Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 131 - Hello, I’m Nian Nian’s Dad

Chapter 131: Hello, I’m Nian Nian’s Dad

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They didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, the professor from Qing University finally found the person he was looking for. He smiled and pushed past them, saying, “Sorry, excuse me.”

The people from Rao City moved aside to create a path for him.

Qiao Chen was pushed aside.

Qiao Weiming was pushed aside as well. They could only look at the professor that they thought came for them, walk towards the students’ sections of the lecture hall.

Even though most of the students had left, some stayed behind.

They stopped chatting when they realized that the professor was walking towards their section.

Qiao Nian saw the message.

[Nian Nian, are you here? Let’s have lunch together. (smiley face)]

When she was replying to the message, someone called out to her.

“Nian Nian.”

Who else could it be but Jiang Zongjin?

Jiang Zongjin wasn’t serious anymore. He was smiling from cheek to cheek.

He was like a father that hadn’t seen his daughter in a long time and didn’t know what to do.

The students from Class A were still talking about where to go for lunch. But when they saw the professor from Qing university approaching Sister Nian and calling her, they were utterly shocked.

What was going on?

Why was the professor from Qing University neglecting Qiao Chen and looking for Sister Nian?

It was Jiang Zongjin’s first time interacting with his daughter alone. He didn’t know what to say to her.

He looked at her right arm with pity. He then explained, “I wanted to come the day I received the call from your principal, but I had a meeting and couldn’t excuse myself.

“I had everyone’s report. Only I could do the conclusion.

“It was a project five years in the making and everyone poured their heart into it. I couldn’t leave so selfishly…”

Technically, he was so close to leaving already. He had even bought the plane tickets already.

But Jiang Li called him and told him that he would go back in his place instead. Jiang Li told him that he would update him, and he had nothing to worry about.

Ye Wangchuan also told him that Qiao Nian was found and the injury was only skin-deep.

He then completed the report.

Once he was done, he came to Rao City immediately.

Even after what he said, he still felt guilty. He didn’t dare to look her in the eye as he was afraid that she would be angry at him.

Turning and seeing the other students from Class A, he asked gently, “Are these your classmates?”

Qiao Nian didn’t blame him at all. She nodded in response.

Jiang Zongjin then introduced himself to them, “You guys must be Nian Nian’s classmates, right? Hello, I’m her father.”

Cheng Yuan was speechless.

Liang Bowen was speechless.

Shen Qingqing was speechless.

Jiang Tingting was speechless.

The entire Class A was speechless as well.


I must be hallucinating, right?

I must have some hearing issues.

I just heard the professor from Qing University say that he’s Sister Nian’s dad!

Not her uncle, not her neighbor. Her dad!

Jiang Zongjin didn’t realize that his words were equivalent to dropping a bomb. He even took the initiative to ask the shocked Class A, “You guys haven’t had lunch, right? Do you want to join us? It’s my treat. I’m not in Rao City most of the time. So, let me thank you for taking care of my daughter.”

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