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Chapter 165 - Elf

Chapter 165 Elf

An interesting thing happened in Delpon recently.

An elf was spotted in Aldo’s manor, but Aldo was gone. Nobody knew when Aldo disappeared to. His manor then belonged to Roland.

A lot of rumors spread in Delpon. Some said that Roland killed Aldo to steal his power, and some said that Aldo escaped because he feared Roland’s formidableness.

Apart from all the rumors, everybody focused their attention on the elf.

What were elves?

They represented beauty, grace, and loyalty.

They were human beings’ favorite species. Despite the risk of being attacked by Guardian Druids, most nobles still wanted to get an elf for themselves in secret so that they could have elven offspring.

Because of that, a lot of half-elves had emerged.

However, even the boldest nobles, including the royal family, dare not show the elven slaves to outsiders.

Those Guardian Druids cared little about identity. The moment they found that any elf was being sold as a slave, they would take action.

But in Aldo’s… or Roland’s manor, the elf appeared freely to the public.

Then, people discovered that the elf was not wearing a magic suppressor on her neck, which meant that she was free and was Roland’s guest.

Therefore, many young nobles expressed their wish to visit Roland’s manor, but Roland refused all of them for their blatant intentions.

However, there were three people that Roland couldn’t turn down.

They were Hawk, Link, and Jett.

Though they were slightly more estranged than before, they were still very close to each other.

In Roland’s manor, the four of them sat down around a table.

“An elf,” Hawk said enviously. “I didn’t know that you could invite one of them as your


Roland found it odd. “You’re interested in elves?”

Hawk nodded hard. “When I played R18 games in college, I only played those with elf elements.”

Roland frowned hard.

Jett burst into laughter, but Link was absolutely unmoved.

“You’re truly blunt.” Roland smiled bitterly.

Hawk shook his head. “Why shouldn’t we be? We’re men here. What can men talk about except politics and women?”

Roland and Jett both smiled in acknowledgment.

Link was as calm as before.

“So, you’ve come here for the elf?” asked Roland.

Hawk nodded. “Our organization intends to reach out to the elves, so I’m wondering if you can introduce us to your guest.”

Roland looked at Jett. “What about you?”

Jett shook his head and said, “The Church of Life and the Druids are aligned, so I’m obliged to help the elves in danger… To put it simply, if she’s an elven slave, can you let me rescue her? I’ll be rewarded with abundant experience points. Of course, I’ll give you coins in exchange.”

“I don’t think I can help Jett. She’s not a slave.” Roland chuckled. “But I can help Hawk. I’ll ask her to come here later.”

Jett shrugged helplessly.

Hawk was relieved. He was afraid that Roland would deny him.

After all, Roland belonged to F6. It was understandable if Roland didn’t want him to talk to the elf in the best interests of Roland’s guild.

At this moment, Vivian served the guests fruit wine. Roland said, “Go and bring Serrari here. My friend wants to talk to her.”

Vivian nodded. She only wished that Serrari could meet more men other than Roland.

Putting her tray down, Vivian went upstairs.

Hawk looked at her back and said enviously, “You’ve got a great secretary.”

“Your Link is not bad either.”

“No.” Hawk agreed with him. Then he said, “But he is a man.”

Link rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry for being a man.”

“It would be great if you were a woman.” Hawk counterattacked habitually.

Link didn’t fight back but was deep in thought.

Roland and Jett looked at each other, both feeling that they couldn’t join their conversation at all.

At this moment, Vivian returned with Serrari.

Serrari had already rested for a few days. She looked much better than a few days earlier.

In a green dress, she slowly walked down, her soft blond hair shining in the light. Her lake-like eyes and her figure made everybody feel that she was a goddess that had arrived in the human world.

Both Hawk and Jett took a deep breath, and Link was obviously jealous.

“Why did you ask for me?” asked Serrari proudly after she walked to Roland. She didn’t even bother to look at Hawk and his companions.

“My friends would like to meet you,” replied Roland casually.

Serrari glanced at Hawk and his companions unemotionally and refocused her eyes on Roland. “I didn’t know that you were a pimp. Or are you simply bragging that you have an


“You have a sharp tongue.” Roland sighed. “They’re here for business.”

Serrari thought for a moment and said, “Fine. For your sake, I’ll listen to what they have to


Roland smiled bitterly.

Hawk and the newcomers looked more or less the same. They had heard that elves were proud and condescending, and what they heard proved to be true.

“Beautiful elven lady, I am the deputy chairman of Silver Wings,” Hawk said politely. “We’ve always admired elves. After we learned that you’re here, we hoped that we could meet you here and seek to establish connections with the elves.”

Serrari gazed at Hawk in silence, and the disdain on her face thickened. “Your so-called Silver Wings is just a guild of mercenaries, is it not?”

“I guess you can say that.”

“Then what’s your problem? How idiotic are you to think that a mercenary group can cooperate with a nation?”

Hawk was stunned, and so was Link.

They suddenly remembered that they were indeed a small group while the elves were a nation of sorts.

However, Hawk, as a deputy chairman, was famous for his diplomatic abilities and his quick wits.

He soon found an excuse. “Big organizations and small ones have their respective advantages; it’s possible for us to help the elves in ways you can’t foresee.”

Serrari scorned them and stood up, before she said to Roland, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Don’t let such fools disturb me again.”

She left after saying that.

Hawk was fascinated as he stared at her back. “She’s as proud and mean as the elves in the R18 games. How cute…”

Link said angrily, “Why? Do you want to play an R18 game with elves in this game?”

For some reason, Hawk felt scared and rubbed his arms subconsciously.

Roland shook his head and said, “Hawk, how about a deal?”

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