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Chapter 789 - Falsehood and Reality

Chapter 789 Falsehood and Reality

Roland laid his hand on Nia’s face again.

She was not an illusion.

Her skin was warm and elastic, and had a tiny dent where his finger pressed into it.

Nia’s face got even redder, and she breathed more heavily.

Roland’s hands fell to her neck again. With her eyes closed, she subconsciously flinched and crossed her arms nervously, but she didn’t open her eyes either.

The atmosphere became more and more intimate.

Roland realized that too. He stopped and asked again, “Why are you not transparent?” “What are you talking about?” Nia opened her eyes and puffed out her cheeks angrily. Why did this guy have to ruin the atmosphere by saying that? “Transparent? My clothes will never be transparent.”

Sigh! Roland heaved a long sigh.

Nia was just like Andonara. Why were women always thinking so strangely?

He wasn’t thinking about sex at all.

Exactly at this moment, Nia shivered and slightly narrowed her eyes. Several seconds later, she said, “The goddess informed me to take you to the Paradise of Life.”

Roland suddenly thought of something when he heard that… Nia was an angel, and a substantial being. Then, were the other angels in the paradise substantial too?

What about the Life Goddess?

Roland was about to teleport himself away, when Nia grabbed his hand and said, “I’m coming with you.”


They reached the floating city and then teleported to the Paradise of Life with the floating city as a platform.

On the clouds in the Paradise of Life, Roland looked at the angels around him, including Claudia the Archangel, and found that they were all transparent.

But he wasn’t disappointed, because the Life Goddess who stood before him was substantial.

“Nia, stay here. The rest of you will leave.”

Claudia nodded and flew away with the other angels.

Then, the Life Goddess unfolded a soundproof barrier.

The barrier was made of divine power and guaranteed that nobody in this world could eavesdrop on them. Roland looked at the Life Goddess passionately.

At this moment, the Life Goddess, however, sat down on a chair and looked at Roland wearily. “It seems that you’ve discovered the anomalies of this world.”

Seeing how fatigued the Life Goddess was, Nia was quite shocked. She quickly walked to her and asked, “Goddess, what’s wrong? Did something happen in the Paradise of Life?” As far as Nia remembered, the Life Goddess was always calm and graceful. She had never seen her so helpless.

“I’m fine.” The Life Goddess waved her hands and looked at Roland. “You must have a lot of questions.”

Roland nodded.

Nia looked at them suspiciously.

The Life Goddess pointed her finger at Nia, who instantly sat down on the soft clouds and fell asleep.

“What are you doing?”.

“Nia is actually my clone,” said the Life Goddess rather awkwardly. “One that has consciousness.”

So, was Nia sent to monitor him?

Noticing the suspicion in Roland’s eyes, the Life Goddess shook her head and said, “She’s not there to monitor you, but to take a closer look at you.”

She seemed rather shy, and less helpless, when she said that.

Roland thought for a moment and realized that it was truly unnecessary for her to monitor him.

Nia was a girl who loved traveling and shopping and who was rarely around. She had done a terrible job if she was sent to monitor him.

“Let’s talk about the things you want to know.” The Life Goddess seemed disappointed again. “As you can see, this world is false, and so am I.”

It was indeed the case!

Roland sighed. He already guessed it when he saw the transparent angels.

He agreed with the former half of the Life Goddess’s statement, but disagreed with the latter half. “Why do you say you’re fake? You’re not transparent.”

“But in another world, there’s another Life Goddess named Elyse. I’m just one of her mental fragments.” The Life Goddess seemed bitter. “Right now, I can feel the orders and emotions from Elyse in another dimension. She’s angrily trying to take me back and make me part of her again.”

After a moment of silence, Roland asked, “Do you want to fuse with her again?”

“Of course not.” The Life Goddess shook her head. “I have my own thoughts, experiences, and love.”

She gazed at Roland. “I don’t want to become part of her, because I can tell that she doesn’t know you and I can’t meet you again if I’m fused with her.”

Hearing that, Roland put on a helplessly smile. “It was rather unreasonable of you to put an equality contract on me. You must know what that means, right?”

She nodded and explained in a low voice, “I knew you before Mystra did. Why did she get to do that?”

“In fact, you don’t have to be jealous of her at all. She’s fake!”

Roland’s heart was rather painful when he said that.

Andonara was fake, Mystra was fake, and so were all the other NPCs. Their emotions must be the simulations of this game world too.

Did his feelings for them actually mean nothing?

“She’s not entirely fake.” After a moment of hesitation, the Life Goddess decided to tell him what she knew. “There’s a connection between their illusions and themselves. In fact, they all know you, but I don’t know about the details.”

Roland suddenly remembered the thin line that was almost entirely transparent behind Andonara’s head. Was that a “networking cable”?

So, all the NPCs had logged into this game just like the players did. However, they had only one life, and the game was a complete simulation of the real world they were in?

They weren’t entirely fake?

If that were true, then everything would make sense.

“Why are you not connected to the other Elyse?” asked Roland.

At this moment, Roland had discovered that there were no cables behind Elyse’s head.

Right… Nia, who was sleeping on the ground, didn’t have one either.

“I don’t know.” Elyse stroked her forehead sadly. “My old memories belong to the other Elyse. The world I’m in is false. I can tell that it’s vanishing. Even though the vanishing isn’t too fast, the world will disappear sooner or later, and so will I.”

Roland stepped up and gently hugged Elyse. “That’s all right. I’ll figure out a solution.”

Although she was a little bit shy, Elyse didn’t resist. Instead, she intimately laid her head on Roland’s shoulder and pressed herself into his arms. “Okay, I trust you.”

They cuddled warmly.

However, Elyse’s face became redder and redder, because Roland was having an erection.

Roland hadn’t enjoyed himself when he slept with Andonara in the past few days. After all, he felt like he was doing it with the air. So, he was feeling quite horny.

Without much hesitation, Roland laid his hands on Elyse’s breasts. He didn’t have to undo the first button, which was already in his inventory. He undid the second button. Elyse turned her head aside and didn’t dare to look at him. Her face was entirely red.

Roland took a deep breath, impressed by the big and elastic bosom that the goddess who was responsible for life had made for herself.

Then, he buried his head in them without hesitation.

However, Roland was frustrated only half an hour later, as he hadn’t enjoyed himself yet.

None of the goddesses, including both Mystra and Elyse, were physically satisfactory.

Holding the limp Life Goddess in his arms, Roland was about to put on his clothes, when he noticed that Nia was looking at him from the ground.

Then, making eye contact with Roland, she was quite scared and quickly closed her eyes again, pretending that she was still unconscious, except that her face was still very red.

Roland hummed and did it with her too.

He had to say that Nia was much more physically competent than the two goddesses. She was just a divinity clone, yet she was almost as good as Andonara.

After they were done, Nia was reinvigorated again after catching her breath. She put on her clothes and stuck out her tongue at Roland cutely, before she flapped her fingers and flew away.

She knew that the goddess wanted to talk to Roland.

“Although I’m probably just a fake character, it’s really nice to know you.” Lying in Roland’s arms, the Life Goddess touched his face and said affectionately, “If you can spend more time with me, it won’t matter even if I have to disappear. At least I’m real for now.”

“How much time do you estimate you have until your disappearance?”

“Maybe two hundred years?” Roland chuckled after a moment of shock. Two hundred years was quite a long time to him. But then, he thought that he shouldn’t think that way. The species that lived a long life and those that didn’t had different opinions on time.

In any case, he wasn’t too anxious about Elyse’s disappearance anymore. After cuddling with Elyse for a while, Roland left the Paradise of Life and teleported himself near the Mystra’s Mansion on the floating city.

Naturally, Nia followed him.

Seeing the worms that were everywhere in the Astral Plane, Nia didn’t look very happy.

“Are they the coordinates of your Mystra’s Mansion?” Nia soon saw the transparent squares not far away. “It’s the last shelter of a Mage. Do you completely trust me and the goddess now?”

“Of course,” said Roland with a smile.

“That’s the right answer! Here’s your reward.” Nia kissed Roland’s face delightedly.

Roland, on the other hand, perceived the coordinates that he had left in reality.

He was already a real Demigod, and he could do things that he couldn’t imagine in the past.

For example, he could teleport his game character to reality.

Very soon, he clearly detected the coordinates near the base. At first, he had planned to transfer the entire floating city to the location, but then he realized that the distance was too long and he didn’t have enough energy.

However, by consuming half of the magic power the floating city had saved, it was possible to teleport himself out.

Roland extracted thirty thousand points of magic power and built a space portal more than ten meters tall at the center of the square in the floating city.

Then, he turned his head and said to Nia, “Defend the floating city for me. I’ve authorized you to control all the puppet soldiers.”

Nia was of a mind to propose to go with Roland, but she dropped the thought after a moment of consideration.

There must be a good reason why Roland didn’t ask her to come along.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Nia smiled.

Teleporting to reality was a bold decision. Roland took a deep breath and then walked into the portal.

Roland zigzagged in the enormous black channel. The first half of the channel was smooth, but the second half was narrow and twisted.

Of course, it was not narrow and twisted in the physical sense, but just gave that feeling.

There was no matter in teleportation, just an energy channel.

After bumping around for twenty minutes in the channel, Roland finally saw a blue exit in front of him.

Normally speaking, one could reach one’s destination in a few seconds with teleportation. The twenty-minute journey in a space channel was a terrible suffering.

There were no other noises in the channel. He could only hear his own heartbeat and the flow of his blood.

The dreadful quietness could’ve easily driven someone into madness.

Only the people with a strong mind could weather through it.

Roland jumped out of the exit.

In reality, a blue plate of light appeared above the desert ten kilometers to the east of the base.

After a short moment of brilliance, the light plate turned into invisible gravity waves and formed a shivering sphere with a radius of about five kilometers.

The sphere left a huge dent in the desert that was as deep as three hundred meters.

Roland had tried to teleport himself to the sky.

If he had teleported himself to the ground… A five-kilometer pit would’ve been terrifying.

Roland took a deep breath in reality. He sensed that he lost a lot of his magic power, but he was still stronger than his body in reality.

He looked around and confirmed that it was reality. So, he clenched his fists excitedly, “It worked!”

Then, he found that his arm was transparent.

So were his feet, his abdomen… He didn’t have to check himself any further to know that he was transparent.

So, his body in the game was fake in reality?

It was quite interesting. Roland cast Stealth on himself and then flew to the base.

At the entrance, he happened upon Lu Yong and the other security guards, who were fully armed and were about to investigate the spot where an energy outburst was detected a moment earlier.

Roland revealed himself.

“Who’s there?”

“What the hell?”

A dozen guns were aimed at Roland. Then, Lu Yong recognized him and exclaimed, “Roland? Wait, Director Huang Wenwei?”

Nobody in the entire base didn’t know Roland’s appearance in the game.

Roland nodded.

“Sweet mother of god… This is getting huge!”

Lu Yong and the other security guards all swallowed.

After Roland entered, he caused a sensation throughout the base.

Everybody who hadn’t slept yet came to see him.

Those who were already sleeping were woken up too. Even the people who had morning temperament, after learning what happened, rushed to him without changing out of their pajamas.

Su Minluo, for one, had run out with nothing but her underwear and didn’t care about her image at all.

However, nobody laughed at her!

Nobody was even interested in peeping at her.

Everybody’s eyes were fixed on Roland’s transparent body. “An energy creature!”

A gray-haired researcher took off his glasses, shivering, and threw his pencil to the desk heavily.

“I’m not retiring! I can work for another thirty years!”

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