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Chapter 107 - The Malice of Game Producers

Chapter 107: The Malice of Game Producers

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Roland was currently level four and soon to be level five. He had a great understanding of how every attribute worked, so he had some ideas of his own.

“Intelligence determines the maximum amount of mana and the power of spells; it’s the most important core attribute of Mages, so adding all points to it is the right thing to do. But this game is different, and other attributes are also quite important. Resistance determines your mana’s base regeneration speed, ability to control magical elements, and good resistance to magic recoil. Constitution, as everyone knows, represents your maximum health and your base strength value.

“Along with the increase in level, a mage’s resistance to magic recoil increases, but only as a result of the increase in strength and willpower. Since that’s the case, why don’t we reduce the upper limit of intelligence growth a little bit, reduce it from 10 to 9, and distribute the extra 3 attribute points to resistance and constitution, so as to form the allocation method of 9 points in intelligence, 7 points in resistance, and 7 points in constitution—a trade-off: lower spell damage for better magic control and survivability. This way one wouldn’t easily end up in a head explosion from magic recoil.

“The other 7 points in constitution growth—after learning melee combat enhancement spells, one should be able to substitute out as Gandalf to deal with situations where the magic environment is unfavorable.”

The above was the core of Roland’s post.

At the start of account creation, the attribute growth for players was five, with ten freely assignable attributes.

When attribute growth increased, the cost of the number of freely assignable points would increase gradually. When attribute growth was at six to seven, it would only cost one freely assignable point. At eight to nine attribute growth, two freely assignable points were required, and to increase to ten, it would cost three points.

The player’s growth upper limit was ten.

If an attribute’s growth was maxed, it would use up nine freely assignable attribute points, the remaining point would be added elsewhere; Roland added it to resistance.

His attribute growth was 5 constitution, 5 agility, 10 intelligence, 6 resistance, and 5 charm.

Roland was much better at magic control than the average player because of his unique specialty of Magic Power Control. He also had 6 points of resistance growth, so the effect was very obvious: he was quite strong in the operation and control of magic.

However, if the other players wanted to do this, it would almost be impossible, so they could only find ways from an attribute perspective—higher resistance and higher constitution to fight against the damage of magic recoil.

This was Roland’s strategy in response to the current version of the game.

After the thread was published, there were immediately many mages who left comments.

“I’m going to enter the game first and see how much the activeness of magical elements will affect us this time. If the casting difficulty really increased significantly again, I will have to delete my account and try the attribute allocation method mentioned by Roland.”

“I am too lazy to struggle any more. Today, after going online, I’m immediately deleting my account to go be a Warrior.”

“Brother, weren’t Warriors nerfed today?”

“It’s still more pleasurable than playing the mage.”

Roland sighed lightly at this exchange. He’d tried his best.

He had been uploading spell models and trying to find an easier way for mages to get started.

This was the limit of what he could do at present. After all, he was only an ordinary guy, not some genius, not some amazing person—he couldn’t do something as exaggerated as turning the tides.

Turning off the computer, Roland rode a public bike to the saber arts club.

Because he wasn’t in a good mood, his motivation to study was lacking, and he was constantly making mistakes in training. Qi Shaoqiu shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Everyone had days where they were unhappy.

On the other hand, Night Tide Sands, who was always at a close distance, appeared to want something but hesitated.

However, Roland didn’t seem to notice this.

On the way home from the saber arts club, Roland took a detour, deliberately going in the opposite direction, and then circling into an alley, going back home slowly.

This was mainly to prevent being entangled by Jin Wenwen.

In the evening, Roland entered the game world right at the usual time.

The black and white world only lasted for a dozen or so seconds before the surrounding scenery returned to life again.

Roland opened the system interface, and sure enough, he found an icon of a blue circle and white clouds in the lower right corner. This was Penguin Corporation’s browser icon.

Clicking on it, Roland randomly entered some of his frequented websites and tested the connection speed. He found that the network response speed was extremely fast, almost opening immediately right after he clicked it.

Videos almost instantly finished buffering.

Roland opened the official gaming forums and found Fan Six Hundred Million’s live stream advertisement pinned at the top of the announcements.

When Roland clicked into it, he saw a pretty, blue-eyed, blond-haired dancer in a revealing outfit dancing provocatively in a tavern-like room.

There were a lot of men around, and judging from their temperament, about half of them were players, and the rest should be NPCs.

The shape of the dancer’s face was seventy percent similar to Fan Six Hundred Million’s.

She molded her character based on her actual face?

Tsk, tsk!

Roland clicked his tongue in exclamation, but suddenly his eyes were fixated—his gaze was attracted by several male players behind the dancer.

These male players… their striated muscles were like long worms that clung to their arms, and their physique was also much bigger, looking exceptionally imposing.


Is there such a body type option for the Warrior players?

Shouldn’t it be beautiful and well-proportioned muscles, dressed to look thin, but muscular when clothes are off?

Moreover, the expressions of these players were grief-stricken as if they’d lost their parents. Their depression was enough to break through a threshold, and they didn’t even want to watch Fan Six Hundred Million dance. At the same time, their eyes seemed to be fixed somewhere.

They… seem to be reading the forums?

Roland immediately opened the gaming forums and found the general forum area had exploded with posts.

Roland opened several popular threads, and after reading them, he couldn’t help but kneel in laughter, hammering his fists on the ground.

Although the game producers reduced the gains from constitution for Warriors, in fact, in numerical terms, there wasn’t much of a reduction.

They executed another type of nerf… restoring the true shape of the warrior’s physique.

The warriors that had 7 points of constitution growth were already muscular from head to toe, and at 8 points of constitution growth, the degree of their muscularity could be comparable to the world’s bodybuilding champions.

For warriors with 9 points of constitution growth, their physique was like a gorilla’s, and as for warriors with 10 points of constitution growth, they were the living embodiment of a human weapon. Their height not only surpassed two meters, but their muscles were also exaggerated to a terrifying degree; even their neck muscles were larger than their heads. No one would doubt it if they said they were strong orcs.

And constitution-type warriors had it even worse. The males were all pretty-looking Nezhas, while the females were King Kong Barbies.

On the forums, warrior players were lamenting everywhere, and of course, there was an extremely small minority of people with muscle fetishes that felt this was unusually charming.

Roland laughed for at least three minutes before barely stopping. Then, he opened a thread and saw a picture of a bitter King Kong Barbie, and he rolled on the floor laughing for another few minutes before standing up.

The game producers really knew how to have fun.

This certainly decreased the benefits of the constitution attribute… especially for female players, it indeed was more of a loss the higher the constitution attribute was—the benefits indeed were greatly reduced.

Roland believed that this “nerf” really could control the population of Warriors.

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