Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1156 - You're 40 Years Old, Yet You're Still Being Scolded by Your Father

Chapter 1156: You’re 40 Years Old, Yet You’re Still Being Scolded by Your Father


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Old Master Jiang was telling the truth. After all, it was not as easy as he said. He had been in the industry for many years, so how could he not understand the twists and turns?

The reason why Tang Wanru did not make a fuss this time was that, to put it bluntly, the splitting of the family was beneficial to the second branch. Overall, the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

“Although I’ve left the old house to you and Nian Nian, you know that I won’t be able to live for long. At most, I’ll be able to survive for a few more years. Once I’m gone, it’ll be useless even if you inherit the old house. The people outside are pragmatic. All of them are smart. No one recognizes these dead things.”

Old Master Jiang was worried. “Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

He had tried his best to side with Jiang Zongjin when they split up, but his eldest son was not cut out for business.


Jiang Zongjin wouldn’t be able to do it even if he handed him the business!

Moreover, the second branch had already taken over the business for more than 10 years. It would be useless even if Jiang Zongjin, who was an academic, were to be appointed as the chairman. The people under him would not be convinced.

He had also made the decision after careful consideration to give most of the real estate to Jiang Zongjin. Jiang Zongnan was still in charge of the business.

But business was the key to connections.

Real estate would always be a dead circle!

Just like money, it would run out one day!

He was worried about that.

Old Master Jiang had always advocated free education and was not strict with his sons. He basically let them do what they liked.

At this moment, he regretted his sloppy education method back then. He was slightly displeased as he looked at this eldest son now. “Let me ask you, you haven’t improved at all after so many years in Qing University. Why are you still a professor? Don’t you have the possibility of advancing your career? Can you change your path and advance your career?”

There were many careers in education and hospital work.

Old Master Jiang was not joking.

Jiang Zongjin felt helpless and amused at his father’s scolding. He couldn’t tell anyone about the work he was doing now, so he could only comfort his father. “Dad, don’t worry! I can support Nian Nian with my current salary.”

Old Master Jiang’s mouth twitched and he almost wanted to scold him.

Nian Nian needed him to support her? Did he think that he was old and blind and did not see the black card that Nian Nian had just taken out in the old residence? How could it be owned by ordinary people? He just did not want his son to live off his granddaughter in the future!

However, the old man’s years of upbringing made him swallow his words. His brows twitched. “That’s not what I’m telling you. You should know what I mean.”

He was not talking about money.

In a place like Beijing, anyone who could settle down and afford a house would not be so poor that they couldn’t even afford to eat.

One had to have social status if one wanted to live an easy life in Beijing.

After splitting up, Xianrou had the company and Jiang Zongnan backing her up. She did not have to worry about anything.

What about Nian Nian?

In the end, only Jiang Zongjin was left.

Old Master Jiang was worried!

He was worried sick.

His eyes were filled with thoughts of this matter. However, Qiao Nian had been here just now, so he couldn’t say it out loud and put too much pressure on her.

“Nian Nian, her grades are so good, and she has two good teachers. As long as you give her a chance, she will definitely be able to gain a foothold in Beijing! You…”

If he had a strong body and could live a few more years, he would not have had to worry. He would definitely hand the Jiang family to Qiao Nian. He believed that with her around, the Jiang family would not decline just because he was dead.

It was just that many things in life did not go as planned.

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