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Chapter 185 - You Must Turn This Around

Chapter 185 You Must Turn This Around

Raffel’s seemingly innocent face now wore a cruel smile.

The two cans were thrown high above the members of Moon Shadow and fell into the fire behind them under everybody’s watch.

The two cans exploded the moment they hit the flames. They were not very powerful, but the oil in them splashed out after it was ignited.

The members of Moon Shadow who were in the rear were hit. When the burning oil touched them, they couldn’t get rid of it no matter how they tried. Although it was not very painful, they fell and writhed on the ground out of instinct.

Then, Raffel threw out another two cans, this time at the people who were writhing on the ground with fire all over their bodies.

It was rather vicious.

More and more cans were thrown and detonated, and more and more guild members were stained with fiery oil.

Raffel, on the other hand, was laughing so excitedly that his face twisted.

The temporary commander of Moon Shadow, who was in the front, was not hit, but seeing Raffel taking out another two cans, he roared in fear, “Charge, everybody! We’ll be killed if we keep waiting!”

The people in the front rows, seeing the misery of their friends behind them, charged forth.

However… Li Lin, who had been waiting for them, took action.

He threw another few bags of quicklime at them.

The Shield Warriors blocked the bags with their shields and were not affected, but as for the rest… They fell on the ground holding their eyes.

But the three Shield Warriors weren’t any better!

The quicklime had been well-made and would fly everywhere. Although the Shield Warriors tried to narrow their eyes, some of the powder did enter their eyes.

Now, they already felt their eyes itching.

Some players covered their eyes and charged forward, only to be knocked to the ground by the bags of quicklime too. After all, hands, unlike masks, had gaps.

The temporary commander turned desperate looking at the surroundings.

A dozen of his companions were writhing and digging at their eyes before him, and another dozen of his companions were screaming on fire behind him.

Their cries and screams were horrifying as hell.

He looked around and saw only the two shameless devils who knew nothing but dirty tricks. He gnashed his teeth and roared, “Kill yourselves! We’ll make a comeback after we’re resurrected in the Temple of Life!”

This temporary commander was not just a talker. He drew his sword and cut his head off, dying a painless death immediately.

The rest of the guild members, after a brief shock, began to kill their screaming companions. Ensuring that they were dead, they all glared at Li Lin and Raffel before they slit their own throats.

Li Lin and Raffel, at this point, stopped attacking the players who were killing themselves, although they kept their mocking smiles on display.

After the members of Moon Shadow were all dead, they dragged out the bodies that weren’t burned and began to separate the equipment of those players.

“Wow, a piece of magic equipment. It’s worth at least thirty silver coins.”

“Damn, this guy didn’t put his money in his Backpack. There’s more than one gold coin here. What a lucky day!”

“Wait, leave some for me!”

Brazil charged out of the darkness with his leopard. He began removing the equipment of the players from their bodies too.

Apparently, all three of them were familiar with the task.

On the other hand, after the temporary commander died, the world became blurry and black-and-white.

He couldn’t see other creatures, and he could only vaguely detect the fire that was dancing nearby.

When players were turned into souls, they couldn’t see other creatures if they didn’t have specialties, just like ordinary people couldn’t see ghosts.

Soon, a system notification popped up:

“Do you wish to be resurrected in the nearest Temple of Life?”


“You’re now the 21st in the queue of resurrection.”

He had to wait in line to be resurrected? But it did make sense. After all, only one player could be resurrected in the Temple of Life every ten seconds.

After a four-minute wait, it was finally his turn.

In dimness and dizziness, the temporary commander felt his body again. He opened his eyes and was about to sit up, when his chest suddenly hurt. He managed to raise his head, only to see an expressionless Rogue in a black robe who had stabbed a dagger into his chest.

Then, the Rogue soon pushed his body to the ground, and a new body immediately appeared on the ritual table.

Without any hesitation, the black-robed Rogue simply stabbed his dagger into the heart of the next resurrected guy.

The temporary commander felt a lack of strength, but he wasn’t dead yet. He saw a few more people in black running to him and carrying his body which was wearing nothing but underwear out of the temple.

The world was darker and darker for him, until those people threw him onto a wagon.

This wagon was fully loaded with bodies, and what he saw were all faces that he was familiar with before he fell into complete darkness.

Too vicious… Those guys didn’t even let go of the resurrection point. That was too vicious.

The temporary commander, who had turned into a soul again, was beyond infuriated, but he couldn’t do anything as a soul, not even open the forums. He simply exited the game, crawled out of the cabin, and opened the homepage of his guild. But when he opened the forums, he found a lot of posts made by his companions in the guild.

All the posts were swearing and complaints.

He didn’t have to remind them… He then called the leader of his guild, but nobody picked up the phone. He almost threw his phone in fury.

Then, he opened the forums, only to see a boom of threads in the general discussion section.

There were all kinds of posts, but mostly mocking ones, like “Moon Shadow, a guild of dozens of members, was annihilated by a handful of people. How hilarious.”

He couldn’t help but hold his head and moan, “We’re screwed. We really shouldn’t have livestreamed it.”

The temporary commander was named Aruslin. He was the No. 5 person in Moon Shadow as well as the PR manager of the guild.

Ever since the game started to support livestreaming, he always livestreamed his gameplay to interact with other players and promote Moon Shadow.

A few minutes before the incident, he had organized some spellcasters to hold a hotpot party. It was quite good and attracted a lot of people who loved livestreaming.

So, many players who watched his livestreaming had observed the destruction of Moon Shadow from the first perspective.

The accurate fireball attack from hundreds of meters away, the trap made of quicklime, oil, and arrows, and the slaughter at the resurrection point were all recorded.

Moon Shadow’s reputation was at stake now.

He took out his phone and tried to call the chairman again, but nobody picked up.

Upset, he continued refreshing the page, but a post got his attention. He began to feel a headache after he read the title.

The title of the post was, “F6 will definitely try to kill the chairman of Moon Shadow. I’ll try to livestream it.”

Aruslin knew very well that Moon Shadow would be a laughingstock if their chairman was killed.

So, he began to pray that the chairman could escape, or even make a comeback if possible.

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