Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 115 - It’s Black Under the Light

Chapter 115: It’s Black Under the Light

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Hawk’s figure was much brawnier than before. He was unable to sit in his usual chair and could only stand and chat.

Roland also stood with him.

However, it felt like a tall wall was standing in front of him. It made Roland feel oppressed. He looked at the muscular monster helplessly and sighed. “Do you really think this image of yours is very good?”

“Very good,” Hawk replied in a booming voice. Then, he asked curiously, “Could it be that your style of aesthetics if one of young and androgynous beauty?”

Roland shook his head and said, “That’s not the case. I’m a neutral. My ideal image is to appear thin with clothes on and muscular with clothes off.”

“Tsk, you neutral guys are worse than those who like young, androgynous beauty. You’re just fence-sitters,” Hawk said angrily.

Roland scoffed. “You guys are too extreme. Besides, the aesthetic standards of the masses are what’s most important. Since the previous game update, the total population of Warriors has already decreased to 30% of the overall population, and it’s still slowly decreasing. Doesn’t this mean anything?”

“Those people don’t have strong willpower, nor do they understand the beauty of muscle. In reality, I don’t have the ability to train my muscles, but I didn’t expect that I would be able to achieve it in-game.” As he spoke, Hawk put on a very showy posture. It was very difficult for him to set his hands on his waist, and his clothes were about to explode thanks to his bulging muscles. Then he said seriously, “Let’s cut the jokes, what do you plan to do next?”

“Two months is enough to paralyze that person,” Roland said slowly. “According to the clues we found earlier, he would kill a girl every one or two months. He probably can’t hold back any longer.”

“I understand what you’re thinking.” Hawk nodded. “After the past few months of training, those intelligence agents have barely gained some level of mastery. This time, they definitely won’t alert the enemy.”

“I’ll be troubling you then.” Roland smiled.

“You’re too kind.” Hawk shook his head and said, “If you didn’t sell us a sum of gold coins every month, we really wouldn’t be able to build a faction here. Now that we’ve just barely gotten on the right track, we’ll be self-sufficient in the future. I’m curious, how did you determine it’s him?”

Roland sighed and said, “Previously, when we were in the dark, we kept our eyes on the outside and almost got tricked by him once. Fortunately, the fake coat-of-arms left behind reminded me that the person knows magic and is highly intelligent. He might not be a noble or a member of our Magic Tower. The definitive evidence that allowed me to confirm the murderer’s real identity was given to me by Gru. You definitely wouldn’t have expected that the Belly Snake Gang that Bard destroyed previously is our Magic Tower’s puppet organization.”

Hawk exclaimed, “I really didn’t make the connection.”

“I didn’t expect that this puppet gang wasn’t even known to Chairman Aldo, either.”

A strange smile appeared on Hawks face. “In other words, whoever has the most contact with this gang is the most suspicious!”

Roland nodded.

“Then I’ve guessed who it is.”

Half an hour later, Hawk left the Magic Tower.

Roland continued deriving magic spells and teaching the magic apprentices as usual.

Several days later, the 23 children from the Gray Sand Gang were sent over.

They lined up in two rows on the first floor of the reflective Magic Tower, looking nervously at the youth in front of them.

Roland’s gaze swept across them, but he did not say anything. The children’s expressions became more nervous and… expectant.

After waiting for three minutes, Roland picked two children and said, “It’s the two of you. Vivian, Remember what they look like. They’ll be apprentices in the future. If they aren’t literate, teach them how to read and write. Make arrangements for their rooms. As for the rest, they can leave.”

The two children were naturally ecstatic, while the other children looked disappointed. Some secretly wiped away tears.

Such a good opportunity was rarely seen in hundreds of years, but they did not manage to grasp it.

The leader of the Black Sand Gang was waiting anxiously outside the Magic Tower with a few members of the Association. When he saw the group of children, and the two familiar-looking people in the crowd, he broke into a smile.

“Don’t worry. Even if you weren’t chosen, you’ll still be the backbone of the Gray Sand Gang in the future,” said the leader generously. “Work hard. The future of the Gray Sand Gang will depend on you guys.”

The children instantly perked up.

Vivian led the two selected children up to the second floor when she bumped into the white-haired Jerry.

Jerry was very old. Even though his mental power was the highest among the magic apprentices, his frail body was a burden to him. His rate of improvement was far inferior to Vivian’s.

Even so, Jerry didn’t give up.

He knew very well that as Mages improved, their lifespans would slowly increase. He would slowly improve himself, and his life would slowly extend. He could continue his ignoble existence until he became an Elite Mage one day.

When that happened, he would apply to turn his body elemental and become a different Elemental Mage. This would give him a few hundred years of life.

Of course, this was the most optimistic scenario. He knew very well that his talent was lacking, and his chances of holding out to that point in time were low.

Hence, when he saw the two children who were less than twelve years old, he could not help but show envy and jealousy.

How good would it be if he had met Deputy Chairman Roland at this age!

He walked over and looked at the two children who were nervous and afraid. He sighed and walked down the stairs.

One of the children asked, “Is he the chairman?”

“No, he’s a magic apprentice like me,” Vivian explained.

“He’s already so old, but he’s still an apprentice. It’s hard to learn magic, right? Will we be able to master it?” the child asked worriedly.

Vivian explained gently, “I’m not sure about the other Magic Towers, but our deputy chairman is very good at teaching.”

The two children finally gained some confidence.

At that moment, someone pushed open a door. Claus walked out and saw the two children. He asked, “Are these the new apprentices chosen by the deputy chairman? Hmm, they look rather normal.”

Upon hearing this, the two children immediately felt disheartened.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t mean it. I’ll buy you something as an apology.” Claus smiled.

“You’re going out too?” Vivian was a little surprised.

“Other than me, who else goes out?” Claus was surprised.

Vivian replied, “Jerry went out as well. He didn’t look too happy.”

“Jerry, he’s probably going to visit his grandson,” said Claus with a smile. “He visits his grandson every month or two.”

“Where are you going then?”

“I’m going to the slave market for a walk. Since you’re not willing to take the initiative, I’ll be checking to see if there’s anything good there. I’ll buy one for the deputy chairman.”

Vivian’s face immediately darkened. “How dare you!”

“Then you should take the initiative.” Claus grunted and went down the stairs.

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