Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 756 - Scared Off

Chapter 756 Scared Off

The elven goddess’s expression was frozen.

She even seemed rather embarrassed.

By logic, the elven goddess should be the highest symbol of the elves.

But in fact, the relationship between the elven goddess and the World Tree was rather weird and complicated.

By the rules of the birth of gods, they were all collections of consciousness in a community.

It meant that the elves appeared before the elven goddess did.

The elves, on the other, were created by the World Tree.

Therefore, the elven goddess was supposed to be the World Tree’s daughter.

However, in terms of rank, a goddess should definitely be nobler than a Demigod.

On the other hand, the elven goddess’s divinity was largely based on the World Tree’s will, because the elven goddess was the deified World Tree in the eyes of the elves, whereas the World Tree was the elven goddess’s body in this world.

The elves had existed for more than a hundred thousand years. In this world where mind could in a way influence matter, the collective will of the elves had been imposing influence on the World Tree and the elven goddess, making their relationship intimate and complicated.

They were like a mother and daughter as well as two sisters.

But in any case, in the eyes on the World Tree, the elven goddess was inferior to her.

Usually, she would show the elven goddess some respect and wouldn’t scold her right in front of her children, but this was a critical moment and she had no time to care about that.

The elven goddess was dazed by the World Tree’s scolding. Then, she had no choice except to gnash her teeth and quickly rose to the sky.

“All remote attackers, change your target and lock onto the elven goddess. Don’t let her escape!” shouted O’Neal quickly.

Exactly at that moment, the whole city radiated purple light.

Dazzling purple light was on every inch of land in the capital of the elves.

O’Neal subconsciously covered his eyes with his hands.

Then, he felt such heavy pressure from the sky that he almost fell to his knees.

If he hadn’t used Roland’s balanced way of adding points, which gave him enough Constitution and Resistance to pass the exemption test, he would’ve really knelt.

At the same time, those who failed to pass the test fell on their knees and were minced into multiple pieces by the huge purple roots that rose from the soil.

All of a sudden, another forty players had been killed, and only about forty more were left.

Also, most of them were Mages.

After all, Mages were more resistant to mental attacks.

Because of the accident, the remote barrages were disrupted, and the elven goddess successfully returned to her paradise in the pillar of light.

Watching the pillar of light disperse, O’Neal also saw Roland’s floating city through the gaps of the branches on the World Tree’s crown.

Although it was very far away, the floating city was too large and obvious a target.

“We’ve failed to slay a goddess,” said O’Neal with a bitter smile.

The netizens in the stream channel all expressed their disappointment too.

Most of them wanted to see the players bring down the boss.

“The World Tree is getting stronger. We have to run.”

O’Neal said to himself. It was also an explanation for the audience in the stream channel.

But very soon, he raised his head in shock and smiled bitterly. “But maybe it won’t be easy for us to escape.”

At this moment, he was floating in the sky, and the enormous bright purple roots that slithered on the ground couldn’t hit him yet.

In fact, most Mages survived for the same reason.

Most of the Legendary Mages were capable of flying.

Their fellows on the ground were almost completely wiped out, except those who were very agile, such as Rogues or Archers who ran extremely fast.

However, it wasn’t easy even for the Mages to flee at this moment.

The World Tree’s mental manifestation flew back.

She looked a lot different from how she used to be.

Earlier, she was just a teenage girl around fifteen, but at this moment, she became a mature woman above 25.

She was slim but boasted an excellent figure.

However, nobody paid attention to her figure or looks anymore.

Even the netizens in the stream channel could tell that the World Tree must be in her complete form at this moment.

Why didn’t she achieve such a state sooner? Probably because she was weak after just being woken up.

After all… It would take time for anyone to readjust themselves to their best status after a long period of sleep.

In many knight novels, the dragon slayers had attacked the dragons while they were asleep.

The dragon slayers took advantage of their prey’s poor status.

A Demigod was indeed strong.

After she revealed her full strength, the regular Legends were no match for her at all.

Looking at the World Tree’s manifestation in midair, O’Neal shouted as loudly as possible, “Run for your lives! She’s unfolding a circle!”

O’Neal had discovered that his basic stats would be lowered to 90% of their original values after he was illuminated by the purple light. 10% of stats wasn’t much for a Legend, but for a battle between top experts, it might be critical to the outcome of the battle.

They had disadvantages in the first place and then their stats were lowered… Why would they bother to fight? It was time to run.

All the purple light was from the leaves of the World Tree. They should still be able to defeat the enemy as long as they escaped from the World Tree.

However… Before O’Neal activated the teleportation spell, the dense, extensible mental tentacles had emerged above his head again.


Before O’Neal could finish, he had been penetrated by a hundred long, narrow mental tendrils and riddled with holes.

After taking down the Legendary human being who was likely to be the leader, the World Tree looked elsewhere.

She put on a cold smile.

They wanted to use a teleportation spell within her domain? Did they think that they were Mystra? The players began to run.

None of the Legends were idiots.

They also flew in four groups and four different directions.

Each group had about ten people.

The World Tree snorted. Nothing could escape her senses under the coverage of her crown.

She stayed where she was, and her mental tentacles impaled all the Legendary players in three directions in one minute.

The Mages who ran east were able to escape from the crown of the World Tree.

It was because one of the Mages knew a spell named Breath of the Wind, which could increase allies’ speed within a certain range.

With that ability, they were able to flee from the mental tentacles. However, the World Tree’s manifestation flew out as quickly as the speed of sound.

Although the Mages weren’t slow at all, the distance between them and her grew shorter and shorter.

Very soon, they were locked onto by the World Tree.

Intense magic waves trembled violently behind them.

They all looked back, only to see a great mass of green energy gathering and expanding behind them.

They had no doubt that the green energy could consume them once and for all.

There was no time for them to disperse and escape anymore, because every Mage sensed that they had been completely locked onto.

Such locking was usually implemented with magic.

It was impossible for them to escape.

So, they might as well fight. Dying while fighting sounded better than dying while fleeing

The ten Mages turned around and were about to attack the World Tree’s manifestation with magic.

But exactly at this moment, they found that they couldn’t use their magic power anymore.

At some point, they were surrounded by a thin insulation level of natural elements.

Damn it!

She had used the elves’ special ability of magic disruption already?

The elves, thanks to their high mental power, were very good at disrupting magic.

While they could prevent the enemy from casting any spells, they could still do that.

The World Tree was a mother to all elves and a Demigod. She was undoubtedly very strong in that regard.

Let’s wait to die!

The ten Mages heaved a sigh and gave up resistance.

One of the Mages were streaming. He said with a bitter smile, “The World Tree is really a Demigod beyond our expectation. Our attempt has failed.”

The netizens all posted comments one after another.

“It’s not a failure. The World Tree’s consciousness cannot get too far away from her original body. She can’t protect the entire Elf Forest.”

“You’re already impressive enough. If the elven queen hadn’t sacrificed herself, you would’ve won. After all, your goal was the elven goddess.”

“It’s all right. Death is nothing. You’ll be a new Legend in half a year.”

“The World Tree is really pretty. Is anyone interested in conquering her?”

“Men these days are no longer satisfied with animals but even want to play with trees? Embarrassing!”

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do her if you had a chance.”

“Of course I would!”

The netizens who watched the stream didn’t care about the outcome of the battle.

In their eyes, the raid was already won, although the price was rather high.

If the ten Mages died again, all the Legendary players that took part in the god-slaying operation would be gone.

Then, there would be few Legendary players left in the world: those who didn’t participate in the operation.

The World Tree’s charming face was full of ice. She was about to turn the green energy ball into countless spears and pierce them into the ten Legendary human beings, when she suddenly raised her head in surprise and wariness, the green energy ball held still in her hand.

Clouds were surging in the sky.

The enormous floating city descended in the middle of a heavy fog and landed between them.

In the stream channel, the netizens exclaimed again.

It was the first time that they had witnessed the floating city over a short distance. The descent of the floating city was only slow when it was observed from far away.

At this moment, the ten Mages were only fifty meters away from the edge of the floating city. The wind and attraction caused by the floating city disrupted all the magic elements into turbulence.

The ten Mages could only land in a hurry.

After they landed, they found that the World Tree wasn’t chasing them. They immediately understood that the floating city was blocked by the World Tree.

All of them seized the opportunity to run.

The netizens all cried out in the stream channel.

“Go back!”

“I want to see the battle between the lonely man and woman!”

“It’s a huge battle between a floating city and a Demigod, yet you’re only running? Why can’t you go back and take a look?”

The Legendary player who streamed the battle wasn’t concerned about the criticisms at all.

Of course he wouldn’t go back… They hadn’t been Legends for long, and if they died, they would fall back to level 14 and become Masters again. They would need half a year to make up for the EXP loss, if they were lucky enough to trigger epic quests frequently.

How many half-years did a man have in his entire life?

So, no matter how the netizens urged him to go back, he remained unconvinced. From the floating city, Roland stared at the World Tree in the distance.

Holding the giant green energy ball, the World Tree gloomily ascended until she was on the same level as Roland.

Gazing at Roland for a while, she asked, “Human, are you determined to protect those murderers?”

“They’re not murderers. After all, they didn’t kill civilians or children,” said Roland casually. “In comparison, the elves, who are famous for their gentleness, weren’t merciful at all toward human civilians. Three thousand elves managed to kill 250,000 human civilians. I’m quite impressed by that.”

Roland was indeed protecting the ten Mages, because nine of them were members of the Association of Mages that Roland founded.

Although they weren’t very close, they were still friends who knew each other’s names and could make fun of each other.

The World Tree snorted. “I didn’t know that. I only know that they killed my children and I must seek revenge. So, if you don’t get out of the way…”

The green energy ball in her hand got even bigger.

The World Tree was a Demigod and had lived countless years in the main plane. She had eaten more salt than any sand that Roland had seen.

She could tell that even though Roland was as strong as a Demigod with the floating city, he was essentially still a Legend.

She was 60% to 70% confident of beating or even lightly wounding the guy even though he had a floating city.

However, she wasn’t confident of killing this human being… If he hid himself in the floating city and fled, it would be impossible for her to stop him. The floating city was almost impenetrable if all its magic power was used for defense.

“I can get out of the way,” said Roland with a smile. “However, while you chase those people, can I visit your vast and beautiful forest? I’m told that the elves are very hospitable.” It was a blatant threat, imbued with sarcasm.

The World Tree knew that Roland was implying that he would kill her compatriots if she chased his friends.

“Are all human beings who use floating cities equally disgusting?” The World Tree’s heart was filled with rage, but she said in the same cold tone, “Mordenkainen was exactly like this.”

Roland smiled casually and didn’t say anything

Seeing that Roland wasn’t provoked, the World Tree knew that she didn’t have a chance. She dismissed the giant energy ball in her hand and flew away.

The ten Mages who tried to flee on land all stopped.

Because they couldn’t fly, they hadn’t escaped very far. They were all relieved to detect that the pressure from the World Tree was moving away.

The Mage who was responsible for streaming looked at the gigantic floating city in the sky with admiration in his eyes.

“He’s only a Legend, yet he has scared off the most powerful Demigod in the main plane on a floating city. That’s so awesome.”

The netizens in the stream channel almost posted the same comment at the same time.

“I want to drive a floating city too!”

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