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Chapter 739 - You’re a Legend?

Chapter 739 You’re a Legend?

All the gods were well aware…

Those two vanished evil gods were not dead yet.

After all, it was only a medium-sized bullet.

The large one didn’t even completely annihilate Sidi, and the medium ones certainly couldn’t kill a powerful evil god.

But at the least, it would injure them seriously, make them shut up, and keep them from talking nonsense. Like this, Roland also revealed his stance.

Whoever tried to screw with him, he’d fight them head-on.

Fight them head-on openly.

After a long silence, an evil god spoke up. “Light, Life, is this how you restrain your


This evil god was very underhanded.

Roland was the type of person who was extremely self-directed and didn’t just follow the orders of others, much like Melf and Mordenkainen back in the day.

So when he spoke, he stirred up their relationship, saying Roland was their man.

Hoping it would create a rift between Roland and the lawful gods.

And he only said that Light and Life had relationships with Roland.

This way the two lawful gods of Magic and Death, who had a good relationship with Roland, were excluded.

It might even provoke conflict between the lawful gods. It was just perfect.

The evil god who spoke was smug on the inside.

…Feeling too smart for the Goddess of Wisdom to match, that one sentence had the three effects.

…Feeling that he should take the place of the god of wisdom and conspiracy.

His smugness only lasted a few seconds before he noticed five pairs of eyes looking coldly at him. Light, Life, Magic, Death, and Roland.

This evil god was trepid from the glares, and then his eyes disappeared into the air.

They once again descended into silence. Apart from the lawful gods and a large number of evil gods, there were also quite a few neutral gods. For example, the five elemental gods.

For example, shadow, forests, mountains, and other secondary gods.

The world was now largely dominated by the lawful gods.

So when the four main lawful gods were not speaking and about to get angry, the others didn’t dare to talk.

After a while, the Life Goddess slowly said, “Sidi sought trouble from an ordinary person and deserved to be beaten up like that. There is no point talking about it. And at that time, Roland was still Master, yet she couldn’t even beat him. Now that Roland is a Legend, which one of you wants to look for trouble from him on the main plane?”.

In the main plane, except for the Water Goddess, the power of all the gods would be suppressed.

At most, they could exert the strength of a Demigod.

It still sounded very strong. Demigods… but at that time, Melf and Mordenkainen both dared to chase after the evil gods as Legends, and now Roland and the main lawful gods seemed to have a good relationship. He would certainly dare to chase after them even more.

The move just now was a sign.

No one wanted to go to the main plane to trouble Roland now.

Mordenkainen only lost to the Goddess of Light.

Back then, though Mordenkainen had a dirty mouth, the Goddesses of Light and Destiny wouldn’t have fought against him if he had only targeted the evil gods.

“Sidi indeed has little strength, weak as can be, but she is one of our fourteen gods in the Realm of Devils. To the four main lawful gods, I, Barr, will say this now: Roland is our enemy. He is not welcome into the Realm of Devils, and from now on, if he dares to enter the Realm of Devils, the fourteen Demon Gods will strike at the same time.”

After speaking, the huge eyes, which appeared more ruthless and cold than that of most evil gods, disappeared.

When he disappeared, there were about ten pairs of eyes that disappeared at the same time.

Then, more eyes disappeared.

They had mustered a large force to pressure the Life Goddess to hand over Roland.

But the Life, Magic, and Nether goddesses showed great opposition to this. The Light Goddess was originally neutral, but seeing how determined her friend was, she naturally supported her.

The four lawful gods were strong enough to pin down and pummel the evil gods of the Astral Plane, and when they stepped in to protect Roland, the evil gods had no other recourse.

Besides, many neutral gods leaned toward the lawful alignment, so the evil gods wouldn’t come out on top if things got out of hand.

Seeing that there was no way to get at Roland, they all left.

At least on the surface, they weren’t going to touch Roland for the time being, but what ideas they had in secret were a different matter.

After all the other gods’ projections had disappeared, the Life Goddess said to Roland, “Evil gods, these things, need to be knocked around a bit from time to time. I’ll give you a few more coordinates, and you can cast a god-slaying spell whenever you want. I don’t think there’s a problem with that.”

“No problem.”

Looking at the Life Goddess who had a righteous look but whose true character was quite dark, Roland found her quite interesting.

After sharing a few coordinates, the Life Goddess said, “The head of the Demon Gods, Barr, is very strong, and most importantly, the Demon Gods aren’t affected much in the main plane. Although you have reached Legend, in case Barr himself, or a few Demon Gods such as Vashak and Paimon come looking for trouble, I suspect you will struggle in a fight, so I suggest that you don’t stray too far from Nia. If something happens, she can help you.”

“But Nia’s wings are also sealed, right?”

“If necessary, she can burn her life force to break free.”

Oh… no wonder Nia usually behaved with a lot of courage.

After returning from the Paradise of Life, Roland began learning Legendary level spells.

The first and foremost of these was naturally what was regarded as the strongest spatial spell, the strongest survival spell, and the strongest food preservation spell… Mystra’s Mansion.

This thing was an enhanced version of Rope Trick.

The interdimensional space created by Rope Trick was less stable and had a time limit, and there would be a rope hanging there at the point of entry into the interdimensional space that would reveal the location of its entrance.

Also, Rope Trick had a small space of two cubic meters.

However, Mystra’s Mansion had none of these disadvantages and created an entire dimension that not only existed permanently but also had no obvious entrance and was very inconspicuous.

This was due to the nature of Mystra’s Mansion, which created a three-by-three-by-three cubic space somewhere in the Astral Plane, with its constant temperature of about 25 degrees, and fresh air generated constantly.

The Astral Plane was so vast and huge that a small three-by-three-by-three space was as ordinary and mundane as a grain of sand floating in the wind in the Sahara Desert. Even if a god wanted to find a certain grain of sand in the desert, it was almost impossible to do so.

Not even with Greater Benediction.

Greater Benediction was theoretically all-powerful, provided you could afford to pay the price.

So Mystra’s Mansion was, in theory, impossible to find even in the face of a god’s pursuit.

More importantly, Mystra’s Mansion allowed outsiders to enter.

This meant a lot of things could be done.

For the next two months or so, Roland studied Mystra’s Mansion.

Even though Roland already knew enough about spatial magic, it still took him this long to master it.

It was enough to show how difficult this spell was to master.

In reality, although the spell model of Mystra’s Mansion was in all the major Magic Towers and even the Grand Library of Light, it was extremely rare for anyone to learn it.

Even at the Spatial Magic Tower, only two Mages had learned it.

And because the time it took to enter Mystra’s Mansion was so long-about four seconds to cast-it didn’t have tactical safety value, being used more just as a safe house for outings or a food storage point.

But this wasn’t the case after Roland learned it.

Silent and instant cast.

He just had to snap his fingers.

The first time he cast Mystra’s Mansion, he also randomly found a spot in the Astral Plane before he teleported in.

In Roland’s imagination, Mystra’s Mansion would be a white square container of a magic barrier.

He was half right. It did look a lot like a container, but instead of being white, it was transparent.

It was transparent like glass.

Through the crystal-clear “walls,” one could see the Astral Plane beyond.

There were strange bubbles everywhere in the distance.

Bright and multicolored.

It looked quite magical.

According to the magic books, each bubble represented a world.

These bubbles didn’t look large, but it was because of distance.

These bubbles were far, far away from you, all fixed at the ends of the Astral Plane, and even the gods couldn’t cross such distances to get to the vicinity of the bubbles.

Apart from these bubbles in the Astral Plane, a mass of void bugs flew around.

The bugs were big and small and so strange that Roland couldn’t quite describe what they looked like.

The big bugs looked like mountains.

The small ones were similar to mosquitoes.

Void insects could only survive in the Astral Plane and hated any space outside of it.

A Mystra’s Mansion like the one Roland created was highly toxic to them.

Small to medium-sized bugs that encountered this kind of space would avoid it on their own instinctively, and wouldn’t even try to touch it.

Super large bugs came with their spatial repulsion force field.

Miles away from them, spaces like Roland’s Mystra’s Mansion automatically “bounced” aside.

It was like a human walking around and the wind pressure generated automatically pushed some dust aside.

Roland sat on the floor and smiled as he watched a small centipede-like bug in the distance being eaten by a winged bug that looked like a longhorn beetle.

He felt a sense of security here.

After staying for a while, he used the spatial coordinates he had saved long ago to teleport back to Delpon.

After returning to the manor, he began to think about the shortcomings of Mystra’s Mansion.

The space was still too small.

27 cubic meters of space was not enough for an adult.

And later on, he would have to put some furniture and beds in there, which would make it seem even smaller.

The system Backpack had 8 cubic meters of space. If he could merge these two spaces together, he would have 35 cubic meters of space, and it would be much easier to store things.

Try to merge them?

Roland’s eyes lit up, and he immediately began this rather interesting plan.

By leveling up to Legend, one was essentially breaking through the limits of humanity and entering the inhuman stage.

One would have a foot in the door of godhood

On the other hand, at the Demigod level was where both feet stepped in, truly qualifying for godhood.

As a reward transcending an ordinary human and attaining higher biological status, apart from those numerical changes and new specialties, one acquired the ability to vaguely feel the “truth” of this world.

In simpler terms, it was the ability to vaguely sense the nature of how the world worked.

Just vaguely.

Adding to the fact that Roland’s mental power wasn’t weak in the first place, he was now able to “see” many things that he couldn’t understand before.

For example, now he knew what the Backpack was.

It was a special space that the system provided, similar to Mystra’s Mansion.

It also existed in the Astral Plane.

It took Roland a lot of time, about seven days using data calculations, to finally find the approximate location of his Backpack in the Astral Plane.

It was hard to find a space in the Astral Plane.

But if this space was one’s own, then it would be a lot easier.

It wasn’t difficult to follow the trail.

It was just time-consuming.

After finding the coordinates of his Backpack, Roland tried to move his mansion space over.

The spatial coordinates of the Backpack couldn’t be moved, and according to his calculations, the thing was bound to his soul, and the authentication key was its coordinate value.

So he could only move Mystra’s Mansion over.

Once the two were put together, Roland snapped his fingers happily and the two spaces came together. What was next was a matter of punching through the wall between them.

Entering Mystra’s Mansion again, Roland looked around for a moment, then revealed a confused expression.

Why’s the space so big?

Through the crystal wall, he could see astral bugs of all shapes and sizes swimming nearby.

This was indeed the Astral Plane.

And in this large space, there were many of his items, such as gold coins, magical materials, weapons, Andonara’s clothes, and so on!

It was indeed the space he had put together.

Roland perceived this square-shaped space with his mental power and his expression became even more baffled.

Five-by-five-by-five, a total of 125 cubic meters.

Strange. According to my theory, shouldn’t the two spaces put together be 3X3X3 + 2X2X2 for a total of 35 cubic meters?

How did it become (3+2)X(3+2)X(3X2), a total of 125 cubic meters of space? What exactly did I do wrong… No, I shouldn’t say it like that.

It’s what I did right in the process that actually made such a big difference.

Roland left Mystra’s Mansion and recalculated the data he had used earlier, still not understanding it.

His numbers were correct; at least he couldn’t see any errors himself.

After thinking about it, he posted the data to the forum and also took a video of Mystra’s Mansion becoming bigger.

Then he typed the post’s title:

Can any math gurus look at what I got wrong with my data that caused Mystra’s Mansion’s space to get a lot bigger?

A player soon replied.

“I can see the video, but what are these numbers and symbols, a new magic array?” “Wrong, it’s a Dao symbol.”


“Why are you all focusing on the numbers? As far as I’m concerned, looking at the Astral Plane from that square space, doesn’t it feel like you’re suspended in the universe?”

“There can’t be so many nasty bugs in the universe.”

“Roland, you’re a Legend?” ???

What, Roland’s a Legend?

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