Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 153 - I’m Pondering

Chapter 153 I’m Pondering


Roland was tempted to ask, but then he remembered that the two little ones were commoners. All the magic apprentices had the status of noble descendants, which was nothing more than the difference between a great noble and a small noble, fallen or not.

Originally a harmonious little group, suddenly mixed with two outsiders of different status, the other magic apprentices would naturally not like it very much.

“Did the others bully them?”

Vivian shook her head. “That didn’t happen. After all, the two of them were personally recruited by you, Deputy Chairman.”

It was already late. Roland thought for a moment, but still said, “Go get those two little ones. If they’re asleep, just wake them up.”

Vivian looked a little surprised, but went downstairs as she was told.

Not long after, she led the two little ones up.

A boy and a girl, two small children, rubbed their eyes while looking at Roland timidly. They were worried they had done something wrong to upset the Deputy Chairman, which was why he woke them up late at night to scold them.

“You guys must have had a bad time lately because the others don’t like you very much.”

Upon hearing these words, the two children had aggrieved looks in their eyes, but it was more of a stubborn expression.

Roland laughed lightly. “This doesn’t matter. Isn’t it normal for nobles to look down on commoners? Now that you’re in, learn well and don’t worry about other people’s opinions —at least, in my presence, they won’t bully you and you guys won’t have any less learning resources. But most importantly, it all still depends on you. Even if you are commoners, once you become official mages in the future, who would dare to underestimate you, and who would dare to talk about your status again?

“Both of your talents aren’t bad, so as long as you work hard, you will eventually become an official mage.”

After hearing these words, the two little ones were beside themselves with excitement. They looked at Roland adoringly, their faces flushed and their eyes shining.

“All right, go get some rest.” Roland waved his hand gently.

The two little ones bowed slightly and left, bouncing vivaciously, and after they went down, their jubilant laughter could still be heard faintly from the stairway.

Vivian put a hand to her mouth and yawned lightly, then asked, somewhat curiously, “Are those two little ones really gifted?”

“They’re decent.”

They were actually quite average, but the advantage was that they were still young and very malleable. As long as they were taught carefully, and if the two little ones were not lazy and worked hard and diligently, Roland felt that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to become official mages before they reached adulthood.

“Then how gifted do you think I am?”

As Vivian said this, she suddenly made a very bold move. She leaned down and braced her hands on Roland’s desk. The neckline of the magic robe inconspicuously opened a little wider, then dropped down further due to gravity.

When Roland looked over, he saw all the things he shouldn’t have seen.

Though he was stunned for a moment, Roland calmly said, “A very good gift, one rarely seen.”

Vivian stood up straight again. She looked embarrassed for a moment, but then she tilted her head up slightly and seemed very proud.

The moonlight slanting in through the window enveloped Vivian, and a few flecks of dust illuminated by the moonlight, like scattered stars in the sky, surrounded this beautiful, proud, shy, emboldened young woman, setting her off like a spirit appearing in the middle of the night.

Vivian’s eyes were as bright as clear water as she gently placed an object on the table and then said, “You can come to me whenever you want.”

After saying that, she turned around and left. After exiting the study, she shrieked “yah” softly, holding her face that was about to ripen with both hands, and ran downstairs in a panic.

On the desk, a pale yellow wooden key was left behind.

Roland looked at this key, deep in thought. Finally, he put this key into his Backpack.

Then he went to the magic lab and kept doing various magic experiments to calm down his somewhat jittery emotions.

It was soon dawn and time stopped. Roland climbed out of the immersive cabin and after washing up, as usual, he went to the computer and opened the game forums.

Although it was possible to read the forums in the game, the time in the game was too important. Dealing with Magic Tower affairs, teaching magic apprentices, and doing magic experiments, he didn’t want to waste a single second.

Therefore, the daytime when there was nothing too important to do would naturally be a good time to browse the forums.

Jett had already posted the agreement they had made with the nobles as a video. Now the general discussion board was almost entirely filled with posters discussing the incident in Delpon.

A large number of players began to analyze how they fought, and how the benefits were distributed afterward.

Roland clicked into a thread that received the most likes.

The Impact of the Delpon Incident on the Hollevin Noble Class, and the Influence on the Future Behavior of the Players.

The poster was actually the data expert O’Neal whom Roland knew.

The post used detailed data and many classic historical cases to analyze this event. In the end, two conclusions were drawn.

“The characteristics of brutality, weakness, and compromise particular to the aristocratic and bourgeoisie are completely exposed.”

“High-end battle power has too important of a role in warfare.”

This post clearly explained the Delpon incident in easily understandable terms, logically detailing the future implications that each of their actions could bring about.

Roland even felt a bit shocked after reading it. “Isn’t this a bit over-interpreted?”

But come to think of it, this was the reason why O’Neal was a data powerhouse whereas he only graduated with a bachelor’s.

After reading the forums for a while, Roland hopped on a bicycle and pedaled to the saber arts club.

As he ate the delicious breakfast made by Night Tide Sands, he chatted with the two siblings.

When he was about to finish eating, Qi Shaoqiu suddenly said, “Oh right, another student came to visit yesterday afternoon. I guess he’ll come over later to pay the tuition fee. When he comes, you behave yourself and help me improve my impression, that way he’ll be more likely to stay, got it?”

“Sure.” Roland nodded.

Now that the three of them had gotten to know each other well, it wasn’t an overstatement to say that they were good friends. Besides, Roland still ate the delicious breakfast made by Night Tide Sands every day. One who receives gifts sells his liberty-he had to help even if he didn’t want to.

After finishing breakfast, Roland wanted to wash his own dishes, but Night Tide Sands took his dishes away first.

Then Roland walked under the large shed, and right after putting on his protective gear, he saw a red sports car parked in front of the saber arts club.

Qi Shaoqiu patted Roland’s shoulder. “Here comes the local tycoon! Be more energetic.”

Roland, however, narrowed his eyes. “I think this sports car looks quite familiar.”

Qi Shaoqiu looked at him in confusion.

Then the wing doors of the sports car opened and a man got out.

Roland helplessly quirked the corner of his mouth. F***ing hell, isn’t that Li Lin? Why did he come over here too?

Li Lin circled his gaze around the saber arts club, and when he saw Roland, he was also stunned for a moment before walking over quickly.

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