Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 200 - A Bear Mage

Chapter 200 A Bear Mage

Roland felt that Kaka had a point.

Different men were into different types. For example, Roland liked nurses best, and Schuck liked businesswomen.

It was perfectly normal that someone liked the queen for her intimidating position.

However, Roland did feel that it was one thing to appreciate her, and it was a whole other thing to kidnap her.

Roland answered Kaka’s questions regarding the derivative spell and rested for a night in the manor.

The next day, Kaka kept studying the derivative spell. Despite Roland’s guidance, there were still several nodes that he hadn’t fully understood.

Roland, on the other hand, went out.

Walking out of the manor, Roland turned his head.

Players did not need to sleep, but a curfew had been imposed in the capital since the queen was kidnapped. Any person who wandered the streets at night would be questioned and even thrown into prison.

As a Mage, Roland had unspoken privileges, but since it was a Mage who committed the crime, Roland decided to stay in Kaka’s manor to avoid being regarded as a suspect.

Because he couldn’t go out, he spent the whole night on the forums and even declined two beautiful maids that Kaka offered him.

He was on the forums for eight hours, and he was quite tired, so he left very early in the morning.

However, this incident reminded him that it was time for him to learn a spell that could hide him or let him act in secret, like Secondary Stealth or Alternate Dimensional Roaming.

Otherwise, it would be very boring if he couldn’t take any action openly, or if he wanted to do anything in secret.

Leaving the neighborhood of the rich, Roland reached a busy street.

He was surrounded by people.

The roads in the capital were about thirty meters wide. The ten meters in the middle were for carriages, and ordinary people walked on the sides of the roads. Further away on the curb were peddlers whose booths were of different sizes. There was barely any gap between the booths.

The peddlers were all shouting to attract customers and sounded like a rising tide. Occasionally, when a luxurious carriage approached the edge of the road to make way for another vehicle, the noise would come to a stop until the carriage was far away.

However, when Roland walked on the road, few civilians nearby dared to look him in the eyes after seeing his robe, much less peddling their products to him.

Roland didn’t want to bully anyone. He was simply walking on the street and looking at the booths with great interest. Most of the things to be sold were crafts, but there were some interesting gadgets, including a fashioned skull bowl and a bong made of the femur of an unknown animal.

Roland observed them with great pleasure.

He had devoted most of his time to magic since he came to this world. He had little time for entertainment or playing.

When he was not studying magic, he was carrying out quests.

He felt unusually relaxed while he went shopping.

It took Roland about two hours to reach the Magic Tower at the east of the city from the busy street.

In the meantime, he had bought a lot of fruits for himself. He was enjoying the fruits as he walked on.

After swallowing a juicy, sour fruit, Roland made it to a bright blue Magic Tower.

The Magic Tower was rather quiet. There was a spacious square before it, but few people dared to pass through.

Two guards were on duty at the gate. Seeing Roland, they subconsciously stood straight.

They didn’t know Roland, but the robe that Roland was wearing suggested that they should respect him.

Roland came to them and smiled. “I am the chairman of the Delpon branch of the Association of Mages. I’m here to visit Master Tobian.”

“Please wait a moment.”

Hearing Roland’s self-introduction, the guards knew that they couldn’t decide for their master whether or not to meet this guest. One of them ran into the Magic Tower and soon returned. Catching his breath, he said, “Master Tobian is willing to meet you, sir. Please follow me.”

“Thank you.” Roland nodded at the guard.

The guard was slightly surprised. Then he led the way.

The blue Magic Tower was bigger and more spacious than the Magic Tower in Delpon. It was more luxuriously decorated too.

It was needless to mention the smooth, mirror-like floor, which was typical in all Magic Towers. The magic crystal lamps were twice in number and in two colors, blue and orange.

They looked much more appealing than the lamps in the Magic Tower in Delpon that only released pale light.

Roland followed the guard upstairs and encountered a magic apprentice when he passed the second floor.

The guard grew nervous when he saw the magic apprentice. He stooped and said, “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Lenard.”

The magic apprentice snorted and didn’t even look at the guard. His face was numb too.

He then noticed Roland. Seeing that Roland was also wearing a magic robe, he frowned, as if he was not happy. But then he sensed the magic power in Roland from close up.

The magic power was condensed and felt like the water in an ancient well.

Greatly scared, he immediately made way for Roland and lowered his head.

Roland smiled at him and continued following the guard upstairs.

After Roland was gone, the magic apprentice wiped away cold sweat and murmured, “Where is this guy from? He’s so terrifying.”

The guard led Roland to the fifth floor and pointed at a gold-edged door. “Sir, the master is waiting for you inside.”

Roland went over and knocked on the door.

The confident voice of a male came from inside. “Come on in.”

Roland pushed the door and walked in.

It was an extravagant study. The bookshelves seemed exclusively made of crystal. The other furniture was also embedded with gold and silver.

However, Roland was not distracted by any of those things. He simply looked at the owner of this place, who was a middle-aged man with a big beard and a bald head.

The man seemed very strong and had broad shoulders. His sleeves had been rolled up and revealed his thick arms as well as his bushy hair, which made him look like a bear in human skin.

He could’ve easily convinced anyone that he was a Warrior instead of a Mage.

However, Roland sensed an incredible magic power from the man.

It was about 20% more than his own magic power.

It must be noted that, thanks to full intelligence growth, he was among the people with the highest capacity of mana. Also, because of his achievements, the upper limit of his mana had been increased by fifty points.

General Mages had only half of the mana that Roland had.

So, the abundance of the magic power in this middle-aged baldy who looked as tough as a Warrior suggested that he was undoubtedly an Archmage.

Roland was slightly surprised.

But the baldy was even more surprised to see Roland.

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