Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

Chapter 358 - 358 Splitting the Heavens and Earth!

358 Splitting the Heavens and Earth!

Both of them were among the strongest, so it should’ve been was very difficult for one to directly suppress the other party.

However, Pan Gu could do it easily.

On top of that, his opponent was the Buddha who had improved in strength.

Yet, Buddha was still vulnerable in his hands.

This proved that Pan Gu was very powerful.

“Today, I will make you pay the price!” Pan Gu said coldly!

“Boom!” Pan Gu attacked again.

The current Buddha could not take another attack from Pan Gu.

“Master, save me!” At this moment, Buddha understood his own situation, so he hurriedly yelled for help from Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming, you promised me that you would not interfere in this matter!” Pan Gu looked at Lin Ming and said coldly.

If Lin Ming made a move, not only would he not be able to kill Buddha, but his reputation would also be completely flushed down the drain!

“I won’t interfere in the battle, but I will definitely make a move to save him,” Lin Ming snorted and said, “After all, I can’t let him call me Maser for nothing.”


With that, Lin Ming directly made a move and blocked Pan Gu’s power!

“Lin Ming also made a move?”

The last time when Lin Ming made a move, they didn’t know his real strength because the old man was too weak.

However, Pan Gu was absolutely powerful.

If the two of them were to fight, they would definitely use powerful techniques that they had never seen before!

“Lin Ming, today, I will no longer tolerate you!” Looking at Lin Ming who had blocked his attack, Pan Gu finally burst into fury and stopped hiding the hatred in his heart for Lin Ming.

“Oh? I have always treated you as a senior, but it turns out that you can’t stand me anymore,” Lin Ming chuckled and attacked directly as well.

“Today, I will have to offend you.”

After saying that, the power in Lin Ming’s hand dashed fiercely.

Even the void gave off a feeling as if it was about to disperse due to Lin Ming’s power.

One had to know that the void had no space.

Now that such a phenomenon had appeared when Lin Ming had made a move, it was enough to prove his strength.

Even the nothingness could not withstand Lin Ming’s power!

“Humph! Pangu Ax!” Pan Gu said coldly.

This time, Lin Ming did not take back the Pangu Ax.

“This is yours. Although you had said that you would give it to me, not only have you broken your promise, but you’ve even set tricks on it. Yet, I still gave you face,” Lin Ming said coldly.

“Break!” Pan Gu said. With that, countless attacks appeared around Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had used the Pangu Ax before. It was a half-saint artifact that could resist the Laws by itself!

But now, despite the countless attacks, Lin Ming’s face remained unchanged.

“Hum!” Power of Chaos appeared around Lin Ming.

The power that could resist the power of Laws surrounded Lin Ming, and his power of Chaos didn’t budge an inch.

“This!” Pan Gu was also greatly surprised!

To think Lin Ming had blocked his attack with the Pangu Ax so easily.

“Hehe, it’s my turn,” Lin Ming said.

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Pan Gu was alert to the extreme!

“Chaos Suppression!” Lin Ming said coldly.

As he said this, the power of Chaos fell.

With the appearance of the power of Chaos, Pan Gu felt as if he had returned to being a mortal!

And now, because of the suppression of the power of Chaos, he felt as if he couldn’t even breathe.

“Suppress!” Lin Ming spoke again.

With that, the power of Chaos quickly constricted!

“How is this possible?!” At this moment, Pan Gu was blocking the power of Chaos crazily.

However, no matter what kind of power he used, the power of Chaos did not stop at all!

It could not even be weakened!

“How is this possible?!” Pan Gu’s eyes were wide open as he looked at everything that was happening before him in disbelief.

As one of the strongest, he was even one of the top experts among the strongest.

He had never encountered such a situation before!

“Open up!” Pan Gu smashed down with the Pangu Ax!

However, it only stopped the power of Chaos for a moment.

At this moment, Pan Gu finally panicked!

If this continued, the power of Chaos would turn him into ashes!

“How is this possible? !”

“Pan Gu has no ability to resist at all!”

“Lin Ming is ridiculously strong!”

Looking at both parties in the battle, the strongest experts had a feeling that made them doubt life at this moment.

After all, Buddha didn’t have any ability to resist Pan Gu’s attacks just now, and that was the Buddha whose strength had improved.

They asked themselves and realized that even though they were all the strongest experts, they couldn’t be any much stronger than Buddha.

Even if they were, it was probably only by a fraction.

Therefore, if they were to be faced with Pan Gu, they could only be beaten.

Yet right now, Pan Gu was being beaten by Lin Ming to the point that he could not fight back.

This proved that Lin Ming’s strength was terrifying!


As the Chaos kept shrinking, Pan Gu finally unleashed his strongest strength!

“Huh?” Everyone’s expression changed dramatically!

“Open up!” Pan Gu shouted angrily!

“This is!”

At this moment, the power of Laws burst out from Pan Gu’s body!

“This is… Heaven’s Order!”

Everyone exclaimed in disbelief.

“To think Pan Gu is Heaven’s Order!”

At this moment, Pan Gu’s identity had finally surfaced!

What about his mortal body and self-cultivation, those were pure bullsh*t!

Since Pan Gu was Heaven’s Order, to hell he would need to cultivate.


With that, the power of Chaos was finally blocked by Pan Gu.

“Lin Ming, I will definitely kill you today!” Pan Gu said angrily.

“Oh?” Lin Ming snorted coldly, “I’ve guessed your identity a long time ago.”

“Chaos Execution!” Lin Ming spoke coldly.

“Suppress!” Pan Gu, on the other hand, directly used the power of Laws in an attempt to suppress his opponent!

“Tsk tsk! I’m going to use my own methods as well,” Lin Ming smiled. He had trump cards, too.

“Execution!” Lin Ming spoke and continued, “Ten Thousand Arrows!”

With this, many rules and the power of Chaos attacked together.

“Destroy!” Lin Ming pointed at Pan Gu and said coldly.

“This is impossible!” Pan Gu looked at his power of Laws, which was melted like ice and snow!

“This is the power of Laws. How can your power of rules…” Pan Gu said, unwilling to admit defeat.

“Rules are the power of Laws when they are refined to a certain extent,” Lin Ming spoke, “Everyone, Heaven and Earth should be broken! Today, let us become our own Master!”

“Open up!” Lin Ming spoke again. Following this, holes appeared in the void that quickly split in half!

“From now on, I am the world!”

Lin Ming had completed splitting the Heavens and Earth!

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