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Chapter 122 - Accident

Chapter 122: Accident

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The studio seemed silent for a few seconds at the news, then a pile of smirking icons was sent.

It was in quite a uniform manner.

Roland watched as the number of netizens in the studio grew, and soon exceeded 50,000.

And yet, still more netizens continued to surge in.

Most of them were likely to be World of Falan players, mixed in with many netizens from the real world.

It was Roland’s first livestream, but he wasn’t too uncomfortable.

It was standing in front of the school podium that was more painful. Standing above, looking down at the dark masses of two or three thousand heads, he would feel an immense amount of pressure. In contrast, the studio was much better. One only had to face a pile of numbers and online IDs. There was no pressure at all.

As more and more people entered, the chat room was now flooded with messages. Roland took a casual look and found that it was all nothing of significance. He cleared his throat and said, “This is my first livestream and probably my last. Now I would like to explain to everyone the matter of cross-world translation.”

With that said, Roland paused as he noticed that there was suddenly no one talking in the chat room. He looked at the number of people in the chat room, which was still growing, and the “live” sign was still properly lit up.

In other words… The game producers intervened and directly banned everyone’s right to speak.

After pausing for a few seconds, Roland continued, “I’ve done experiments whilst in the game where I’ve been able to read most of the language in the real world after using Language Proficiency. But the hieroglyphs of the Pharaoh civilization are an exception. In my recognition, it’s a pile of mojibake! I don’t know why either.”

At this moment, a netizen with the ID “I am the mountain lord” sent a message, which was quite obvious because he was the only one who could speak.

“Can you do a few tests to prove it?”

Now almost everyone couldn’t speak, but the “I am the mountain lord” netizen could speak. This person was presumably the one Ma Huajun said would assist him.

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Roland said this and snapped his fingers. Milky light swirled around him and then faded away.

“It’s time to start.”

For ordinary netizens, news from the entertainment industry was always the type of news that was pushed the most.

However, today was an exception.

Breaking News, He Can Actually Translate the World’s Languages Like This.

A Young Man Under 30 Who Put Linguists Around the World to Shame

The Pride of the New Generation, If You Don’t Share This You’re Not Chinese

Even He Couldn’t Read Pharaoh Hieroglyphs, Could It Really Be As Certain People Have Conjectured?

The monotonous breaking news headline flooded the sights of the netizens that went online the next day.

If only one or two online news networks pushed such headlines, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but almost all news media pushed similar news; even self-media was no exception.

It could be said that even those who didn’t want to see this couldn’t help but feel curious after seeing all these online news websites promote the topic.

Almost hundreds of millions of people opened a link at the same time.

In the video, there seemed to be a teenage cosplayer who snapped his fingers, and then a white light entered his body.

“It’s time to start.”

Time to start what? Hundreds of millions of people simultaneously expressed their doubts.

Then, they looked at the young man show off stylishly. No matter which language appeared, he would be able to translate it extremely accurately.

Not to mention oracles, he could even read some of the languages of the lost tribes of the tropical rainforests.

The more they watched the video, the stranger their expressions became, and the wider their mouths gaped.

Some people didn’t quite believe it, and instinctively retorted: This is just an act.

“An act my ass, even CCAV online network media published this video.”

Someone immediately countered them.

If it was any other media, it was possible that they’d faked this, but CCAV wouldn’t. This state media chose to report some news, but as long as it was reported, it was true.

How could a young man translate the languages of the world?

What did he do, how did he become such a genius?

With these thoughts in mind, many people began to look for the cause and effect of this matter on the Internet, and then matters concerning the immersive cabin entered the sights of the masses again.

Roland crawled out of the immersive cabin, and after he took a shower, he got a call from Schuck.

“Hey, superstar, come over and talk to us?”

“I’m so irritated right now, don’t mock me,” Roland said bitterly. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you at the usual place.”

Roland called Qi Shaoqiu and said he couldn’t practice saber arts today, then rode a public bike to the cold drink bar.

It was Saturday, and the others didn’t have to work, so after Roland arrived, Brazil, Li Lin, and others arrived one after another.

When they came in, they would laugh and tease him for being a superstar.

Roland was a little annoyed, but most of it dissipated—listening to his close friends’ jesting, he could only reluctantly take it with a wry smile.

“Now you’re really famous.”

They drank beer and cooked youtiao and steamed sweet potatoes for breakfast.

Li Lin was the one who bought steamed sweet potatoes on his way here. Only a rich second generation like him would drive a sports car to buy sweet potatoes.

Li Lin continued, somewhat enviously, “After revealing your identity, perhaps you can become an Internet celebrity.”

“I’m not going to reveal my real identity.” Roland chewed on his youtiao and said slowly, “There’s no point in being an Internet celebrity. There’s no need.”

Li Lin shrugged a little regretfully. “As long as you’re happy. I just think it’s a waste—now that you’re famous.”

“It’s just my character in the game that’s famous, not me personally.” Roland sat up straight and sighed. “Besides, these abilities are not unique to me. As long as others learn Language Proficiency, they can also be translators, and at that time, there’ll be so much competitive pressure. There’s no need to waste time on that. It’s better to continue playing the game and learn more spells. We have a head-start advantage on the game, and we should keep it that way.”

Li Lin nodded. “That’s quite a good point.”

“Oh right, speaking of Language Proficiency,” Schuck interjected, “when you were livestreaming last night, I also opened videos from other countries to see what they were saying by using Language Proficiency, and it didn’t work… I had no idea what the foreigners were gabbling about in the videos.”

What? Roland was surprised.

At this moment, Betta also said, “I tried too, it doesn’t work.”

“But I can understand them very well.”

Roland felt this a little strange. They all knew the Language Proficiency, so why could he do it and they couldn’t?

Schuck thought for a moment and said, “Could it be that the Language Proficiency that Betta and I have were given by the system, so we don’t know any magic models or magic channels at all? It doesn’t belong to us, so it only works in the game. But for you Mages, the spells are released after you’ve fully understood the magic model, the so-called magic channels. Could this be the reason?”

Yes, it really is possible.

“If this inference is correct, then doesn’t it mean that in-game spells can also be used in real life?” Betta looked naive as he said these words.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then they all burst out laughing.

It was impossible to use magic in the real world.

Li Lin chuckled, then held up the beer bottle, took a sip, and said, “Why don’t you try it? Let Betta give up on this idea forever—it’s impossible to use magic in the real world.”

Roland had already drank three bottles of beer. He hadn’t been good at drinking. He usually only drank one or two bottles when he was with his friends.

Now he was a little tipsy, and after listening to Li Lin, he laughed in a daze and said, “Sure.”

He instinctively held out his finger, recalling the spell model, and then snapped his finger lightly.

The snap was light and crisp—nothing happened.

Some of the other drunk childhood friends laughed aloud, and Betta sighed disappointedly.

However, at this moment, Schuck frowned lightly. He suddenly discovered that something was wrong with Roland.

At this moment Roland was still. His eyes gradually turned white and two streaks of blood flowed out of his nostrils.

Before Schuck could react, Roland fell off his chair with a thud.

Roland toppled a lot of wine bottles on the table as he fell, the sounds of glass shattering for a moment.

They gawked at Roland who was lying on the floor, watching the blood gush from his nostrils.

Then several of them jumped up at the same time.

“Oh f**k!”

“Help him up.”

“Don’t touch him, call 120 first.”

“Stuff his nose with a tissue first so he doesn’t bleed too much.”

“What happened, he was fine just now.”

The scene was extremely chaotic.

When Roland woke up, it was almost twelve in the afternoon.

As soon as he opened his eyes, a familiar voice said, “Oh s**t, you finally woke up. You scared us to death.”

Roland turned his head and found Betta and his childhood friends beside the bed.

He looked bewilderingly at the surroundings; the smell of disinfectant filled his nostrils. This was a hospital.

Roland looked back at Schuck. “I remember I was drinking. How did I end up here?”

“You fainted earlier, bleeding out at least a bottle of mineral spring water from your nose,” Li Lin said with a horrified expression. “We thought it was something major and called 120 to bring you here. In the end, the doctor gave you a check-up from soup to nuts and found nothing wrong. The doctor just said that you were sleeping deeply because you’re probably too tired.”

Sleeping deeply, that’s impossible! Yesterday he was still playing the game; his body rested amazingly well inside the immersive cabin.

Schuck also added, “The doctor’s check-up couldn’t find anything, so it shouldn’t be anything major. Roland, do you feel any discomfort anywhere?”

“A little tired, weak, and hungry.” Roland sat up and looked at his clothes, covered in a pool of bloodstains. “I really had a severe nosebleed?”

Until just now, he still thought that he had drunk too much beer, passed out, and his childhood friends were joking with him.

But now, it seemed they definitely weren’t.

“What happened to me exactly?”

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