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Chapter 191 - Tool For a Quest

Chapter 191 Tool For a Quest

A princess?

Isnas was a city of princesses. It was normal that a princess lived here.

However, he and the princess differed too greatly from each other. Why would she ask for him?

Was this butler-like middle-aged man a phony?

However, Roland found it unlikely after thinking for a moment.

He was a Mage, and few people dared to deceive Mages.

Besides, he was a player that could be resurrected. Even if he was killed, he would lose nothing more than some EXP points and equipment.

However, since he was in a hurry to meet with his partners, he was going to turn the butler down, when he was stunned.

It was because he saw a quest notification: “Listen to the princess’s worries.”

That was a blue quest.

Roland was rather excited… Finally! He had finally triggered an important quest for the first time. Luck was on his side this day.

Before, Betta had always been the one who triggered quests, and he could only look on enviously.

His friends would certainly forgive him for being late if he were occupied with a quest.

“Okay, lead the way.” The butler was obviously relieved when Roland accepted his request.

The butler invited Roland to a carriage nearby. Then, he got into the carriage himself and escorted Roland into a heavily-guarded castle.

Then, in a study that was decorated fully in a girl’s style, Roland met Princess Evelyn.

The princess was very pretty, even prettier than Vivian.

But of course, she was not as beautiful as Margret, or the female angel that Roland met at Falken’s funeral.

Evelyn had blond hair and blue eyes, a typical look for nobles.

She seemed to be only around fifteen, but she was very calm and patient. Her body figure was quite attractive too.

However, Roland felt that the princess was incomparable to Vivian in terms of body figure.

A beautiful porcelain cup was delivered to Roland, half-full of golden fruit wine.

The maid bent before Roland softly and left.

Princess Evelyn sipped the fruit wine and smiled. “Mr. Roland, thank you for accepting my invitation.”

“Princess, you’re too kind.” Roland sat confidently and stared the girl in the eyes. “What do you want to talk to me about?”

Such a straightforward way of conversation was considered rude in the social occasions of the nobles.

However, Roland was a Mage, and the proud Mages were well-acknowledged to be queer and unapproachable.

So, Evelyn was not surprised at Roland’s bluntness at all.

“Was the big fireball that made everybody in the city feel that hell was arriving last night your masterpiece?”.

Was she going to hold him accountable?

But Roland still nodded. He didn’t think that Princess Evelyn would give him a hard time. After all, the name of the quest was “Listen to Princess Evelyn’s worries,” not “Survive Princess Evelyn’s hunt order” or any other battle-type quest.

“It was truly a horrifying view. My fingers are still shaking even now.” Evelyn put on a weird smile.

Roland was curious. “Did you see it too?”

Evelyn slowly nodded.

Last night, she couldn’t fall asleep, so she had some snacks on the balcony outside of her bedroom.

She was enjoying fruit wine and some delicious cake when she sensed the frightening congregation of magic elements in the distance.

She turned around only to see an enormous blue fireball falling somewhere from the city wall.

The deafening explosion almost made her choke on the cake. She patted her chest a long time before she finally managed to swallow the cake.

Even so, her face was still red due to shortness of breath.

After that, she saw the tsunami of fire. Her nightdress was fluttering in the hot wind even though she was three kilometers away.

It was not hard to imagine how powerful the attack was.

“I don’t know who your enemy was, Mr. Roland, but I’m sure that they must be very regretful right now.” Roland smiled. “I think so too. So, what exactly are you trying to say, Princess?” He found the princess too talkative.

The princess glared at Roland and said helplessly, “Actually, I heard about you before, Mr. Roland!”

Roland was rather puzzled.

“Young Bard is my cousin!” Evelyn smiled. “He talked to me about you a while back when he visited me.”

Oh, that explains a lot. My identity has been dug out after only one out. The royal family is truly good at intelligence gathering. “Speaking of Bard, I’m planning to visit him in the capital,” said Roland with a smile.

It was truly his plan to ask Bard in the capital about long-distance teleportation spells.

However, it never occurred to him that Bard was related to the royal family. But it did make sense on second thought. Bard was from a grand noble family in the capital. It was not unusual that his family was related to the royal family by marriage.

“He told me that you’re capable of Language Proficiency,” Evelyn said in admiration. “He said that you picked up the spell by yourself!”

Roland nodded. “But it’s not perfect yet.”

“You’re too modest, sir.” Evelyn stood up and fetched a book from the shelf behind her. “I was wondering if you could translate something for me.”

She opened the book and turned to a page that had a golden leaf as a bookmark.

Among the page of Hollevin words were a few sentences written in Elvish.

“This has been bothering me,” Evelyn said sincerely. “They’re ancient elvish scriptures copied from elsewhere. Only three people in Hollevin understand them, but I’m too insignificant to ask for their help. However, if I can’t understand these sentences, I can’t understand the following content. Who does ‘she’ refer to in the book?”

Just that? Roland cast Free Communication on himself and the princess.

“You can cast your spell on other people?” The princess’s beautiful eyes stopped briefly on Roland’s face, before she lowered her head and read the elvish scriptures. “She was the queen of a dynasty, the first demigod of the elves. She had been a rogue, a general, and the strongest summoner. Her name was Cocoyala, the most beloved daughter of the world tree!”

The sentences were short, but Roland sensed a long history behind the words.

The princess closed her eyes and then slowly opened them. “So, she was the queen of the elves. No wonder she did so many awesome things as a woman. Is it true that the elves once governed the world? Does her tomb exist too? Ah, how I wish I could see it.”

However, Roland’s attention had been distracted by the system notifications.

Quest: ‘Listen to the princess’s worries’ completed.

“You’ve received 244 EXP points.”

Evelyn’s fondness has been increased by ten points.

Huh? It was the first time that an NPC’s fondness was mentioned in the quest notifications. Was this NPC very important?

While he was still surprised, a new notification popped up.

New quest detected: Origin of the Elven Queen (Main Quest). Roland’s eyes bulged. This quest was a gold one, and it was suffixed with “Main Quest.”

He had never known how to pick up the main quest after it was interrupted. Little did he expect that he would resume it here.

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