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Chapter 776 - Look What You’ve Done

Chapter 776 Look What You’ve Done

It was another beautiful day.

Roland rubbed his waist and got up from the bed. Andonara was still sleeping.

Women always slept better at times like this.

He was wondering whether he should have a chat with Vivian or go study magic when a figure teleported into the middle of the garden.

It was the wingless angel Nia.

When she saw Roland, her eyes lit up and she ran over to him, saying, “By the way, the goddess sent word to me yesterday that she wanted you to go and meet her.”

With that said, Nia twitched her nose and circled Roland a few times, her small, smooth, pretty nose twitching slightly as she said, “You smell very strongly of divinity, Mystra’s divinity.”

Roland froze, thinking to himself that Nia had a dog’s nose to be able to smell this. Seeing Roland’s look, Nia pouted. “You actually completely defected to the Goddess of Magic. Our goddess treated you so well in vain, traitor.”

Oh… treated me so well?

Roland didn’t feel that.

It was the kind of atmosphere between ordinary acquaintances.

On the other hand, the Goddess of Magic, a rich woman, now paid him royalties every month.

It was a lot of gold coins every month, and now he didn’t have to worry about money at all.

In reality, Roland still fell into the trap of his experiences.

The Life Goddess was exalted and holy since her birth.

She was a goddess, and he was her acquaintance, and in her opinion, this was already lowering her status—anyone with higher emotional intelligence would probably be able to understand her thoughts.

However, Roland was an anomaly.

Roland’s emotional intelligence wasn’t really low, but too much of the time his mind was focused on studying magic.

He was used to getting along with people on an equal footing.

The way the Life Goddess acted seemed to him to be how a normal person got along with others.

Looking at Roland’s puzzled face, Nia was so angry that she stomped her feet and finally ran off angrily.

Roland thought for a moment about what Nia had just said, then came up with a conclusion that horrified him.

Elise, the Life Goddess, likes me too?


Roland recalled for a moment how he had been meeting and talking with the Life Goddess and didn’t get the feeling that she showed signs of liking him.

Surely “she likes me” is one of the top three illusions in life.

The Life Goddess wants to see me?

Let’s go see her then.

Roland thought about it and suddenly realized again that the Life Goddess probably couldn’t pull him up now, so he had to leap over in his floating city.

However, Nia didn’t give him the spatial coordinates.

Roland turned and went to Nia.

She was hiding in her room on the second floor, sulking.

Seeing Roland, she grunted and turned her head away from him.

Roland walked over and laughed. “Don’t be mad—I’ll give you more gold coins so you can shop for more new clothes.”

Because of the establishment of the teleportation array, Nia now particularly enjoyed teleporting to Wetland City to go shopping In particular, she loved the clothes the players designed.

She’d worn everything from office lady attire to nurse’s outfits but had only shown Roland and Andonara how she looked in those particular clothes.

“More gold coins…” Nia thought about it and said, “Well, then, I won’t be so angry. Regardless, our goddess is really good to youyou can’t break her heart.”

“Of course not, she’s one of my good friends.”

“You…” Nia grimaced in exasperation, then she sighed helplessly. “Forget it, the goddess probably has her own ideas.”

She stood up, grabbed Roland by the lapels of his coat, pulled him to her, and then pressed her forehead toward him.

Roland froze for a moment, then Nia’s voice came from his soul. “Don’t resist, these are the spatial coordinates.”

Soon, a ball of energy information was transmitted to his spiritual consciousness.

The spatial coordinates were immediately parsed.

Upset, Nia let go of Roland and slapped his chest with her hand. “Well, get lost! The sight of you makes me angry.”

Women always had a bad temperament for a few days… For example, someone as gentle as Andonara had a bit of womanly angst every two or three months.

But angels are supposed to be energy beings, yet they have this affliction? Roland exited the room and was just walking to the courtyard when he noticed an acquaintance coming through the doorway.

White hair and a pair of cute, perky canine ears!

It was the Winterwolf Holy Lady.

When she saw Roland, she smiled sweetly.

Roland walked over to the table in the courtyard and sat down, then waved at her.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady trotted over and sat on the stone bench with her tail wagging behind her, appearing quite happy.

“I’m surprised you reached out to me. I’m sure it’s something very troubling,” Roland looked at the Winterwolf Holy Lady’s pretty face and moved his eyes further up to look at her ears, and had another urge to rub them.

“It’s not too troublesome, but I still want to seek some help from you.”

“Go ahead, no need to be so polite.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady’s tail wagged even faster. “We found one of the liches.”

“Oh! Then I’ll go with you guys.” Roland chuckled. “These people can really hide. You’ve only found one of them.”

“No need for you to fight,” said the Winterwolf Holy Lady, waving her hand. “You’re so strong that, if you fight, how will we ask you for equipment and monetary rewards?”

Speaking of this, the Winterwolf Holy Lady’s face reddened slightly.

When Roland thought about it more carefully, he understood. The Frost Wolf Clan had been quite poor, but when they came to the prosperous world of Wetland City… how could they not be tempted to spend money.

They were probably running out of money.

Roland nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll provide the equipment and the money.” “Thank you.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady said, “Can you help us think of an industry that can be developed? We can’t just come to you for money when we don’t have any. I can do that, but the other clansmen probably won’t be too comfortable in their hearts.”

The Winterwolf Holy Lady didn’t mind asking Roland for money.

Such was the notion of the Frostwolf that it was only natural for a woman to ask her man for money.

But also, the women of the Frostwolf clan had many obligations to bear at home.

For example, almost all of the household chores, and giving birth to three or more children!

The rights and obligations of men and women were almost equal.

“A side hustle!”

Roland was deep in thought.

Although a number of the Frostwolf clan now served as instructors in the army of Wetland City and even joined the army…

The numbers only accounted for a small portion of the entire Frostwolf clan. Most of the Frostwolf clan were unemployed farmers.

In the past, when they were still in the old kingdom, they would have been happy to live like this. But after seeing Wetland City built by the players and the prosperity and foods and drinks it offered, they felt as though they had found the meaning of happiness.

And money played a pretty important part in these pleasures.

Roland thought for a moment and said, “How about forming a professional mercenary army. Besides, everyone in the Frostwolf clan is a soldier.”

“Will it work?” said the Winterwolf Holy Lady with some concern. “We don’t know much about contractual matters, and my people are rather honest, so they can easily be cheated when they go out and deal with people.”

Indeed… People of the Frostwolf clan who went out were almost always lone wolves or traveling with their clansmen to look out for each other.

Rarely did they interact with humans

Besides, their appearance was not too appreciated in the human world, and only the players of Wetland City treated them as treasures.

“I’ll think about the side business.” Roland took out a large number of enchanted weapons from his Backpack. “These are the pieces I’ve used to practice during this time. All of them are decent quality, so I’ll give them to you.

“And then this is the payment for you.”

Three bags were placed on the table.

Without hesitation, the Winterwolf Holy Lady stowed them in her spatial equipment, the red rope that was hidden under her dress and tied to her ample body… Then she shook the white canine ears on her head, sidled forward, put them in front of Roland’s face, and smiled. “Want a rub?”

“No.” Roland gulped. “As I’m rubbing, I’m afraid I’ll eventually end up in bed.”

After fighting a physical battle all of last night, it hadn’t been long since he’d gotten up, and he was still empty.

“Deadbeat.” The Winterwolf Holy Lady blushed and rolled her eyes at Roland before standing up and twirling her waist prettily as she walked away.

Relieved, Roland teleported to the floating city, then piloted it to the border between the main plane and the Astral Plane before activating a large teleportation spell.

The violent light scattered, and the spatial tremors scrambled a large area of void bugs into minced meat.

In front of the floating city was a huge, green, light, crystalline planet. It was even bigger than the purple planet of the Goddess of Magic.

The floating city was a tiny black dot in front of it.

As he drove the floating city toward the Paradise of Life, when he got close, he was wrapped in green energy, and then he directly entered the Paradise of Life.

Unlike the Divine Realm of Magic, which was filled with towers, the Paradise of Life was filled with rivers and large green trees.

A large number of residents lived on the land, appearing like black ants.

A group of angels flew over with their white feathered wings and surrounded Roland’s floating city. The pretty female angel at the front said, “Please remove the barrier, Mr. Roland, and we will guide you to meet the goddess.”

Roland did as he was told, and after the barrier disappeared, a soft force lifted him and floated him into the air, following the group of angels who flew on wings.

Soon, he arrived at the top of the clouds high above the Paradise of Life.

Roland was sent to the Life Goddess.

“It’s not easy to see you now.” Elise stood up from her seat made of white clouds.

There used to be a layer of mosaics surrounding her body, preventing Roland from seeing her true form, but after he became a Legend, that layer disappeared. The Life Goddess was known as the most beautiful goddess, as expected. Not to mention her looks or physique, just her eyes would make you feel weak and a little dry in the mouth.

Even the Goddess of Love didn’t have that kind of power.

Roland looked at Elise in front of him, inwardly marveling at her beauty, but without any expression of awe on his face. A man could be a pervert but he couldn’t show it, as it was a matter of dignity. “It’s been a long time, Goddess Elise.”

At this time, satisfaction seemed to flash across Goddess Elise’s face, and then she said faintly, “I heard that you are going to hunt the Evil Gods and evolve your floating city?”

Roland nodded.

This wasn’t a secret anymore. The Evil Gods probably also knew about this.

After all, the Brutalization Divine Spark’s energy was swallowed by his floating city, and anyone who had some sense of divine energy would probably be able to detect it. “There are many Evil Gods with many abilities. It’s quite dangerous.” Elise’s beautiful eyes that couldn’t be described with words, that one could hardly glance away from, were fixed on Roland’s forehead. “You are the first human friend I’ve ever known and the first human who can talk to me as an equal, so I am a little worried about your safety.” “Thanks.” Roland smiled. “I will be more careful.”

“Of course you need to be careful. Also, I have a piece of equipment that has been sitting idly here that you can take.” She opened her right hand and a green energy bead appeared in her palm. “Open your mouth.”

Roland opened it as instructed.

Elise sent her hand forward, pushing the bead into Roland’s mouth.

At the same time, her palm also gently touched Roland’s lips.

With a slight twitch of her brow, she withdrew her hand and said, “Don’t say anything, just be still and wait for it to take effect.”

Roland swallowed the bead and stayed still as he was told.

The bead tasted oddly good, melted in his mouth, and carried the same ethereal fragrance as Elise.

In less than five seconds, gentle energy rose from his stomach.

Roland didn’t even have time to appreciate the nature of this power, and then he was in a daze.

Then his expression became blank… his soul drowsy as if he were floating in a warm sea.

Yet, it didn’t feel suffocating, and it was as if he was back in the cradle of life.

The feeling was so addictive and overwhelming that Roland couldn’t even think to resist.

After a long time spent in trance, Roland woke up with a jolt, looked around, and was surprised to find that no longer was Elise, the Life Goddess, in front of him, nor was there a cloud divine platform.

He didn’t know when he had returned to the floating city. Even the floating city had appeared outside the green Paradise of Life.

What happened?

Roland was very puzzled.

He subconsciously opened the system interface, took a look at the time, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “What, five hours have passed?”

Then he took another look and found two system messages in his system.

“Elise, the Life Goddess, has initiated a request for divine soul fusing with you, and you have agreed. After a period of cleansing and fusion, your soul strength and base strength have increased substantially, but the exact values cannot be resolved, so please explore them yourself.”

Di-di-divine soul fusing?

Wait… the Life Goddess initiated a divine soul fusing with me?

Didn’t Andonara say that’s a manifestation of the deepest kind of love?

Even if a man from another world like me didn’t know better, didn’t the Goddess of Life, a local god, know better?

What was she thinking?

Does she really like me?

Is this really not one of the three major illusions in life[1]?

With this matter aside for now, Roland looked at the second system message.

“Elise, the Life Goddess, has initiated an equality contract with you, to which you have agreed. The contract is successful, and you have randomly acquired one of Elise’s specialties: Life Essence.”

Life Essence: You will never age, remaining forever 17 years old. If you’re not this age, you will automatically grow to this age or will regress to this age. And, all life divine spells you use will have a fifty percent increase in effectiveness and some special life magic will have special effects.

Roland’s jaw dropped in shock. He was not shocked by the specialty Life Essence, but by the notification of an equality contract. This was the spell contract he created to allow succubi and humans to bond.

This contract was also called the marriage contract.

Life Goddess… What did you do while I was unconscious?

[1] Three major illusions: thinking that your phone is vibrating, thinking that you can outplay the opponent (most often in a MOBA), and thinking that a girl likes you

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