Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 771 - I’m Going to Discipline You

Chapter 771 I’m Going to Discipline You

It wasn’t a problem that the Magic Grid Core was swallowing the divine energy—that was Roland’s goal.

However, it wasn’t good that his virtual Divine Spark was converting to the Brutalization Divine Spark.

The Brutalization Divine Spark was evil. If he absorbed that, he would probably become an Evil God.

Of course, some might argue that power was neither good nor evil and what mattered was the person who used it.

That argument was correct in a way. However, it did not apply to every situation.

For example, poppy, as a medicine, could cure a lot of diseases.

But everybody knew the consequence of absorbing it on a large scale.

The Brutalization Divine Spark, on the other hand, was like methamphetamine, which was much more tempting than poppy.

It was almost impossible to quit smoking it after a few attempts. Almost no human being was ever strong enough to quit smoking methamphetamine on their own, because the methamphetamine could permanently change the reward and punishment system in their brain.

They were no longer normal human beings. Therefore, the best solution was to always keep a distance from the drug.

Always. The evil Divine Sparks were the same. It was best to leave them alone and not convert them.

Once they melted in the soul, the nature of the soul would change.

There were 71 hours to go until the virtual Divine Spark turned into the Brutalization Divine Spark, enough for him to separate the virtual divine spark from his soul.

He paused the floating city and set up a bunch of defensive barriers powered by the Magic Grid Core at the foundation of the floating city. He was still in the main plane at this moment. Any god would be suppressed here. Even if a dozen Evil Gods had arrived, it wouldn’t be easy for them to break into the floating city. Right when Roland was about to abandon the virtual Divine Spark, he raised his eyebrows and flashed into the space created by Mystra’s Mansion.

The light of the Astral Plane fell on the floor through the transparent wall and flowed like a river.

Andonara, who looked anxious, was greatly relieved to see Roland flashing in.

She came to him and asked, “What happened? I had a bad feeling about you just now. You carried an evil and murderous vibe.”

As the only Hero at this moment, she was quite sensitive about unholy auras.

She had always adored Roland and connected to his virtual Divine Spark, offering a lot of power of faith.

She was even sort of a zealous worshiper, so she could sense Roland quite clearly. “This is what happened.” Roland told her the whole story. He also told her that he was about to abandon the virtual Divine Spark.

Andonara was quite relieved after hearing that.

If Roland turned the virtual Divine Spark into a Brutalization Divine Spark and became an Evil Gdo, she would naturally be corrupted into an Evil God believer too.

So, she didn’t want Roland to become an Evil God.

“You came at the perfect time,” said Roland with a smile. “I will probably be unconscious when I take out the virtual Divine Spark. Although I’ll be protected by the floating city, I’ll be reassured if someone I trust watches over me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone approach you.” Andonara walked to a corner and grabbed the Hero’s Sword from where she had been keeping it.

Then, they left the space, hand in hand, and came to the square of the floating city.

The place was quite spacious. Even if anything happened, it wouldn’t cause much damage. Both of them were very quick. Andonara unsheathed her sword the moment she came to the square. She stood five meters away from Roland and completely released her senses. Nothing nearby could escape from her attention.

She could even detect the flow of the air.

Roland, on the other hand, sat down and entered his mental world.

He hadn’t felt any discomfort so far, but after entering the soul world, he found that the situation was more serious than he thought.

After the brief delay, the virtual Divine Spark in his soul turned red, and the air it released even dyed a corner of his soul world red.

One-third of the blue soul sky had turned crimson too and looked very strange.

Although it would take seventy hours for the virtual Divine Spark to turn into the Brutalization Divine Spark, its corruption would begin before it finally kicked in.

He couldn’t wait anymore.

Roland only waited a few seconds before he tried to remove the virtual Divine Spark from his soul.

He imagined countless giant blue Hands of Magic that grabbed the converting virtual Divine Spark and pulled it to the sky.

An enormous opening appeared in the sky, and intense brilliance was beaming from the opening. During the pulling, many Hands of Magic turned red and broke into halves fragilely.

Roland kept creating new Hands of Magic and didn’t stop until the thing was completely ejected from the soul world.

Then, he began to purge the areas that had been reddened with his mental power.

In reality, Andonara saw a red ball emerging from Roland’s hand and hovering there slowly.

Her instinct as a Hero told her that it was foul and filthy.

She wanted to cut the thing into pieces, but Roland hadn’t woken up yet. What if Roland had other plans for the thing?

Therefore, she simply waited patiently.

However, things didn’t go as planned.

Ten seconds after the converting virtual Divine Spark left Roland’s soul, a lot of eyes appeared above the floating city.

All of those eyes stared at the floating city.


Andonara mumbled to herself.

She wouldn’t consider it a big deal if there were one or two gods, but so many gods at the same time was very pressuring.

Unlike the players who weren’t afraid of anything except their parents, Andonara was born and raised in this world. She was taught that the gods were almighty and inviolable.

Even though she was stronger than most gods at this moment, the education that she had grown up with still influenced the way she thought and acted.

Therefore, her back was damp with sweat and she was somewhat frightened.

However, after seeing Roland not far away and thinking that he might be hurt by an Evil God, Andonara shucked her fear to the bottom of her heart.

She braved all those eyes and distinguished the malicious ones from the friendly ones.

“Woman, if you kill Roland and offer the converting Divine Spark to me, I will make an exception for you and name you my servant. You’ll live an eternal life in the Realm of Gods. How does it sound?”

Okay, she remembered those eyes.

Andonara coldly stared at the eyes.

As if sensing Andonara’s hate, the owner of the eyes snorted. “You don’t know what’s good for you.”

Then, an enormous pressure came down from far away.

Andonara foresaw the mental attack and was braced for it.

However, the mental power was blocked by a transparent shield when it reached the top of the floating city.

A giant, round barrier protected the floating city. Although the shield at the edge trembled and even broke twice, there were a dozen more shields behind it.

Also, the broken shield was automatically repaired after only two seconds.

The mental attack lasted one minute and caused nothing except the manifestation of the magic shields.

Andonara was greatly relieved.

Very soon, the mental attack faded.

Another snort came from the direction of the eyes, and they were gone.

Then, all the gods let out mocking laughter.

Only the God of Recklessness would’ve attacked a target that was under the protection of a floating city in a different realm.

That Evil God was a typical example of those who leap before they think.

At this moment, the voice of a goddess echoed down.

“Woman Warrior, you’re stronger than any human I’ve seen. I even see the Blood of Heroes in you.”

Andonara looked at her beautiful eyes.

“I’m Mepala, the Goddess of Love,” continued the pleasant and alluring voice. “I will not make you betray your man, and I’m not interested in the thing that’s about to turn into an evil Divine Spark. However, I’m very interested in both of you. If you’re willing to join the Church of Love, I’ll bless you so that you’ll always be together and never be separated.”

The Goddess of Love was a Neutral goddess. Her words were more or less trustworthy.

Andonara was more or less tempted. She was really interested in being with Roland forever.

All women tended to be sentimental.

She thought that the Goddess of Love was rather friendly, so she said in a friendly way, “Ms. Mepala, I’m very interested in your suggestion, but can I consider it for a moment longer?”



A casual female voice interrupted their conversation.

A pair of beautiful pink eyes stared at Andonara. “I’m Mystra, the Goddess of Magic. Ms. Andonara, I don’t care who you worship, but if you ever want to manipulate Roland with pillow talk, I’ll spank you.”


All the gods and goddesses looked at Mystra as she was talking in a weird way. Shouldn’t the usual way to punish a mortal be to obliterate her or to dry her on the Wall of the Faithless?

Why would she spank Andonara?

It was more like domestic violence than a punishment.

Andonara blinked in confusion too.

The Goddess of Love became angry. “What’s the meaning of this? I talked first and came here first, all right?”

“Bitch, you want to intercept my m-believer, and you expect me to be nice to you?” Mystra snorted.

“That man has no power of faith at all. Only an idiot would believe that he’s your believer.”

Mystra said casually, “If I say he is, he is. You got a problem with that?”

“You’re being a bully just because you’re one of the main Lawful Goddesses. Life, Light, and Death, aren’t you going to show up and serve justice?”

Nobody spoke up. Three pairs of beautiful eyes even vanished.

“If you continue making a fuss, I’m going to flash to your face and blow up half of your paradise. Do you believe me?” Mystra’s eyes turned cold.


The Goddess of Love realized something, and the eyes that represented her vanished.

However, more eyes stayed behind.

They wanted to see Roland’s choice after he woke up. Would he abandon the evil Divine Spark, or would he absorb it?

In fact, most people already had an answer. They only stayed to see if there was any surprise.

Andonara waited patiently.

She was feeling rather stressed.

It wasn’t because she was awed by the gods and goddesses, but because of something else.

Several goddesses seemed to have developed an interest in her man. What should she do?

Could anybody teach her how to compete with a goddess for a man? She was thinking about such questions all this time.

She didn’t have many advantages in front of the goddesses at all.

None of the goddesses were ugly. Even the Spider Queen was very charming.

At this moment, Roland woke up.

When he opened his eyes, Andonara ran to him and said delightedly, “Great! Are you all right, Roland?”

Roland had been still after he extracted the evil Divine Spark, which made her wonder if something went wrong with Roland’s soul.

Roland shook his head with a smile. It took him a lot of time to purge his soul world.

After all, the corruption came from the rules of divinity. It was hard to clean even though it wasn’t serious.

He stood up and looked at the eyes packed in the sky. He easily spotted Mystra’s pink eyes that were smiling cutely.

He waved at her and smiled at all the gods and goddesses. “It seems that I’m quite popular. So many bigshots are visiting me at the same time.”

Many gods and goddesses frowned.

They sensed Roland’s disrespect again, because Roland described them as bigshots. It was a term usually used to describe human beings. It meant that in Roland’s eyes, all the gods and goddesses were equal to him.

Few of the gods and goddesses didn’t care about Roland’s attitude.

Very soon, anger and discontentment surrounded the floating city. Roland ignored them and simply grabbed the red virtual Divine Spark near him.

“I imagine that a lot of you want this.”

The eyes in the sky were all seething.

The Lawful Gods didn’t want it, the Evil Gods loved it, and the Neutral Gods were indifferent.

The Divine Spark was the foundation of their power.

The more complete their Divine Spark was, the more power they would have and the stronger they would be.

Of course, the number of believers was very important.

The Four Lawful Goddesses were only powerful because they had complete Divine Sparks.

For example, the Goddess of Light had the complete Light Divine Spark that nobody could take away, and part of the Fire Divine Spark.

The God of Fire was much poorer. Not only was his Fire Divine Spark partly owned by the Goddess of Light, but the concept that fire could generate light didn’t apply to him either.

So… he was only a neutral, inferior god that was suppressed by the Goddess of Light.

If the two of them were to fight, the Goddess of Light could kill him in less than a minute. There were a lot of poor gods such as the God of Fire whose Divine Spark was split up. For example, the Goddess of Love’s claim on lust was partly owned by the Spider Queen. The Spider Queen’s power of shadow and darkness didn’t fully belong to her either. Roland looked at the evil eyes who earnestly stared at the Divine Spark like hungry dogs that had seen s*it.

He smiled and grabbed the Divine Spark with an enormous Hand of Magic, before he threw it into the Astral Plane.

The Divine Spark disappeared into the Astral Plane, leaving a red trail behind.

Immediately, a lot of the eyes vanished.

Only some of the eyes remained.

A few seconds later, those eyes were gone too. Only a pair of pink eyes stayed and looked at him.

“Roland, fly your floating city here.I can protect you while it’s evolving. There’s also something I want to say to you.”

A familiar voice echoed inside Roland’s soul.

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