Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 349 - If You“re in Trouble, Take the Initiative

Chapter 349 If You“re in Trouble, Take the Initiative

Schuck was confused as to why F6 was banned from this quest. It was just unreasonable!Roland laughed bitterly and recounted what Director Ma had said.

After hearing this, Schuck frowned helplessly.

Roland looked at him in surprise. “I did kind of take a lot of resources, but he said that all three of us took too much, and you won’t even refute that?”

Laughing bitterly, Schuck said, “I’m not sure about Betta, but let’s just say that you have the epic equipment and I have the divine artificial, which are both the only of their kind right now.”

Roland nodded, and that seemed to be true.

“And talent-wise, I have Extraordinary Charm and you have Magic Power Control; both are unique as well. Then I have Margret, a dragon as my mount, and you stole the queen away. If you count our other abilities, the two of us are indeed much stronger than the average player.” Schuck thought for a moment and said, “As for what resources Betta got, I’m not sure, but since even the GM said so, I guess he had some fortuitous encounters.”

Roland said in annoyance, “I didn’t steal the queen.”

“I didn’t steal Margret either, but the players on the forum and you terrible lot also joke about me robbing someone else’s dragoness,” Shuck said also in annoyance.

When Roland thought about this, it really seemed to be the case. He had really laughed a few times at the fact that Schuck became a dragon knight and stole that Warrior’s dragoness.

However, he never thought he’d end up in this situation now.

Could this be the so-called “god’s way goes in a cycle”?

He suddenly turned sullen, and the sprite and soft bean curd tasted like nothing at all.

It didn’t take long for other F6 members to come over, except for Betta.

The kid was still studying in college, and it wasn’t vacation time.

Once everyone was present, Roland told them about Director Ma’s request and apologized to his close friends for dragging them down.

The others didn’t care much at all.

Husseret said with a smile, “I’m running an information network in the Guild of Rogues, so I’ll have to think about it if you let me go.”

Brazil said he was preparing to go find and capture a second utility pet, so he also didn’t have time.

Raffel and Li Lin both had their own things to do as well.

Roland was well aware that all his friends were just making up random excuses.

Who didn’t know how good the payout was for epic quests; just the large amount of character experience alone would make people leave most things behind to go over and participate.

They grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then they rode public bikes to the saber arts club.

There were quite a few students at the saber arts club now. Roland had wanted to go to the kitchen to have some of the breakfast Night Tide Sands made, but they were surprised to find a group of onlookers in front of the concrete grounds of the saber arts club.

They squeezed in and found that Jin Wenwen was talking to Qi Shaoqiu, but both of their expressions were a bit foul and the atmosphere was clearly unfriendly.

Jin Wenwen’s looks and temperament were rather neutral, but today she wore a plain dress rather than her usual attire, looking a little more feminine.

“Today is the seventh year we’ve known each other, and I have something I want to talk to you about, but you won’t even agree?” Jin Wenwen’s tone seemed a bit annoyed.

Qi Shaoqiu snapped, “I wouldn’t dare become acquainted with a young lady like you.”

“It’s not up to you. If you don’t agree, I have all sorts of ways to mess up your saber arts club.” Jin Wenwen clasped her hands to her chest. “You should know my personality, I’ll do what I say.”

Qi Shaoqiu was about to hit the roof.

At this moment, Li Lin, who had the most explosive temperament in F6, stood up, his hands in his trouser pocket. He walked slovenly straight toward the two of them, then looked at Jin Wenwen and smiled arrogantly, “Miss Jin, I don’t like what you’re saying.”

Jin Wenwen looked at Qi Shaoqiu and frowned. “Young Master Li, this is a matter between the two of us. It’s not a good idea for you, an outsider, to get involved.”

“Qi Shaoqiu is my teacher and my friend.” Li Lin shook his head and flicked long strands of hair on his forehead to the side to block one of his eyes. “Not to mention that I’m learning saber arts here, so why is it none of my business?”

“Young Master Li, if you want to learn martial arts, you can come to our boxing club. You can see that the venue is poor here, and there’s only one member on the coaching staff!”

Jin Wenwen didn’t want to clash with Li Lin; the Li family was quite influential in this small city.

“I just love learning the saber, I don’t want to learn boxing.” Li Lin sighed. “I don’t care what personal disputes you have with Coach Qi, that’s really between you two, but I’m not happy about you threatening to bring down his saber arts club. You’re getting rid of what someone does for a living, how can you be such a venomous person?”

Jin Wenwen’s face turned pale. “Young Master Li, please speak more conscientiously!”

“So what if I’m not conscientious.” Li Lin spoke with increasing arrogance. “You’re about to ruin someone’s business, so can’t we use harsh words? It makes no sense not to.”

Jin Wenwen looked at Li Lin for a moment, then turned her gaze back to Qi Shaoqiu again. “Why have you been so quiet over there? Where’s the pride you had before? It’s not like the old you to let someone else stand up for you.”

“I was too proud before, that’s why you played me.” Qi Shaoqiu pulled out a cigarette and skillfully lit it, saying indifferently, “I also have to thank you for teaching me what a beating from society is.”

Jin Wenwen gave Chi Shaoqiu a hateful glance and turned to leave.

After she drove away in her sports car, Qi Shaoqiu said to Li Lin, “Thank you, Little Lin.”

Li Lin waved his hand. “You’re welcome. It’s important to respect your teacher.”

“But you guys better be careful. I know what she’s thinking,” Qi Shaoqiu said coldly. “This woman, Jin Wenwen, I know what she’s thinking when she storms off. It’s nothing more than trying to ease relations with me so she can ask for your addresses. Li Lin’s family is rich and well-connected, she probably won’t mess around, but the rest of you guys have to be careful. She’s interested in virtual… you understand.”

Because there were other students beside him, Qi Shaoqiu only said half of what he intended.

Looking at Qi Shaoqiu’s slightly worried expression, the F6 crowd laughed.

Li Lin said as he started to walk out, “I’m not going to practice today, I’m going to go talk to some friends.”

Qi Shaoqiu looked at Li Lin with some concern as he vaguely guessed what the latter intended to do.

Roland, on the other hand, was pulled into the kitchen by his sleeve by Night Tide Sands, who then brought out a bowl of noodles that was still steaming hot. “It’s reserved for you.”

Roland drank some soft bean curd from Schuck’s cold drinks bar but was only half full, so he lifted the bowl as he heard this.

Night Tide Sands was watching him eat happily, and her expression softened as she said, “You really have to be careful. That woman, Jin Wenwen, has a very vicious heart.”

Roland laughed softly. “Li Lin went to trouble her, and if Li Lin can’t do it, Schuck will also get help from his family.”

Night Tide Sands was taken aback. “Is Schuck very powerful?”

“Schuck’s family is very powerful, to be exact,” Roland explained. “Before all sorts of political elements got involved, this little city used to be just a county, and it had an alternative name called Yu County—do you understand now?”

Night Tide Sands’s eyes widened slightly. She knew Schuck was surnamed Yu.

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