Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1894 - 1894 Face Slap, Sister Nian's in the Top Ten!

1894 Face Slap, Sister Nian’s in the Top Ten!

The corners of Qin Si’s eyes twitched as he looked at her with a complicated expression. “Sister Qiao, this is the First Research Institute’s assessment, after all. Can you… act more worried? Otherwise, I’ll be very shocked.”

She had almost made the recruitment assessment of the Independent Continent’s First Research Institute feel like a high school monthly examination. Qin Si was really dealt a blow.

Gu San was also shocked.

Bo Jingxing was a little better, but his eyelids twitched twice, and he looked at the girl with admiration.

He really thought that Qiao Nian was joking when she said that she would be first. However, when the list of those ranked 31st to 40th places came out and Qiao Nian’s name was not on it, he knew that she spoke seriously. She was not joking at all.

First place…

She even handed in her paper in advance.

First place in the first round of the recruitment assessment of the Independent Continent’s First Research Institute…

Bo Jingxing couldn’t imagine the reactions of the various factions when they saw the results.

Qiao Nian thought seriously about how to appear ‘worried’. Ye Wangchuan reached out and buttoned her coat, tucking her in. He lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “Ignore him.”

His breath was close.

It was very ambiguous.

Qiao Nian nodded and did not say anything else.

The list of people in the 21st to 30th places was soon out.

Everyone was looking for Qiao Nian’s name.


Just like before, her name was still not on it.

Then, it was the 11th to 20th places. It was the same.

After that would be the top ten.

As long as she entered the top ten of the first round, even the people from the research institute would pay attention to her.

However, there was only a list and not a ranking.

The last list that was refreshed on the rolling screen was collectively called the first batch.

“What’s going on?” Qin Si immediately realized that the refreshed list on the rolling screen did not have a ranking or score. He pointed at the rolling screen and asked.

Ye Wangchuan’s lazy voice sounded. “The First Research Institute’s assessment’s top ten is called the first batch. They won’t announce the results immediately. We’ll have to wait 10 minutes before the rankings are released. Let’s wait a little longer…”

“Master Wang, how come you…” Qin Si was halfway through his sentence when he thought of Qiao Nian’s heaven-defying actions every time. He looked at him and stopped speaking. “Forget it, I won’t ask.”

He was about to ask Ye Wangchuan how he understood the rules of the First Research Institute’s assessment, but after thinking about it, he suddenly did not want to know.

Qiao Nian’s name was third.

Two names were at the front.

However, Ye Wangchuan said that this was not the last ranking. It was just a batch list. The rankings were not released yet.

Gu San took out his phone, took a photo of the rolling screen, and sent it to the group.

He followed Ye Wangchuan to the Independent Continent and had more contact with the people from Bright Gate. In private, he had frequent contact with Mo Dong, Mo Xi, and a few of Ye Wangchuan’s main connections in the Independent Continent. They had privately formed a group to facilitate contact.

Gu San: [@Everyone: [Picture].jpg]

No one in the group talked at first, but he suddenly tagged everyone. He sent out a ‘showing off’ sticker and nothing else.

The others clicked on the photo when they saw the message.

At a glance, they saw the rankings on the rolling screen. Qiao Nian’s name was on the first batch of rankings for the first round of the First Research Institute’s assessment.

Gu San went into hiding after sending the photo. Ignoring the group messages asking him about the situation, he switched his phone to silent mode and put it back into his pocket.

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