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Chapter 167 - The Only Requirement Is Handsomeness

Chapter 167 The Only Requirement Is Handsomeness

The player who made the post cursed in an angry and desperate tone.

“All the pretty boys should be killed! I can live with you when you steal we ugly men’s girls in reality, but you’re stealing our girls in games too? Do you have any conscience at all? I found the girl first. I courted her for more than half a month. I tried to meet her coincidentally every day… I did everything I could, and my best result was that she finally looked me in the eyes. But after you came, you lured her away with nothing more than a lollipop! That’s a girl dragon! My god! Had it not been for you, I would’ve become a dragon knight who had a beautiful girl as my partner!

“Ahhhhhhhhh! The pretty boys like you should all be killed!”

A girl dragon?

Roland grew even more curious. He read on and saw a video that the player posted.

Roland played it.

It was a video shot in the first perspective with a monologue.

A Warrior player traveled a long distance to Fareins Kingdom. He found a lonely girl who often roamed by herself in the woods outside of a big city.

Then, the girl was featured on the video.

Her long hair was so brightly red that it was almost on fire, her skin was fair and smooth, and her eyes were the same color as her hair and looked like rubies.

Her face was pretty too. With her red dress and her slim body, she looked innocent and appealing

Even Roland found the girl cute.

Even more surprisingly, there was a pair of tiny, adorable horns on the girl’s forehead, which made her seem even more exotic.

Horns? Remembering the “girl dragon” that the player mentioned, Roland immediately realized her identity.

She was a dragon!

The Warrior player began to make moves on this girl dragon. As he said, he resorted to every method, like talking or giving her gifts or food.


But the girl dragon kept ignoring him. The Warrior was not frustrated. In the recording of his conquest, he cheered himself up every time he was ignored.

“Day one. Failed. It doesn’t matter. I’ll work harder.”

“Day two. Failed. It’s fine. I’ll keep it up.”

“Day three. Failed…”

“Day sixteen. She finally looked at me! That’s huge progress! I’ve never felt more confident!”

The Warrior sounded proud and ecstatic, but any normal player would’ve noticed that the girl had looked at him with disdain instead of interest.

Then, on the seventeenth day, something unexpected happened.

A handsome guy appeared out of nowhere.

The guy was so gorgeous that staring at him was like staring at the sun.

His hair was short, and he was riding a horse that was clad in heavy golden armor while wearing a similar suit of armor himself.

When he jumped off from the horse, everybody’s eyes were fixated on him.

Roland even heard the ominous gasp of this Warrior player.

Roland narrowed his eyes at the gorgeous newcomer and chuckled at the man’s gait and face.

It was none other than Schuck.

Schuck walked up to the girl dragon and asked, “Are you the lost young princess from the Fire Dragons? We received a request to take you back, or the Fire Dragons will come to the human world in search of you…”

The girl dragon stared at Schuck, stunned. Her eyes grew brighter and brighter, as if a fire was burning inside.

“Did you hear me?” Schuck waved his hand before the girl’s face. Seeing no response, he took out a lollipop from his Backpack. “Little girl, here’s a candy for you. Tell me, are you Princess Margret?”

The girl subconsciously accepted the lollipop. Then she blushed and moved her eyes away shyly, only to see the horse in golden armor.

She suddenly turned cold. Then, she gave everyone a big surprise.

She ran off so fast, it was like an arrow had just been released. Then she leaped and kicked the abdomen of the horse.

The poor horse was kicked away before it had a chance to cry out and was dismembered while in midair.

Then, the girl dragon returned to Schuck.

Schuck’s face turned cold, but even so, he was still fascinatingly handsome, as if he were a sculpture made of marble.

“Why did you kill my horse?”

The girl fell on one of her knees before Schuck, her face red and her eyes full of passion. “That creature was too lousy to be your mount.”

“What do you mean?” Schuck asked unhappily.

The girl kissed the back of Schuck’s hand and said, “I’m the only one qualified to be your mount.”

Schuck was dazed.

Then, a gigantic red magic circle surrounded both of them.

The girl touched her forehead to the back of Schuck’s hand. Soon, the magic circle was gone, and the girl rose again, with an additional pink triangular symbol on her forehead.

Then, the girl stepped back, and to the surprise of all the players who watched the video, she was enshrouded by fire, until an enormous red dragon broke out of the flames.

The dragon was about four meters tall and ten meters long.

The red dragon crouched before Schuck and lowered its enormous head.

Schuck was quiet for a while, his eyes closed, as if he were communicating with his mind. Then, he opened his eyes. With a weird look on his face, he stepped on the back of the dragon, using its wing as stairs, and sat down.

The red dragon roared in excitement, shaking the trees nearby. Then, it flapped its wings and soon disappeared into the sky with Schuck. Roland sighed.

A dragon… Recalling the dragon’s body size, Roland wondered whether or not he could wound it with a full-blown Fireball?

Probably not.

While he was thinking, he noticed that the perspective of the video was lowered, and he could see that the person who shot the video knelt on the ground with tears dripping onto the grasses before him.

He could hear the suppressed sobbing.

That was the end of the video.

Roland scrolled the page and read the comments.

“You give everything to a girl, but you get nothing in the end. I feel that I just saw myself from years ago. I’m crying.”

“Women like nothing but looks.”

“That guy was too handsome. Even I almost turned gay. It’s not surprising that a girl couldn’t resist him. Don’t cry. Let’s be tough.”

“What’s that class? I’d like to build a new character.”

Roland thought for a moment and left a reply. “Saint Samurai, a special class that will be among the leadership of the Church once you transform. Its only requirement is handsomeness!”

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