Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 11 – Again, Elsa Disappears

09-11 Again, Elsa Disappears

The conversation between Laojin and Reiko continued.

“So, just we aren’t enough to persuade My Lord, right?”

“That’s correct. After all we’re something Father created, unfortunately we have to accept we don’t have that much influence.”

Both parties seemed to be of one mind.

“So, what are we going to do?”

Laojin asked Reiko.

“I’m reluctant to do this, but let us ask Elsa-san.”

Reiko replied. Looking at her frown, it was a rather difficult decision for Reiko.

“In that case, Reiko-san, please bring Elsa-san from Kunlun Island along with you.”

“Got it. Take care of Father in the meanwhile.”


After exchanging such a conversation, Reiko warped to Kunlun Island by herself.

“Good day.”

Reiko called out to them and she entered the large guesthouse where Elsa and company were. It was Jin’s property in the first place so she had no need to hold back, but she was being polite.

“Hello. …Oh my, Reiko-san?”

Mine came and looked a little surprised.

“Hello. As a matter of fact, I have a request regarding Father that I’d like to ask Elsa-san about.”

“Me? What?”

Elsa turned up from behind Mine.

Reiko explained Jin’s current state to the two. Elsa and Mine quietly listened. About how he was attempting to oppose the Unifilers. About how he was conscious of the war. About how he was worried about what he could do…

“He does not seem as happy as before. I am worried about that.”

Reiko concluded and brought the explanation to a finish.

The two stayed silent for a while, and the first one to open her mouth was Mine.

“Jin-sama has, because of what happened to Elsa and then Reinhardt-sama, a grudge with the Unifilers it seems.”

“To be frank, I’m happy that he’s doing it for me. But I wish Jin-nii didn’t push himself too hard.”

Elsa also gave her opinion. Mine continued.

“Surely Jin-sama is losing his composure because he’s chasing after too many things at once, don’t you think?”

Elsa also shared that view.

“I think so too. This too, and that too, I feel like he’s coveting for too many things like that.”

Reiko took some time to think about it, and she got the feeling that what the two said was probably right.

“So, what do you think we should do?”

That was the thing Reiko wanted to know the most.

“He needs a break, don’t you think?”

The one who replied was Mine.

“A break, is it…”

Reiko mumblingly parroted her words, but she seemed to think that was a good idea.

“So, how should I have Father take a break then, I wonder?”

Reiko couldn’t come up with anything.

This time the one who replied was Elsa.

“As long as it’s something fun, I think it’ll be enough.”

“Something fun, is it…”

Once more Reiko could do nothing but mumblingly parrot the words. She appeared to be a little sad. She was probably feeling disappointed as she couldn’t think of that herself.

“In that case, won’t you please ask Father, Elsa-san?”


“Yes. If rather than me Elsa-san asks, then surely Father will have more of a change of pace.”

Elsa sympathized with Reiko’s slightly sad feel and nodded.

“Mm. If you’re fine with me. Please wait a moment.”

Elsa said and went to adjust her clothes. Mine who was left behind said,

“Reiko-san, I think it’s also fine to go somewhere where Jin-sama can feel at ease.”

She gave Reiko her own opinion.

“Somewhere he can feel at ease, is it.”

After hearing that, Reiko thought what could a place where Jin felt at ease be. But before she could finish that thought Elsa came back.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Elsa’s outfit consisted of a deep blue long skirt, a white blouse with a light blue scarf, and the brooch she got from Jin.

For now they were the best clothes Elsa had.

“Mother, see you later.”

“See you.”

After a simple exchange, Elsa used the Warp gate with Reiko.

Once they appeared in the Warp Gate room on the first floor, she was led to the workshop by Reiko.

It was the first time Elsa was in this workshop, and she was curiously looking around at everything.

Back at the workshop, Jin was giving instructions to Laojin who assisted him. Once he noticed that not only Reiko but Elsa too entered the room, he was surprised.

“…And that’s how it is, can I leave the preparations to you, Laojin?”

“Yes, certainly.”

After finishing instructing Laojin, Jin was flustered, turned to Elsa, and,

“Elsa, what’s the matter?”

He asked. Elsa replied immediately as if she had already thought of a reply.

“Teach Magi Engineering to me, too. Ah, Jin-nii called it, Magi Craft, right?”

“To you, Elsa? Magi Craft?”

“Yes. I want to try. Can’t I?”

Head tilted a little down Elsa asked with upturned eyes. Jin was weak to requests from his family.

He hesitated a little, but soon agreed,

“Fine, I’ll teach you.”

He replied.

“Can’t wait.”

Elsa said, also delighted.

Reiko who was watching them from the side thought,

(Come to think of it, some time ago Father did mutter something about that…)

*   *   *

“Yes. That’s the standard way to use Magic Energy.”

Jin’s coaching began immediately. Beginning with how to use Craft Magic.

Normal magic did most of its work outside, but Craft Magic did most of its work inside the material.

In other words, instead of seeing it by sight it was necessary to sense the Magic Energy.

Jin began from having her comprehend that difference.

“Aww, it’s hard.”

“Keep it up. Because once you can do this the rest will become easier.”


It was indeed a sight exactly like a brother teaching his little sister. A heartwarming sight.

By now, worries about new weapons, military preparations, and such had disappeared from Jin’s mind.

*   *   *

In the end, Jin’s coaching of Craft Magic to Elsa continued until it was around two hours to dusk.

As a result, Elsa became somewhat able to handle and sense Magic Energy, and also learned the basics of the Craft Magic spells [Softening] and [Forming].

[Softening] in particular was very profound with Jin being able to even make figurines using it, but the best Elsa could make was something like a cup.

“This, is interesting.”

Even so, using the memorized spells of [Softening] and [Forming], Elsa was playing with a lump of copper kneading it like clay.

Seeing Elsa who said so and smiled Jin couldn’t help but smile himself too.

Seeing that Reiko felt relieved. And then she neared the two and informed them of the time.

“Father, Elsa-san, it’s already 5 o’clock. It’s about time to wrap up.”

“Ah, it’s already so late, huh.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun, no?”

And so Elsa decided to return to Kunlun Island for the day.

“Well then, see you tomorrow. Shall we return here to continue from where we left off tomorrow after lunch?”

“Mm, Jin-nii. I’m looking forward to it.”

Reiko and Elsa then headed for the Warp Gate room on the first floor together.

“Elsa-san, thank you for today.”

Reiko said and,

“No problem, I had fun too. Looking forward to tomorrow.”

Elsa replied.

They soon arrived in the Warp Gate room. At that moment Reiko received a call from Jin through her internal ManaCom.

“Reiko, I forgot I had something to give to Elsa. Please come here to pick it up.”

Reiko then said,

“Elsa-san, Father contacted me and said he has something to give to you, so I’ll quickly go get it. I’ll be back soon so please wait here.”

“Mm, got it.”

Reiko then hurried back to where Jin was.

“Ah, Reiko, sorry for calling you back.”

“No problem, what would you like me to do?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about giving this to Elsa. Well, I could do it lunch tomorrow too but since she’s here I wanted to give it to her early.”

Jin said and held out a bracelet.

“It’s a bracelet to protect Elsa from her excessive Magic Energy disorder. It has the effect of converting surplus Mana to Ether and storing it.”

It would be far simpler to release it into the air instead of storing it, but as Jin thought it was a waste he had the bracelet store the surplus Magic Energy.

Despite being busy he hadn’t forgotten about Elsa’s illness.

“Well, she’s with Mine now so it’s not really necessary but.”

Mine had been the most worried about separating from Elsa who would end up damaging herself, but looking at the two lately the situation had seemed alright to Jin.

Because of that whenever he had spare time he had worked on it, and before he knew it he had recently finished it.

“I understand. I’ll go give it to her.”

By all rights Elsa would’ve been happier if Jin gave it to her but, after all as a simple enjineer he didn’t realize it.

And thus Reiko went to the Warp Gate room on the first floor with the bracelet.

And no sooner than that, she came back and reported with a concerned voice.

“Father, Elsa-san has disappeared.”

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