief.

*   *   *

「Welcome, Earl Kuzuma」

Earl Guarana greeted him at the entrance lobby.

「No need, I think it’s inexcusable I came at such a time tonight」

Then don’t come! Was what Earl Guarana yelled out in his mind, but on the surface he was smiling,

「No, it can’t be helped for this urgent business. So, what kind of business did you come here for?」

He ended the greetings and quickly cut to the chase, it was quite obvious he wanted him to go away.

「Yes, then I’ll get to it immediately… I wish for you to hand over the 《Magic Craftsman》 Beana」

「What was that?」

「I’ve heard that Earl Guarana had invited her from her assistant. In addition, the sentinels of the rampart have confirmed that she has not left the walls yet」


Earl Guarana hurriedly calculated the profit and losses in his brain. The other party was a youth, however his family had participated politics. On the other hand he had went from Viscount to Earl using money. It seemed like he better act obediently.

「O-Ooh, Beana. She went to use the bath earlier, she should be just about done now. I’ll send for her now. Oi」

Claude quickly left there.


The silence was painful. Guarana’s back was dripping with sweat.

Shortly after, Claude came back with Beana. Her clothes returned to her former one. She securely held the pouch of money.

「Are thou Beana-dono?」


Suddenly being brought before another noble, Beana was worried, however Earl Kuzuma seemed to sense that,

「I am called Earl Kuzuma. I was requested by Jin-dono to pick up thou」

「Eh? By Jin!?」

Hearing Jin’s name, the colour returned to Beana’s face.

「Indeed. Come, let’s go」

Earl Kuzuma said, beckoning Beana. Beana timidly walked over. When Earl Kuzuma gently took Beana’s hand,

「Well then, Earl Guarana, excuse me for having intruded」

Saying that he left the place.

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