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Chapter 306 - Study Tour

Chapter 306 Study Tour

On My Personal Conflicts with Silver Wings.Unlike the other side’s kind of cut-and-paste video, Roland’s was long—more than three hours, from Torrey taking people to the Magic Tower to set up the pitfall, to Jason meeting with Torrey, to Roland taking a stance—and only at the end, there was the man who had been made into an ice sculpture dozens of times ignoring the warning and stubbornly not leaving.

Roland’s post became a highlighted post as soon as it appeared, but it also took an hour or so for posts with substance to appear.

“I knew things would backfire. The members of Silver Wings are really despicable. Dince bridges were burned, just fight fair and properly. It means nothing to use this kind of tactic to sully one’s reputation.”

“Even if the members of Silver Wings are in the wrong, killing those who don’t resist dozens of times in a row isn’t reasonable either, right?”

“Roland has given his word and the other party is still stubbornly staying in the city, what is this if not provocation? If Roland doesn’t kill the other party just because they don’t resist, doesn’t that make him a person who only bullshits?”

“But all in all, it’s not good to kill people dozens of times.”

“Roland didn’t kill anyone, it’s just normal PK. It’s only considered killing if he kills NPCs, but killing players… it’s just messing around.”

“I’m on Roland’s side.”

“Most people have a scale in their hearts, and after this video came out, it’s obvious who’s right and who’s wrong. It was originally Silver Wings who played dirty tricks first, trying to unite NPCs to trap people, and doing so unsuccessfully. After being discovered, they use this set of bitter tricks, how annoying.”

“Is Silver Wings really going to clash with F6 this time?”

Looking at the replies, Roland smiled, then exited the forum to continue his own research on enchantment.

After researching for so long and making little progress, Roland gave up on his research for a while and then began to consult the books in the library.

He wanted to find some useful information in them.

Then, not long after, Vincent showed up at the library as well.

As a player, Vincent was quite attached to the Magic Tower, and he naturally had access to the library as well.

He also came here to look up information, and when he saw Roland, he froze for a moment and then said with a smile, “Yo, Lord Chairman, you’re finally willing to come out of the lab?”

Roland scratched his head. “Well, I’m getting a little dizzy from all the research.”

“Why not go out for a walk?” Vincent suggested.

Roland replied, “I go out a lot.”

“Not you.” Vincent waved his hand. “I mean you take the magic apprentices and go out on a study tour.”

Study tour?

After considering for a moment with his arms crossed over his chest, Roland said, “But they’re not quite strong enough, what if something happens!”

Vincent shook his head and laughed. “You’re the only chairman who would think like this, most of the other chairmen probably wouldn’t bother. But you have to understand, the fledgling will eventually fly. Right now there are a few magic apprentices whose strength is stuck at level two, and my personal guess is that they’re just short of some experience. Because they can’t learn the higher level magic, they can’t get more experience points.”

Roland immediately understood what Vincent meant. Vincent was asking him to take some magic apprentices to level up.

He hadn’t really wanted to do that, after all, he hadn’t even had much time to study enchantment.

But then he thought about it: he was a Magic Tower’s chairman, and in the past half-year or so, he had just been studying magic on his own.

Although he taught his apprentices theoretical knowledge from time to time, as well as new spell models, the progress of the apprentices had indeed been slowing down lately.

And he hadn’t really cared about how the apprentices’ studies were going.

In a way, it was too easy for him to be the chairman.

Roland muttered, “You have a point, I’ll think about it.”

Vincent smiled when he saw that Roland had taken his words seriously, picked up a book in the library, and left.

After pondering in the library for a while and sensing the status of all the magic apprentices with his mental power, Roland quickly decided on six candidates.

Vivian, Hans, Crozoa, Domingo, Leos, and the oldest, Jerry.

All six of them were just short of a final push to leveling up, and it should be good to take them out for a walk.

Roland then rang the resonance bell to assemble all the magic apprentices.

The names of the six trainees were announced, and then Vincent was announced as the deputy chairman, who would be in charge of the basic operation of the Magic Tower while Roland took the trainees on a trip.

The six people named went to get ready in high spirits, while Vincent couldn’t help but walk up to Roland. He said, “There’s no need to make me the deputy chairman.”

“It’s not like the deputy chairman is a privileged position, it’s a responsibility.”

Upon hearing this, Vincent rolled his eyes helplessly. “You order people around even more than Silver Wings.”

“But I’m more humane than they are,” Roland joked.

“Okay,” Vincent said, “I’ll keep an eye on the Magic Tower for you while you’re gone. There aren’t many people in Delpon who would dare to mess with you now. That idiot man from Silver Wings thought himself clever to upload a video, and you reverse checkmated him. Now Silver Wings is getting a bad reputation on the forum. Soon they’ll have to save their reputation, so they won’t be bothering you for a short time. You can go out and play without worry.”

“Isn’t it a study tour?” Roland said with a smile.

Vincent shrugged. “It’s all the same.”

The next day, Roland hired four carriages to carry the six magic apprentices, Andonara, and some rations and clothing, and went first to the mercenary guild north of the city.

Since it was going to be a training experience, it was basic common sense to register a small mercenary group and use the mercenary guild’s intelligence network to receive missions and decide the goals of the trip.

However, there was a hiccup in registering the mercenary group.

The main hall of the mercenary guild was large, and at least hundred mercenaries were sitting inside, though only about a tenth of them were professionals.

And when Roland brought the six magic apprentices and Andonara and said that they wanted to register as a mercenary group, everyone was dumbfounded.

This included the female receptionist in charge of registration.

Generally, only five percent of mercenary groups had spellcasters among them.

After all, spellcasters had a very high status, whether it was a Mage, a Warlock, or a Priest.

But what was going on with this little mercenary group before them?

An Elite Mage, six magic apprentices, and a Master Great Swordsman!

The team’s professional configuration was too luxurious. Countless teams begged for a spellcaster but couldn’t get one, yet this small mercenary group actually had seven.

The dumbfounded female receptionist recorded the information about Roland and the others in a daze.

The name of the mercenary group was Prismatic Spray, a name that Vivian had come up with.

Because the spell Prismatic Spray was as beautiful as a rainbow to her, she loved this spell the most.

Playing with the mercenary dog tag in his hand, Roland asked, “So, what do we do next?”

Andonara didn’t speak even though she had been a mercenary. She knew that Roland was not asking her, but was testing the magic apprentices.

At this moment, the female receptionist who had been watching them from the counter couldn’t help but say, “Sir, you should start with the most basic quest.”

Roland waved his hand. “Thanks for the clarification, but sorry, we’re not here to make money!”

The receptionist froze.

Vivian and the other magic apprentices had never been outside the boundaries of Delpon, so naturally, they didn’t know how to answer.

In the end, it was the aged-looking Jerry who said, “Chairman, if it were me, I would use my mercenary status to inquire where there are any magical anomalies. The mercenary guild’s intelligence network is quite powerful, so perhaps there will be a pleasant surprise. If there is no surprise, then I’d go to the Magic Tower in the neighboring town and have a friendly academic exchange.”

Roland shook his head. “No, I think you need to prepare your camping tents first. Before we left, I checked the carriage and there were only rations and clothing. Do you understand now?”

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