Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 149 - Are You Expecting Me to Be a Nun for Three Years?

Chapter 149: Are You Expecting Me to Be a Nun for Three Years?

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Qiao Chen and Fu Ge waited for her for a long time.

When they saw her slender figure, Fu Ge’s face turned red with anger.

“She’s out.”

Qiao Nian really slept with an old man.

Inside the twinkle in Qiao Chen’s eyes, a hint of despising could be seen. But she continued to hold onto Fu Ge’s hand and said pretentiously, “Brother Fu, there must be a misunderstanding. It might just be a moment of folly…”

“Let go of me!”

Fu Ge didn’t know why he was so angered, but he wanted to scream, and his eyes even turned red from anger.

He would be careful of Qiao Chen’s bad health and be gentle with her. However, he was too rough just now and Qiao Chen almost lost her balance.

“Brother Fu?” Qiao Chen was shocked at how angry he was.

She was his actual girlfriend and Qiao Nian was just one of his exes. They didn’t even hold hands. Even if she indeed slept with the old man, what did it have to do with him?

Why was he so upset?

Qiao Chen felt heartbroken as she started to tear up.

But Fu Ge wasn’t paying attention to her. His eyes were filled with anger as he walked towards the slender figure.

“Qiao Nian!”

Qiao Nian had reached the road when she heard someone calling her angrily.

She turned back and saw Fu Ge chasing after her, with Qiao Chen following him.

She turned and put her hand in her pocket. Her face turned cold.

“What’s the matter?”

They didn’t have the kind of relationship that you would say hi to each other when you meet each other on the streets.

Who would have thought that he would rush towards her and wanted to grab her hand? He asked, “Did you just sleep with someone?”

But before he came close to her, Qiao Nian reacted in time and backed off.

“Don’t come any closer and just speak your mind. I’m capable of hearing you from this distance. I’m not suffering from hearing loss.”

She was getting impatient with him!

Qiao Chen’s face turned cold when she saw that her boyfriend wanted to grab Qiao Nian’s hand. She stepped in between them and said pretentiously, “Sister, we just saw you entering the hotel with an old man. Brother Fu Ge thought that… you were sleeping around and wanted to speak with you.”

She then held Fu Ge’s arm and explained, “We grew up together, after all. Brother Fu doesn’t want you to be led astray.”

Qiao Nian was tired from trying to handle Zhao Jingwei’s matter and finding the rare material. They really approached her at the worst possible time.

Qiao Nian changed her stance and looked at them coldly and asked, “I slept with an old man?”

“You should know it yourself.” Fu Ge scoffed, looking disappointed.

Qiao Chen continued, “Sister, we’ve seen it…”

What she really meant was that she shouldn’t try to explain herself. It would be futile.

Qiao Nian was really annoyed by the Qiao Family members. At that moment, her cell phone vibrated. It should be from the kid.

She looked down to look at her cell phone.

Fu Ge then called out to her again. “Qiao Nian! How could you look at your phone while we’re talking to you?”

She continued to look at her phone. It was indeed from the kid. She then said without looking up from her phone, “Even if I slept with an old man, how does it have to do with you? Are you expecting me to be a nun for three years just because we broke up?”

She was cursing him to die, right?

Qiao Chen’s face changed as she whimpered. “Sister, you have gone too far.”

Fu Ge’s face turned cold as well.

He was angry because Qiao Nian had never allowed him to hold her hand when they were dating. She would even try to move away from him when he tried to get closer to her.

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