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Chapter 126 - The Players’ First Joint Law Enforcement

Chapter 126: The Players’ First Joint Law Enforcement

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Roland continued to derive and experiment with magic in the Magic Tower. The shield-wielding magic puppet gradually began to improve. Roland estimated that in three or four days, he would be able to finish creating the defensive type of magic puppet.

For fights in the future, he could first summon an offensive and a defensive guard, in addition to Teleportation Spell, not to mention his battle prowess, his survival ability alone would be greatly enhanced.

Roland also firmly believed in the saying that only with survival can damage output be produced.

The death penalty of this game was also quite high. The corpse would be left in place after death, not to mention the equipment being stripped away, but one would also lose 10% of the current level’s maximum experience. The higher the level and the better the equipment, the greater the loss. There was also the danger of decreasing a level.

So in this game, it was best not to die if possible.

Roland sat in his chair, waiting for his passive ability to regenerate mana, and meanwhile, he opened the forums and read other people’s posts.

More and more players began to write about their own insights and experiences, as well as their experiences on leveling up.

It was quite interesting to read.

Moreover, there were some players who left Hollevin and went to other countries.

For example, the kingdom of light, Fareins, or the desert kingdom, Urganda, and so on.

Some players even formed caravans. They were planning to follow the example of NPCs and become traveling merchants.

Sure enough, there were so many ways to play this game that everyone could find their own way to live.

It was at this time that in the low-value posts section, a highlighted thread attracted Roland’s attention.

I’m Quitting, but Before I Do, I Hope the Netizens Will Give Me Justice.

Roland thought something had happened to the netizen in real life, such as the immersive cabin being stolen.

In the end, when he opened the thread for a look, he found he guessed wrong. It was related to the game.

After reading the post, Roland couldn’t help but sigh.

This was a female player. She added points to intelligence and charm and was the very rarely seen profession of Strategic Commander.

Her individual strength was average, but she was “born” with two legion-level command skills, as well as some group-enhancing spells.

Because of her added charm, although she was unattractive in reality, she was considered a beauty in the game.

She was born in a medium-sized city called Mory, with a population of about two hundred thousand.

When she was born, since she looked relatively beautiful, she suffered a lot of harassment, which she resolved. Then once when she was in danger, a young nobleman appeared and saved her.

At the same time, he took care of her in every way possible and even taught her a language in this world.

After a month or two, they became lovers and the female player moved into a small castle as if she were going to be the future lady of the castle.

The young nobleman was kind to the female player, granting her almost whatever she asked—taking her to familiarize herself with the rules of the noble class, this city, and the world. The passionate and romantic days were lovely for this female player.

The nobles even spent a great number of resources on the female player to allow her to quickly level up.

So quickly, the female player reached level five. Amongst female players, she was one who reached the elite level a little earlier than most.

Then, the young nobleman ran into some trouble. An evil assassin organization, for some reason, pursued the young noble. Both parties were equally matched, and many people died.

As his lover, the female player naturally refused to see her man being bullied, so she fervently requested to participate in the war.

Although her individual strength was lacking, her effect in group warfare was too powerful. After reaching level five, she learned an even more powerful legion buff. Once she cast three legion skills on the army, the fighting ability of the young nobles would rise two or three levels immediately.

They very easily annihilated the enemy.

With his mortal malady eliminated, the young nobleman was even kinder to the female player.

The female player thought this young noble would be her future home. Even if it was a game, even if it was an NPC, she felt that she could spend a lifetime with him.

However… one day a big shot came to the city. On the night banquet that day, the young nobleman purposely left her alone with the big shot.

At first, she didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until the big shot started to make a pass at her that she felt something was wrong.

She wasn’t good at fighting, so she drove a knife right into her heart when she was about to be humiliated by the big shot. By then she had forgotten that female players were protected by two systematic bikinis, and if they didn’t want to, no one could force them. At the time, she felt nothing but resentment and fury.

After reviving, she went to the young nobleman.

In the end, the young nobleman scolded her instead, saying that he didn’t mind that she spent a night with the big shot and that this could’ve brought his family even more benefits.

However, she did mind.

She cursed that the young nobleman wasn’t a man. In the end, he showed his true nature and threw her from the third floor to her death.

After two deaths, she downgraded to level four, at which point she began to suspect that she had been used all along.

After reviving, she directly went to find the assassin organization that was destroyed—to inquire about why they targeted the young noble.

Although the process was quite exhausting, she eventually found them.

The remnants of the assassination organization killed her five more times, but she wasn’t angry. After reviving, she let them kill her and didn’t even fight back.

After five times, the remnant members barely trusted her and told her why they tried to assassinate the young nobleman.

The young nobleman was a wicked man. After he became the mayor of the city, he began to commit crimes. For several years, he killed, burned, raped, and plundered many people. They were an organization united by the victims and a few high-minded rebels.

Originally they had some chance of winning, but the appearance of the female player directly led to a serious power imbalance in favor of the nobles.

As soon as the assassin organization had told the truth, they were surrounded by armed troops.

It turns out the female player had been stalked.

At this point, the remaining assassins mistakenly believed that the female player deliberately tried to lure them out.

They killed the female player three more times before they died.

The female player didn’t fight back. She stared blankly at these NPCs of the resistance; the latter stared at her with venomous, hateful eyes, dying with remembered grievances.

She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

At last, the young nobleman laughed wildly and beheaded the female player, looking very pleased with himself.

This post had over 40,000 words. Judging from the word count alone, she wrote this for at least several days.

The female player wrote at the end of the post, “I am a stupid woman, a shallow woman, a woman without self-knowledge, but I also have a conscience. When I do something wrong, I’ll accept my punishment. I’ll leave the game and sell the immersive cabin. It’s just that I can’t accept this. I don’t want those NPCs in the resistance organization to die meaninglessly because of me, and I don’t want that scum to live happily ever after. But I can’t get revenge. I’m not good at fighting and I’ve died too many times that I’m level three now and I can’t do anything. So… I earnestly ask everyone to help me—help me kill that scum!!!”

This time the idiotic netizens didn’t stir up trouble. Instead, they replied very seriously.

“Copy that. Mory is only 300 kilometers from here. I can walk there in a few days.”

“Copy that. More than 200 kilometers for me. Guys, don’t inadvertently alert the enemy, gather outside the city first.”

“Copy that. It’s also 200 kilometers from here.”

Roland thought for a moment and also left a reply.

Mory was roughly 300 kilometers away from Delpon.

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