Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 14 – THE GOLEM GON

「This is a golem, huh…」

「Why were there golems in a place like this?」

 Jin examined the golem that he brought down himself. Feeling that the threat of golems was gone, the village men dropped down to the ground and took a break. As for Lithia and Jin, they examined a golem together nearby.

「Someone may have sent them here I think」

 Lithia made a conjecture.

「For what reason?」

「Saa… that is…」

 Originally golems have autonomy to the extent that they can follow simple commands. Because of that, the manipulator didn’t have to be nearby, so locating the culprit that sent it would be difficult

「Well, figuring out the culprit would be impossible」

「What is it?」

「If these are still usable, then I’ll use them」

 At this time, Jin investigated the structure of the golem.

「Although, this sure was built roughly」

 He cut it into two with a single stroke. And when Lithia heard that,

「Eh? Eeehh!? A golem is an advanced magic doll isn’t it?」

「Even if you say that, the body is just stone and the armour is just iron. The core seems like a small 《Magic Crystal》, and because there’s no 《Ether Converter》 it uses a 《Mana Tank》 instead. Throwing away this golem would be unthinkable」


 Lithia was a quasi-noble who attended a decent school, so she had a considerably large amount of knowledge in this world, but everything Jin was saying was much further ahead than what she knew.

「I wonder if it’s still in a good enough condition to be used. For now I’ll try combining the parts」

 While murmuring that, he tried lining up the bodies of the two golems… giving up because they were too heavy, and instead Jin went around collecting the necessary parts. At that time, the men gave what Jin was doing a look of interest.

「Although this 《Magic Crystal》 is slightly big it can be used for the core, and this 《Mana Drive》 I can use」

「Somehow, it seems like he’s doing something complex. Oi Jin, how long will it take? We should be departing soon」

 To the Jin who looked like he would be forever happy if we was left alone like that, Rock called out.

「J-Just a little longer」

 While saying that, Jin’s hands did not stop moving.

「I should connect the arms this way. 《Fusion》!」

 The golem returned to its original form.

「And 《Master Slave》! Awaken, golem!」

 The golem rose up in response to the voice.


 Rock who was surprised took a step back. Lithia involuntarily grasped her bent sword. Seeing that, Jin smiled,

「It’s okay. Because this fellow only listens to what I say」

 The golem obeys the owner of the magic power loaded in the core.

「However, Jin…」

 Rock and the others were still anxious with that said,

「I said it’s safe. Look」

 With those words, Jin showed them by striking the golem’s back, bashibashi.

「It really is safe…」

「 You sure worry a lot. Golem, 『I name you,「Gon」』」

 It was a name completely lacking in naming sense. But Jin himself did not in the least bit mind it,

「『Gon』, pull this bicycle trailer」

 When ordered to do so, the golem gave a nodding gesture, walking over to the bicycle trailer and pulled it.

「Come on let’s go」

 Upon Jin saying so, Jin advanced forward and took the lead. The men that were taken aback followed after him. Lithia mounted her horse and hurried after Jin.

 They arrived at Toka Village after about two hours. They were able to make it before sunset.


「What the, what is that?」

 And of course, when they saw the Golem Gon, the villagers were horrified. Because it was dim, it was even more ominous.

「Unu, the village is being attacked!」

 The soldiers stationed at Toka Village appeared with their swords. The one to stop them was Lithia.

「Please wait. This golem is an ally」

 As an apprentice knight, it was one rank higher than a soldier. The surprised soldier stopped,

「Ah, ha… is that so? … yes, I understand」

 They obediently listened. Since Gon didn’t act violently, the villagers soon grew accustomed with its appearance.

「Please carry the wheat over here」

 They carried the wheat to the Toka Village storehouse. Gon played an active role for it.

「Ohhh, this is amazing」

 The golem had the power to carry three times that of a person, and Jin and the other carried the wheat to the storehouse as one person(?).

「Good work Gon. Take a rest and recover your magic power. If someone tries to steal the wheat, remove them」

 Upon Jin’s instructions, Gon stood upright in front of the storehouse and stopped moving.

「With this we don’t need a lookout」

 Jin laughed while saying that, the people of Toka Village stared at him with an indescribable face,

「What with that guy?」

「Was there such a guy from Kaina Village?」

 such whispers and murmurs were said. On the other hand, the men from Kaina Village,

「Wow, Jin, ya really are such a great guy!」

「That golem, it listens to anything you say right?」

「This looks like it’ll come in handy if we take it back to the village!」

 In addition, the soldiers spoke to Lithia,

「A-ano, tax collector-sama, what in the world is that golem… 」

「Who is that young man?」

 were the three different kinds of responses given.

 That day, it was decided that Lithia would stay in the Kingdom’s quarters, while Jin and the others stayed in an inn at Toka Village.

 After dinner, while Jin was walking and taking a look around Toka Village, he noticed Lithia and called out to her.


「Ah, Jin-san」

「Are you still dressed like that?」

 Lithia was wearing a breastplate with a sword in her hand.

「Ee, because I’m still on duty」

「I see, it must be difficult. So, what are you doing here?」

 Jin had asked while looking at the sword she held,

「My sword had been bent so I went to the blacksmith, but I was told it couldn’t be repaired」

「Really? Could you show it to me?」

 Lithia obediently handed over the bent sword to Jin. Jin then gazed at sword,

「《Analyse》… ah, this is dull. Because it’s iron and not steel」

「Eh? But I bought it from a weapon shop that said it was a reasonably good sword」

「Weren’t you deceived? As a woman you probably didn’t know about the quality, and thought a sword that was decorated would be good and bought it.」

「Such a thing…」

 Lithia was crestfallen and drooped her head. Seeing that appearance, Jin held the sword,

「It can’t be helped. 《Forming》!《Carburising》! 《Heat Treat》! 《Hardening》!」

 Repairing it, the bent sword was straightened, carburised into steel, and it was hardened.

「Here, is this fine?」

「Eh, eh, eh?」

 What Jin had done, Lithia couldn’t keep up and understand.

「I repaired your sword. I don’t think it will break so easily now, so please take care of it」

「Ah, thank you very much… so a 《Magic Craftsman》 can do this…」

 When Lithia gladly received the sword,

「Jin-san, what can I do to thank you?」

 But, Jin,

「I do not need anything as thanks」

「I cannot accept that. I must compensate you on the work you have done. I know, would you like to be a 《Magic Craftsman》 exclusive to the kingdom? I will provide a recommendation」

 However Jin,

「I will have to decline」


 To Jin’s immediate response, Lithia gave a puzzled look.

「I do not want to serve under someone. I want to live freely, and I want to return home.」

 In this case, 『home』 was the laboratory.

「Is that so… but it’s such a waste」

「I’m fine with it. So, for a while could you not report about me?」

「Eh? What do you mean by that?」

「You’ll probably report about that golem attacking us right?」

「Ee, because that is my job」

「At that time, I want you to stay silent about me. And that it was Lithia-san that somehow repelled it」

「But, then…」

 Jin then bowed his head,

「Please. Just like now, I want to quietly live in Kaina Village」

 Lithia gave up after seeing Jin like that,

「I understand. However, if you happen to come to the capital, please come and visit my family’s house」

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