Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 344 - Outrageous

Chapter 344 Outrageous

A round pillar a hundred meters tall wasn’t exactly impressive in reality, but in this world, it could be considered a gigantic building.The city wall was only thirty meters tall, so when the pillar was erected, many people in the city noticed it. Their exclamations drew the attention of others, and after several minutes, everybody had seen the pillar that appeared out of nowhere.

Surprise and uneasiness were proliferating.

Nobody knew what it was for. What if it was a tower for archers?

Similar thoughts were popping up in the minds of many people.

A few minutes earlier, the mayor of Encart was talking to Redding on their way.

“Why did you back off now just?” the mayor asked in confusion. “Is the young man named Roland good?”

Redding nodded and said, “Not good, but very good. As far as I know, the deaths of at least two mayors are related to him. Besides… my brother told me that he stole the queen, but the king did not hunt him down.”


The mayor came to a sudden halt and looked at Redding. “Is he the Roland?”

“I think so.” Redding smiled and said, “I really can’t be tough against someone who is undying and unrestrained.”

The mayor was deep in thought. “I found the beautiful lady next to him very similar to the queen. I didn’t realize that she was the queen.”

Encart was a remote city close to the border, so it was not always up-to-date regarding the latest intelligence.

Recalling the queen in his memories, the mayor shook his head. “If I had known that he was Roland, I wouldn’t have shown up before him.”

“I didn’t know that you could be scared too.”

“If he has killed two mayors, he can kill a third.” The mayor scoffed. “I’m not an idiot.”

They moved on to the mayor’s house.

Following him, Redding pondered for a moment and asked, “What about the city gate?”

“Keep it closed for now.”

“Are you not scared that Roland will blow it up?”

“No.” The mayor smiled and said, “Though we don’t have the latest intelligence in Encart City, I know what I should know. The Golden Sons abide by a strange rule of self-defense. They will not kill anyone randomly unless they notice your wrongdoing.”

Redding nodded. “I’ve heard about that rumor too, but I don’t know if I can trust it…”

Redding suddenly stopped and looked west of the city wall with an awful expression.

“What’s wrong?” asked the mayor.

“Intense magic waves.” Cold sweat emerged on Redding’s forehead. “Is Roland really crazy enough to blow up the city gate?”

The mayor was infuriated. “How dare he… I haven’t done anything to him yet. How can he…”

Ordinary people couldn’t sense the waves of magic elements, but Mages could.

In Redding’s senses, a tsunami of magic power was coming from outside the city, with overwhelming tides that reached as high as the sky.

“I think we can…”

Redding was going to say that they could run first, because such immense magic waves were too much for him to resist.

If Roland were all by himself, it wouldn’t be very terrible.

Mages had many weaknesses. For example, they would be greatly weakened when they were out of magic power.

But the problem was that dozens more Golden Sons were outside of the city, and all of them were professionals.

If they joined forces, the soldiers of this city couldn’t resist them at all.

But a second later, he swallowed “flee” into his stomach, because he saw a gigantic pillar of mud rising beyond the city wall.

The mayor saw it too. After a shock, he asked in confusion, “What are they doing?”

Redding didn’t answer, because he was unsure too, but there was no need to run since it was not an offensive spell.

When the pillar of mud rose to a hundred meters, it quickly consolidated into rock.

“Are they…” The mayor had a guess. “Are they building a high stage?”

Redding sweated even harder. Even his face was pale.

The mayor looked back at him and asked in confusion, “Why are you so scared? It isn’t an offensive spell, is it?”

“No. I just don’t feel very comfortable.” Redding tried to smile.

As a Mage, Redding knew how dreadful the overwhelming magic waves were, and even more unbelievably, these magic waves lasted two minutes.

Whoever caused such dreadful magic waves definitely had a huge capacity of magic power.

Not just the Masters, even Legends could barely have so much magic power.

Was it possible that Roland was as strong as a Legend?

Redding wiped his forehead.

The mayor ignored Redding and returned to his house.

Redding stood there for a while, before he left for his Magic Tower.

The mayor walked to the roof of his house and looked at the rock pillar far away.

Soon enough, he saw helical stairs being generated at the surface of the pillar, stretching upward.

After a while, many human beings were climbing those stairs.

“It’s indeed a high stage.” The mayor bashed the fence on the roof and yelled, “Those bloody Golden Sons do have sordid tricks. They’re determined to degrade us to the civilians’ level.”

The mayor’s eyes were bloodshot.

Many nobles in the city had similar thoughts.

They were staring at the pillar outside of the city maliciously.

They had all understood the Golden Sons’ plan, and they felt that someone was remotely slapping their faces again and again.

The nobles were superior. They must differ from civilians in terms of food, clothes, accommodations, transportation, and sources of knowledge.

The nobles were born with privileges. It was a concept that they had been inculcating in the civilians for hundreds of years. This concept allowed them to enjoy the service of the civilians and exploit them matter-of-factly.

Now, those Golden Sons were asking them to have fun together with the people. That was really unacceptable.

They were nobles! How could they appreciate music and plays with those filthy, humble untouchables?

Had it not been for the previous conflict, or if the performers were only performing in the square in the city, they wouldn’t mind clearing the ground for them, because they could appreciate the show from their carriages. There wouldn’t be any real contradictions between the two parties.

But now… after their mayor closed the city, those Golden Sons still believed that the nobles and the civilians should be equal before them.

They had even torn off the wreath of privilege above the nobles’ head and thrown it into the mud.

That was really outrageous… Did they really think that nobles were all meek?

The mayor gritted his teeth and was about to command a troop to charge at the Golden Sons.

But rationality got the better of him, although his face had been twisted by fury.

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