Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 14 – Split

03-14 Split

「For the qualifiers, you have to sail out the harbour, around the distant rock and return to the harbour. This will done in groups of five boats, the top two boats can proceed to the race tomorrow.」

The explanation of the competition continued.

「Since there are 35 teams participating this year, teams 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 will be in the first set.」

Jin’s Team 『MJR』 is team 35 and is in the last set.

「Well then, it is qualifying round one!」

It is the set where Glory of Elias, team 1, belonging to the snobbish man Valentino is in.

Everyone in this set wore red swimsuits. Each qualifying block seems to have a different colour swimsuit.

From what Jin saw, the hulls of the five teams are thin like a canoe. The 5 boats were all using oars to row the boat, all five looked natural but the golem on Glory of Elias stood out as the strongest one.

「He must have employed an excellent Magi Craftsman with his status and money.」

His imagination was right on target. However, every team is more or less doing this and it isn’t a particularly bad thing.

「Now, we can finally begin! 5,4,3,2,1, start!」

Water sprays splashed at the same time the start flag was waved. The golems began rowing in unison.

In a moment, team 1 began to lead. It was followed by teams 15, 19, 22 and 8.

「Hmm, as expected, power doesn’t mean everything.」

Jin murmured. The golem on Glory of Elias was equipped with an oar twice as big as the others. The difference opened rapidly.

「Team 1, Glory of Elias, has reached the end and turned back!」

Because a ship with a Magic Eye was acting as a broadcast relay, images could be sent to a magic Screen, from there, the audience could also see clearly.

The distance to the outer islands is approximately one kilometer. The round trip is two kilometers. Reaching the goal, Glory of Elias was 500m ahead of second place.

「It’s about 1.3 times fast. In addition, it’s unlikely that was its best.」

Jin began to analyze the rival’s ability

In the second qualifying round, the teams 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 were all about the same average ability. There was nothing special in particular. Incidentally, the colour of the swimsuit was orange.

And the third round.

「So, the third qualifying round, set 3, the attention is on team Blue Marine! The golem of the mermaid type is the first that has been seen in the history of the rally! What kind of run will it show us.」

This block’s contestants had yellow swimsuits.

「5, 4, 3, 2, 1, start!」

Lorelei is pushing from the wide, shallow bottom from the rear of the hull. The kick is strong and steadily pushed away from the other 4 ships.

「This speed is not inferior to that of Glory of Elias a short while ago!」

The power is also included in the commentary.

「Un, it doesn’t have to match the shape of the hull. but even in a catamaran, it can still be propelled between the two.」

Jin analysed the disadvantages and vulnerable points of the golem Lorelei.

In the meantime, set 3 ended quickly for the number 1 position. This was also a big victory with a 500m difference between second place.

Qualifying rounds 4 and 5 progressed but there were no teams catching Jin’s eye.

In round 6 the is a group with Feather Golems. The colour of the swimsuit is light blue.

「3, 2, 1, start!」

「Oooo、team 27, its wings have expanded! The wings are flapping!」

「There is a considerable force. The ship lifted slightly.」

As well as producing a driving force by flapping its wings, the feather golems also lift the ship up slightly, reducing resistance.

「However, the efficiency is too bad.」

Murmured Jin, team 27 had been in second place right after the start, but whether it was due to the unreasonable golem or magical power shortage it increasingly slowed down and ended up at the rear.

「However, the idea was interesting」

After all that, it came to the goal last.

And then the final qualifying round. The operators of our block wore a dark blue bathing suit.

「Now, today’s last race, qualifying round 7 is about to begin!」

The cheers went up after the commentators voice. Jin payed attention. As well as Marcia, team 28 had a golem with four arms.

「It seems that team 28 has just had a golem change, Bernardo will explain.」

「That’s right. It is said that a master craftsman Mr. Giordano made it.」

「Eh? Wasn’t he the person who made the golem of the team that took last year’s victory?」

「That’s right. Because of this attention will be necessary. More than that, I also have an interest in team 35.」

Here, the topic of Cygnus came out.

「Ha, I had also said that at the time of the parade.」

「Yes. It’s also interesting that the golem looks just like the operator. Let’s pay attention.」

And the final qualifying round begins.

「5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Start!」

Surprisingly, the team that started at the front was team 28. The golem was made in the form to lie down across the hull, it’s four arms moved very efficiently.

「Hou, it’s rowing like an ant moving, interesting.」

Jin was a little impressed. On the other hand, Marcia was in second place. Jin watched the situation.

「It looked like Marcia had an idea. Arrow was far from expending all it’s energy. She probably thought that ones abilities shouldn’t be shown before the finals tomorrow.」

「But, Otou-san, she didn’t tell you anything.」

Reiko asked in a questioning tone.

「Ah, probably, if you look at the race now 」

While talking, the ships approached the turning point rock. For now, team 28 is first with Marcia in second place.

「Bernado, how does it look?」

「Yes, No. 28 is good at using the oar. And I’m looking forward to No.35 catching up.」

On the Magic Projection Window, right now, a circle was shown around where Marcia and Cygnus were.

「Hmm, the maneuverability is passable. Very soon, Marcia will get serious?」

Immediately after Jin said so.

「Ooh, team No. 35, a spurt!」

Cygnus the splashing from the rear wheel increased conspicuously. And the Cygnus’s speed increased.

「Team No. 35 is fast, fast! It’s fiercely catching up with number 28 in first place.」

As the play by play commentary increased, the audience cheered.

「Team 28 had also increased the pace! But No. 35 is faster than that! And……now! It’s overtaken! No. 35 is in first place!」

As it is, Cygus will continue to keep first place.、

「Goooaall!! First place No. 35, Second place is No. 28!」

「Wow, Bernado’s commentary, it was a heated battle.」

「That’s right, a race suitable for the final qualifying round.」

「However, why didn’t No. 35 start with that speed from the beginning?」

There was the natural question.

「That’s right, I will guess here, based on the construction, the burden on the waterwheel is great when moving at full speed. It is likely they have saved it in preparation for tomorrows race.」

While it is a plausible answer, they have misjudged Jin. After all, the moving parts are reinforced with Adamantium, there is no worry that it could be broken with Arrow’s energy.

But in the play by play seat,

「Indeed, the reason was because of the uneasiness about the durability.」

They understood.

「Now, the 10th golem boat qualifying round competition has been completed. Customers, be careful that you don’t leave anything behind. In addition, tomorrows race will start at 9:00 in the morning.」

While the announcements were said,

「Now then, to thank Marcia for her work.」

When Jin rose,

「Jin? My eyes were right after all ! Your method of ship propulsion is wonderful!」

Turning around, the sultry voice was from Reinhardt. Elsa, dressed in a swimsuit was there too.

「Because the practice waters were different, I saw it for the first time today, hmm, it’s a novel idea to turn a waterwheel to run! I want to hear the related stories! That’s right, why don’t we have a meal together tonight?」

As Reinhardt rattled on by himself, Elsa next to him,

「Sorry for being noisy. ……As my brother said, what about it?」

She asked laconically. Jin,

「If Marcia is okay, I don’t mind.」

Since the answer was so,

「Oh I see! Then I must quickly go to Marcia to check!」

And, Reinhardt ran towards the harbour,

「Hm? What about me?」

Just there, Marcia, who had entrusted the boat to management personnel, came. Jin, told Reinhardt’s offer to Marcia.

「Mm, I don’t mind.」

Marcia immediately answered. Reinhardt was overjoyed to hear that.

「I see! Right, then let’s go!」

As he started to walk, he was stopped by Elsa pulling his hand.

「Ani, Marcia and I are still in swimsuits. Wait for a moment while we change clothes.」

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