Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 762 - Vicissitudes

Chapter 762 Vicissitudes

The Divine Spark piece was extremely attractive to most creatures.

They would even compete over it irrationally.

That was the instinct that had been etched into their blood.

To evolve into a higher being, they could only condense their Divine Spark or steal someone else’s.

Looking at the Divine Spark piece in Roland’s hands, Futi was eager to take it away.

But eventually, she managed to hold herself back.

She was an adult silver dragon anyway, and her clan was best known for their resolve and determination.

Roland looked at the Divine Spark piece and was quite surprised too.

Item: Piece of the Brutalization Divine Spark (Mythic)

Effect: You receive incomplete divinity of brutalization and can build a paradise with the power of faith.

Requirement: Become a Demigod.

He then put the Divine Spark piece in his system Backpack and walked to the two dead white dragons.

Both of them were adult dragons about thirty meters long. Seeing how big they were, Roland connected to the floating city and lowered it first. He then lifted the bodies of the dragons with a hundred giant Hands of Magic and placed them in an open area in the floating city.

The scales of the white dragon had mostly cracked due to the heat, but it was fine. They could be ground into powder and mixed into molten iron to increase the iron’s flexibility and magic resistance.

Besides, the dragons still had a lot of flesh and bone that could be used.

Roland was here to pick dragon bones. Little did he expect to reap two dragon bodies and a Divine Spark piece.

The trip was definitely rewarding.

Futi had led him to this place. Was she a fortune bringer?

Roland couldn’t help but look at the beautiful elf next to him.

Noticing Roland’s strange gaze, Futi touched her face and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Roland shook her head and said, “Too bad that I only got one Divine Spark piece. If I had got two, I could give one of them to you.” The Evil God Abak ran off after leaving a Divine Spark piece. He didn’t leave it voluntarily. Under normal circumstances, the Divine Spark would fall apart after a god died.

If a god was killed again when they didn’t have any pieces of Divine Spark, the god would die. Since this Divine Spark was a broken piece in the first place, it had been dropped, and Abak returned to the Astral Plane with the Divine Spark of jealousy.

If Roland had killed Abak twice, naturally two pieces would’ve dropped. That was why Roland said that it was too bad.

Futi shook her head and said with a smile. “Without you, I would’ve been killed by the Evil God and the white dragons. I barely made any contribution.”

In her opinion, she didn’t contribute at all.

The two white dragons were almost killed by the explosion spell, and she finished them off as easily as eating a piece of cake.

She didn’t help fight the Evil God either.

She knew very well that she wasn’t of much help in the battle just now.

It would’ve ended the same without her.

Acquiring the bodies of the two dragons, Roland wasn’t satisfied. He dug down in the forest and found the deeply-buried dragon bones. He then transferred them to the floating city again.

Roland had a strong sense of achievement when he looked at the blackened dragon bodies and a dragon skeleton.

They all meant money.

Then, he flew back to the Fareins Kingdom on the floating city and asked the architects and sculptors to continue their work on the floating city.

Stephanie went up to the city too. She wanted to check how the palace that belonged to her and Roland was being built. Then, she saw two dragon bodies and a skeleton. She was so excited that she shook Roland’s arm quickly.

“I want a dragon body! I want one!”

“All right!”

Roland accepted her request without hesitation.

For Roland, he could get as many dragon bodies as needed by hunting the five-colored dragons.

However, they were rare goods for Stephanie.

The dragon scales could be made into armor, the dragon meat could be made into reagents, the bones could be crafted into weapons. They could all increase the royal family’s strength and indirectly strengthen Fareins.

She didn’t know much before she became the queen, but after running the country for a year, she realized how many problems Fareins were faced with both at home and abroad.

No wonder her father gave away the crown so promptly.

Stephanie was secretly quite angry, as her father had put her in trouble.

Good thing that her man was very tough.

Earlier, he had flown the floating city to the capital and intimidated whoever clandestinely opposed her.

At this moment, he got three dragon bodies. Instead of asking for all of them, she only needed one.

The dragon body could be used in negotiations, compromises, threats, or other things.

It could help her stabilize the situation and take care of the problems that the kingdom was faced with.

Soon, night came.

Roland spent the night in the palace, and the queen catered to his needs gently.

He would stay in the capital of Fareins for the time being. After all, it wasn’t convenient for the architects to do their job when the floating city was flying. In reality, Roland led his team to work on experiments on magic power attraction again.

He made a lot of progress.

Of the three experiment subjects, two could already cast Hands of Magic.

Or rather, it would be more suitable to call them Hands of Babies.

They were very small and weak and could barely hold a bottle steadily. However, everybody in the base was excited to hear the news.

Someone else apart from Roland could cast a spell, which meant that the special ability could be copied and learned.

Therefore, more resources were invested in his team.

When Roland was going to recruit and test more subjects for the experiment, he received a call.

It was from the outside world.

This was a secret base and any calls would be vetted again and again. The fact that he received the call meant that it was truly important.

Roland picked up his phone and found that it was from Schuck. He put it through and said with a smile, “It’s been a while. Why are you in the mood for calling me today? Have you solved your problem in the game?”

After a brief silence, Schuck said, “Betta is dead.”

“Who killed him? Someone dared to kill one of F6?” asked Roland with a smile. “Let’s all gather together and beat them up tonight. I’ll fly the floating city to support him.” A soft sigh came from the other side of the phone. “Let me make myself clearer. Not the game character Betta, but Liang Lidong is dead. My cousin is dead.”

Roland was stunned.

After a moment of silence, he asked in a low voice, “You’re not joking, are you?”.

Schuck’s hoarse and crying voice came from the phone. “I’m not. He’s in the morgue now and will be cremated the day after tomorrow. Do you have time for his wake?”

“Sure, I’ll ask for leave.”

“Okay, be back soon.”

Roland hung up the phone and went to the director to ask for leave.

The director gave him permission without asking why and then said, “Don’t use teleportation. If you trigger special energy, you may be detected by special equipment in some countries. Also, ask two bodyguards to come with you when you go back.”

“That’s unnecessary. Nobody can hurt me under normal circumstances.”

“I know, but that’s the rule,” explained the director. “All important personnel must be protected by two bodyguards when they’re out. It’s a matter of attitude. Got it?”

Roland nodded.

Then, he packed up at his dormitory. The moment he came out, he saw two expressionless, plain-looking young men outside of the door.

“Sir, we’ll be responsible for your safety during your trip.” Roland nodded and said, “Thank you, let’s go.”

It took him half an hour to pass all the checkpoints in the base before he finally came out of a certain cave on a green Jeep. Then, he reached an airport after a three-hour drive on the highway. He flew to the capital of the province and then took a bus to his hometown.

After that, he called Schuck and they met at the cold drink shop.

The bodyguards stood outside of the shop.

Schuck had dark eye bags and looked grieved.

Roland sat down across the table and cut to the chase. “What happened to Betta?”

“Take a look for yourself.”

Schuck played a video.

In the video, Betta was waiting at a bus stop with a lot of bags. He seemed to have just finished his shopping in a supermarket.

Next to him was a mother and a daughter who was probably only five years old. After a while, Betta suddenly threw away all his bags and dashed forward. Then, he ran back quickly, seized the little girl, and pushed her away.

After that, a truck appeared in the video and knocked Betta and the young mother away at the same time.

The truck then disappeared.

The image shook at this moment, indicating that the camera was influenced by the hit. It was not hard to imagine how fast the truck was and how powerful the impact was.

Roland turned off the video and massaged his temples.

He had a strong headache.

Betta didn’t grow up with F6 like Schuck did, but they had played the game together for more than seven years and often met in this place. They were already the best of friends.

F6 was even considering changing their name into F7.

However, the man was gone all of a sudden.

“The girl was saved. She only had some bruises,” said Schuck, sobbing. “After Betta and the mother were hit, they were stuck to the front of the truck and then hit the thick cement wall of a mall nearby at more than 80 kph. Both of them were squished and couldn’t even be separated anymore.”

Hearing such miserable news, Roland subconsciously clenched and loosened his hands again and again.

“How are Uncle and Aunt Liang?”

Schuck shook his head. “Betta was their only son. My uncle and aunt passed out the moment they heard the news. My uncle is awake now, but nobody dares to let him see my cousin, fearing that he will be devastated again. My aunt is still unconscious in the hospital with signs of cerebral hemorrhage.”

“You mentioned that your cousin is in the morgue?”

Schuck nodded.

“Can I see him?”

“Let’s go there together. As it happens, I have to sign a lot of paperwork for my uncle.” Both of them and the bodyguards got in a car behind the shop. They were silent on the way.

Schuck didn’t ask who the bodyguards were. He didn’t ask anything.

After reaching the hospital, he showed his token and went to the morgue.

Two workers in the morgue, wearing gloves and masks, were trying to separate Betta from the young mother. Roland watched them for a while and closed his eyes painfully.

How could they be separated when they were squeezed as thin as paper?

There were also several other family members who were weeping at the bodies. Almost all the females had turned their heads and didn’t bear watching them.

Two old men and a young man were wailing at the broken pieces of meat on the stretchers.

The more Roland looked, the sadder he became. He was about to turn around to calm down, when he “saw” some feeble spatial magic waves on whatever was left of Betta in surprise.

The tiny traces of magic waves were fading away.

Who else in this world could use spatial magic except himself?

At this moment, Schuck came close with red eyes. “You can go now. Only the families should stay here for what will happen.”

Roland looked at him. “Can you handle this on your own? Let me stay and help.”

“Don’t underestimate me. I’m a cleric anyway.” Schuck put on a miserable smile.

Thinking for a moment, Roland left the morgue.

After leaving the hospital, he rode a bike to where Betta had the accident.

His bodyguards followed him on bikes too.

He knew the city where he grew up so well that he recognized the place of the accident the moment he saw the video.

At the location, Roland observed the bus stop for a while but didn’t see anything.

He then walked to the cement wall nearby.

There was half a broken cordon here, and the truck was gone. The traffic police must’ve taken care of everything.

There was a huge dent on the front of the wall.

At the center of the dent were large, dark red blood stains.

A lot of water and foam could be found on the ground. The blood wasn’t completely cleaned despite all efforts.

Some blood had seeped into the wall.

The passersby seemed to know of the accident and all subconsciously kept a distance from the wall.

Roland was the only one who approached it voluntarily, because he saw something incredible.

It was a magic portal that was about to close.

The portal emitted a magnificent air of divinity.

He was the only person who could see it.

The ordinary people who passed by the portal showed no reaction.

The portal was only the size of a fist. He couldn’t possibly squeeze in. Also, it seemed to be closing.

He hurriedly condensed a pair of magic coordinates with mental power and threw them into the portal.

The portal was soon closed after that. At the same time, he lost touch with the magic coordinates.

Who created the magic portal?

Where did it lead to?

There seemed to be a lot of secrets on Earth.

Many thoughts rolled in Roland’s head.

Then, he discovered a tiny ball of light at the edge of the wall.

It was only the size of a thumb and quite inconspicuous, so Roland neglected it earlier. Was it a soul?

It even seemed to belong to a woman?

It was vanishing?

Roland leaned close and thought for a moment. He then grabbed the tiny ball of light and put it in his head.

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