Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 15 – Hometown

09-15 Hometown

The morning after Hannah’s sleepover. After waking up, in front of her was Elsa’s sleeping face.

Light blonde hair, long eyelashes, and clear white skin.


Hannah thought of her that way. While looking at Elsa’s sleeping face, on the other bed Barbara woke up. For the women in the village, even the village chief’s niece, morning came early.

“Ah, I slept well. …Hannah-chan, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

The two exchanged greetings. Their voices also waked up Elsa.


“Good morning, Elsa onee-chan.”

Hannah greeted the sleepy-faced Elsa. Seemingly remembering about last night, Elsa smiled sweetly and greeted her back.

“Good morning, Hannah-chan. Good morning, Barbara-san.”

Then the two dressed themselves and went to wash their faces.

Of course, the water well was outside. Elsa had grown used to Kunlun Island’s conveniences, but she still remembered how in most of the inns she had stayed overnight in during the trip there had been a courtyard with a water well where she could wash her face.

“Elsa onee-chan, you can go first.”

Hannah said and operated the pump. Water began rushing out. Elsa’s eyes went wide.

She had heard last night about how Jin had built a pump, but seeing it in action was surprising after all.

The pump drew water from the bottom of the deep well without using magic. Jin had made something wonderful, hadn’t he?

One I too want to make things like this which are helpful to everyone. Such a thought, while still small, grew within Elsa’s mind.

The breakfast was white bread made out of sieved wheat flour, salad made out of edible wild plants, grilled river fish, and tea.

“This tea, it’s a little unusual, but it’s good.”

“Oh, you know, that tea was made out of certain leaves picked from the forest.”

This morning Hannah too was eating with her.

“Is that right?”

It was a somewhat popular drink in the northern parts of Cline Kingdom, but Elsa who was from Shouro Empire hadn’t drunk it before now.

“Next time, want to try coming to pick them with me? The Kherries are also still blooming in the mountains so it’s pretty.”

At Hannah’s invitation Elsa felt like she should maybe try going. She then agreed without thinking.


*   *   *

Next thing they knew, it was suddenly noisy outside. Apparently the villagers all together were making noise.

“Has something happened, I wonder?”

Barbara stood up and was about to go look outside when the door opened.

Gheebeck stepped inside.

While slightly out of breath, Gheebeck turned to Hannah and told her,

“Jin-kun has come back.”


The same noise came out of the mouths of all three of them. The fastest one to speak after that was Hannah.

“Onii-chan has!”

And then she quickly ran to towards the entryway.

She opened the door and went outside, and saw Rock, Jonas, Linus, Bill, Jeff, Dave, Howard, Rick, Tom, Yan, Surei, Kurt, Jim, Patty, Mario, Jessie, and Martha.

There was a crowd of a great number of villagers.

And the person everyone was looking at was, unmistakably, Jin. Reiko was with him.

All villagers present were speaking to Jin as they pleased.

“Jin! What have you been up to! You didn’t get in touch with us at all!”

Said Martha.

Jin slowly walked towards Hannah.

So as not to hinder him, the villagers made way. Tears welled up in Hannah’s eyes. She looked downwards as she didn’t want to show her teary face to Jin.

And when Hannah once more raised her eyes, Jin was already in front of her.

The words she had been thinking she’d say if Jin came back had disappeared somewhere, and the only thing that came out of Hannah’s mouth was simply

“Welcome back, Onii-chan.”

Facing Hannah, Jin softly smiled and,

“I’m back.”

He said just two words.


Hannah couldn’t take it any more and leapt at Jin with all her heart after a running start. Jin gently caught Hannah.

“Onii-chan, onii-chan…”

Hannah’s face was already completely tear-stained. Jin tenderly hugged her and kept stroking her back gently.

“…Don’t disappear again, okay.”

Hannah pleaded while tears still welled up in her eyes, and Jin looked a little bit bothered but the next moment he smiled and nodded.


Hannah once again clung to Jin.

Meanwhile, Reiko was looking at the two while smiling amiably.


Hearing the voice, Jin looked up and there stood Elsa.

“Elsa, I’m glad you’re okay. I realized you were here last night, but there was no way I could come here in the middle of the night so I came in the morning.”

Jin said, Elsa was also moved to tears and,

“You’re not, angry?”

She asked. Jin looked puzzled.

“Why should I be angry? You disappeared, I searched, and found you. That’s all. You’ve probably already reflected upon this by yourself, right? Then there’s nothing more for me to say.”

Jin replied and at last tears began pouring out from Elsa’s eyes too.

“I’m, sorry.”

Elsa said, leaned on Jin and silently cried.

*   *   *

Jin waited for Hannah and Elsa to calm down, then stood in front of the villagers.

And then,

“I’ve caused you worry.”

He made a deep bow.

The first one to rush over to Jin was Rock. He put his arm around Jin’s head and put him into a headlock.

“Owowowow, R-rock-san!?”

“You arsehole, just disappearing without saying nothing like that. Ain’t nothing more unfriendly than that!”

Rock said while smiling.

Then Jonas, Linus, Bill, and Jeff too, everyone laughed while watching the spectacle.

And next Jin was lifted up.

“Jin! Welcome back!”

“Jin! Welcome back!”

While several people said so, Jin was tossed in the air.

While being jostled Jin too cried silently. This was his second hometown, he realized.

Not a single person asked where from and how Jin came back.

Everyone had realized that Jin wasn’t just a normal magus, but despite that no one kept him at arm’s length.

Jin had come back, and that was enough to make everyone happy.

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