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Chapter 133 - I’m Not the Last

Chapter 133: I’m Not the Last

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The scenery before Bettel’s eyes distorted. Nothing of the outside world could be heard, his ears were full of buzzing sounds; and his body swayed twice, about to fall, but he was held up by his own personal guards.

The smiles of the five people in front of him were like demons’.

“You… despicable and shameless bandits.” At the thought of his family’s accumulated assets over several generations being destroyed by these five people, Bettel felt himself vomiting blood on the inside.

What was even worse, the other side was still eating his family’s muskmelon and mocking him.

He felt the thrum of a stream of blood rushing toward his head, and his head was about to explode from it.

The personal guard patted him hard on the back and hurriedly said, “Mayor, don’t get too worked up, don’t get too worked up, catch your breath, catch your breath.”

With the help of his personal guards, Bettel was finally barely able to suppress the fiery emotions that were so sorrowful and indignant that he wanted to take down the other side with him. He stared viciously at the five bandits and shouted angrily, “Since you burned my castle and robbed me of my money, why don’t you come and kill me now? Come and kill me. You five are all professionals, it’s easy to kill us mere mortals, right? Come on, come on!”

At the end of the shout, his emotions flared up again, his face red as a monkey’s butt, the veins in his neck bulging. Like a rabbit driven to a dead end, he broke out in a suicidal, verbal counterattack.

The melon-eating bandit player laughed and said “You do deserve to die, but not by our hands. The one who is going to kill you will be here soon.”

Bettel’s pupils narrowed. “Who is it?”

He had actually guessed who it was, but he still responded with a question automatically.

“Speak of the devil.” One of the players at the back pointed into the distance.

At this time, Bettel saw a group of masked black-robed men running at the end of the road. They were quite fast and stopped before him in a short time.

At this point, Bettel no longer had the strength to run.

His horse was close to collapse, and his personal soldiers were sitting on the ground, unwilling to get up.

When a person was extremely tired, if he didn’t rest, he might be able to walk for a while longer, but once he sat down, he would have little strength to crawl back up and walk around, unless adequate rest was taken.

He couldn’t walk even if he wanted to at this point, and besides, he had some mental preparation.

The square formation of black-robed people came close. The bandit players stepped back and took out their black robes from their Backpacks and put them on, finding their positions in the square formation and taking their place.

And then Allie, dressed in a red upper-class dress, slowly came out from behind the square formation. The big black wave embracing a bright red flower appeared extremely pretty, and the atmosphere had an indistinct edge.

“So it’s you.” Bettel saw Allie and smiled bitterly.

Allie stopped about ten feet away from Bettel, looked at the soldiers, who were standing in front of them, barely on guard. She smiled, and said, “Me and my friends are only interested in Bettel, so leave.”

These soldiers were all personal soldiers specially trained by the Bettel family and were extremely loyal. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have followed Bettel desperately to this place.

They didn’t hesitate or get confused. It was as if those words had landed upon deaf ears: they continued guarding Bettel.

“I had thought you were all just following orders, so I thought about letting you guys go, but you don’t appreciate it.” Allie’s gaze swept over the soldiers, murderous intent in her cold voice. “But all these years, Bettel has all committed all sorts of evil deeds, and you guys must have followed along and done a lot of bad things too, so after some thought, it’s best if you guys go to hell with Bettel.”

Events were still streaming at this time, and the players in the livestream were a bit surprised. “Hm, this Allie’s temperament has changed a bit—she’s gotten smarter.”

Bettel looked around at the soldiers and smiled bitterly as he stood up. “Oh Allie, one thing I don’t understand is, since you have such power behind you, why you didn’t tell me. If you had just told me, I definitely wouldn’t have done anything to you.”

“No, we’d get to this point sooner or later.” Allie shook her head. “I was just caught up in your fancy words before. Just give me a little more time and I’d still discover your true nature. We would still clash then. After all, our views are very, very different.”

Bettel laughed miserably. “You’re going to kill me yourself?”

Allie nodded.

“What a cruel woman.” Bettel stepped out of the protective circle and said, “I can go with you to the grove. Give me one last bit of a noble’s dignity, and don’t let my faithful subordinates see my miserable end. Let them go.”

The group of soldiers was immediately impassioned by these words, and though they had little strength left, they still clamored to join Bettel in life and in death.

Roland snapped his fingers and Group Hypnosis immediately enveloped them.

In the pale yellow light, these soldiers fell down one by one.

The success rate of Hypnosis, especially Group Hypnosis, was actually not very high.

The reason why Roland was able to make all the enemies sleep in one move was that these soldiers were too tired and had no mental resistance left.

Bettel looked at the group of sleeping soldiers and laughed bitterly. He then looked at the players and his bitter smile gradually became strange. “You guys are quite daring, really. You’ve done a terrible thing. To the other lords, you’re no different than devils. I should be the first lord to die at your hands, but I won’t be the last. One day, you guys will come into conflict with the entire noble world, and I will watch from hell to see if you guys are victorious, or if you guys are banished back to your original world.”

With that said, he straightened his clothes and walked into the grove, Allie following him.

The players waited in place.

After a short while, Allie, with a bit of blood on her face and a large dark red stain on her big red dress, came out.

However, these things were censored into pixels.

Then, the players’ expressions became somewhat ambiguous.

A beautiful woman with a few white pixels on her face immediately washed away the sorrowful atmosphere and even added some joy.

Allie walked up to the player in charge of the livestream and said, “Bettel has been killed. I will keep my promise and quit this game. I’m also planning to sell the game cabin, and those of you in the livestream who are interested can follow the official auction led by the spice girls provinces1. It should be offered for sale in the near future.”

At this moment, someone among the black-robed people advised, “Sister, just delete the account and restart. You can just remodel your face again—no one will know who you are. This is a rare opportunity, and once the immersive cabin is sold, it’ll be hard to buy again later.”

Allie shook her head. “I’ve already made up my mind, this game is not for a naive woman like me.”

Although Allie looked lost and melancholic, none of the players who looked at her would feel the same way. They frowned awkwardly, wanting to laugh but too embarrassed to do so. The pixels on the girl’s face really ruined the atmosphere.

At this moment, someone interjected, “So, our mission is considered complete, how about we all just break up?”

“Wait, don’t be in a hurry to disperse.” A bandit jumped out, took the loot from his Backpack, and threw it on the ground. “This is the spoils of war I scavenged from the castle. Divide amongst yourselves, everyone’s got a share.”

The other five bandit players also jumped out. “Here’s more.”

Then, a pile of gold coins, silver coins, and gems piled up in front of everyone.

Although there were only 60 gold coins, when the price of the gems was factored in, each player who participated in this activity would at least get a share of the 3 gold coins.

A “eat lemons” statement emerged from the livestream.

“Oh sh**, why didn’t I attend? That’s a lot of money.”

“I regret it so much, I should have had a share. If a brothel worker hadn’t sucked the energy out of me on the road…”

“Sure enough, those who commit murder and arson get rich!”

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