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Chapter 180 - F6 In the Game

Chapter 180 F6 In the Game

After sending out the message, Roland had a rest under a tree next to the road.

His carriage had entered the city. Roland gave the coachman twenty silver coins and told him that he would like to hire the man again when he returned to Delpon.

But the coachman for some reason turned him down, although it would be much safer if he were to return with Roland.

There were too many robbers on the road nowadays.

Watching the coachman drive the carriage into the city, Roland suddenly had an idea. He couldn’t help but sneer.

One of the two groups of bandits who robbed him were probably the coachman’s accomplices, or at least informed by him.

But what was the point?

Robbing a mage?

What was the guy’s problem? It was unreasonable.

While Roland was thinking, someone suddenly appeared before him. It was so surprising that Roland almost unleashed his fireball, but he stopped when he saw the newcomer.

Standing before him was a young man in a black robe. He was not short, but he kept his back hunched, which made him look grim.

“Husseret, why do you look like this? It’s rather horrible.”

He was one of F6, and he came here immediately after he saw Roland’s message.

“I was normal too at first, but after being a Rogue for half a year, I realized that I couldn’t stand straight anymore, and that I prefer shadows to light.”

Roland noticed that Husseret was indeed standing in the darkest spot in the vicinity.

“I think you’re too devoted to your character,” said Roland casually.

Husseret immediately mocked him back. “Don’t talk about me, you’re just the same. Look at you, you’re like a classic abstinent mage. I suspect that you will lose interest in women soon.”

Roland shook his head. “I hardly think so.”

At the very least, he was truly excited when he accidentally saw Vivian’s boobs earlier.

“Forget it, let’s talk about something else. Isnas is sort of Moon Shadow’s territory, and you’re a celebrity on the forums. We’d better not alarm them.”

Husseret led the way for him in the shadows along the city wall. After about half an hour, they reached the west side of the city wall.

Nobody was here, and it was very quiet. Also, there were weeds as tall as humans at the bottom of the wall. Husseret looked around and squeezed through the weeds.

Roland followed his example.

At this point, the difference between professionals became obvious.

They were both walking with their backs bent. Husseret was fast and barely touched the weeds, but Roland moved more heavily and disturbed the weeds all the time.

After a while, Husseret stopped amidst the tall weeds and lifted a cover from the ground, revealing a secret tunnel. He walked down first. After Roland joined him, he put the cover back again.

The tunnel immediately turned dark.

Husseret was about to light a candle with flint, but Roland was faster. He cast an illumination ball above.

The tunnel was suddenly as bright as day.

Husseret was quite amazed. “How convenient.”

They walked further down. The more they walked, the more shocked Roland was, as he had taken a dozen turns, and every turn was a crossroad.

“This tunnel must span across the underworld of Isnas, no?” asked Roland.

Husseret nodded. “This is the base of the Rogues in Hollevin. Actually, this whole city is infiltrated by the Rogues. On the surface, this is a territory for the princesses, but if the Rogues are willing to, they can kidnap the princesses in an hour.”

Roland said in admiration, “Then, the princesses are nothing but birds in your cage?”

“Not really.” Husseret explained, “The Rogues can’t be seen in public. Actually, the royal family knows that there’s a maze below Isnas, but they’ve been ignoring it. Even if we capture the princesses, so what? They’re nothing more than tools of marriage, and the royal family can always create more of them. However, if we dare to kidnap the princesses, the royal family will have a good reason to deal with us. They have always wanted to control


Roland was somewhat amazed. “You seem familiar with the politics of Hollevin.”

“Of course. As a Rogue, it’s my duty to collect and sort intelligence,” Husseret said proudly. “The Rogues in the game are mostly fixated on several important people because of their limited knowledge and vision, but I’m more interested in exploring the big picture of the major forces. I’ve reached my position because I submitted a lot of analysis reports on the forces to the guild.”

From what Husseret said, Roland could tell that his friend was an important person in the Guild of Rogues.

It did make sense on second thought. This secret maze he was in was obviously of paramount importance, and not everybody in the Guild of Rogues was qualified to know the layout of it.

Without a map, it was barely possible to walk out of this huge and intricate labyrinth.

Besides, his friend even brought Roland, an outsider, with him.

After a few more minutes, Husseret went upward from a certain crossroad with Roland. Then, Roland realized that it was another maze on the upper level.

A double maze… It was impossible for any outsider to get through this.

They walked for another half-hour in the upper maze, before they finally crawled out of a half-closed hole.

When they were out, Roland found himself standing next to the grasses behind a pigpen.

The hole was not easy to spot, and a man who looked like an old peasant had been watching the pigpen.

The peasant’s eyes were sharp. Husseret made a gesture at him, and the peasant immediately dropped his wariness.

Getting out of the stinky pigpen, Husseret led Roland to a house not far away. Three people were waiting in the house.

They were enjoying ale around a table. They were two strong Warriors and a man whose body was rather balanced. There was also a black leopard resting in a corner. It opened its eyes when Roland walked in but immediately closed them.

Though they looked greatly different from reality, Roland could tell from their auras and their eyes that they were his friends Raffel, Li Li, and Brazil.

When they saw Roland, they smiled and said, “Hey, our best Mage is finally here.”

Roland sat down at the table and asked, “Where’s Schuck?”

“He should be near the border of Hollevin. He probably has to fly for another day.”


Then, Roland realized that Schuck was a dragon knight.

“We don’t need to wait for Schuck any longer.” Li Lin, whose upper body was naked showing his queer tattoos, said while drinking wine, “We’ll make plans first. When he’s almost here, we’ll take action first, and he’ll join us as our unexpected reinforcement and fatal attack.”

As he talked, Li Lin swept his arm across the table, knocking all the bowls and cups to the floor.

Husseret summoned a big map from his Backpack and put it on the table.

“Here’s the camp of Moon Shadow.” A dagger was stabbed to the southwest corner of the map.

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