Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 101 - Else the Girl From the Qiao Family Wouldn’t Be the Talk of the Town

Chapter 101: Else the Girl From the Qiao Family Wouldn’t Be the Talk of the Town

He made him wait for close to an hour because he was buying fruits. Qiao Weimin almost couldn’t contain his anger. But he quickly hid it and said, “It’s alright, I didn’t wait for too long.”

He leaned forward and said eagerly, “Secretary Su, since you’re here, let’s head up.”

However, Su Mo didn’t bring him upstairs for Yuan Yongqin like the previous times. Standing up with an awkward expression, he said, “Erm…”

Seeing he wasn’t budging, Qiao Weimin asked, “Secretary Su, what’s the matter?”

Su Mo looked at him and said calmly, “Chairman Qiao, haven’t I said already? Chairman Yuan has guests today and doesn’t have the time to meet you. Why don’t you come over next time?”

Qiao Weimin was speechless.

Cheng Feng Corporation had a good relationship with the Qiao Corporation. However, Qiao Weiming wasn’t sure what was it that attracted businesses from Cheng Feng Corporation. But everyone in the business knew that the Qiao Corporation would always be the first in mind for Cheng Feng Corporation’s projects.

This was even though Qiao Corporation’s proposal wasn’t the best or the cheapest. However, Cheng Feng Corporation would always award the project to Qiao Corporation.

He had interacted with Su Mo before. Su Mo was treated as Yuan Yongqin’s equal by everyone. However, Su Mo had always been respectful to Qiao Weimin, and this made him feel great in front of everyone.

It was the first time Su Mo had talked to him like that.

However, Qiao Weimin was an experienced businessman. He quickly composed himself. He forced a smile and pleaded. “Secretary Su, I have something urgent to look for Chairman Yuan today. Could you tell her and ask her for an audience for me?”

“Oh.” Su Mo looked as though he was looking down at Qiao Weiming. It was as though he was laughing at him for being unable to comprehend the situation. He must think that Qiao Weiming was an idiot that still dared to ask him for favors because he still carried the impression that he was Miss Qiao’s father. However, he still smiled at Qiao Weiming and answered, “You can wait here, then. If Chairman Yuan is free, I will notify you.”

Even though Qiao Weimin was furious, he couldn’t do anything but wait.

Meanwhile, he was still confused. Did he see Qiao Nian just now, or was his vision getting worse?

Even though Qiao Nian didn’t come over often, Yuan Yongqin had created an elevator just for her.

That lift went straight up to his office.

Qiao Nian strolled out of the lift, and Yuan Yongqin immediately welcomed her.

“My dear, you’re finally here!”

She was wearing a red body-hugging dress today. It showed off her good figures as her hair was tied up into a bun, and you could see her glistening skin.

Everyone knew that Yuan Yongqin was an iron lady at work. Whatever she says goes.

However, right now she was giving off a loving vibe. There wasn’t a hint of an iron lady in her actions now.

She dragged Qiao Nian in while walking in her heels. She examined her multiple times before poking her arm nervously and then asked worryingly, “Is your arm alright? What did the doctor say?”

Qiao Nian lifted her arm and said nonchalantly, “It’s just a blunt trauma. I need to rest it for a couple of weeks. It will recover eventually.”

“Should I get a specialist from Beijing for you?” Yuan Yongqin asked. Then, she laughed uncontrollably. “I must have been too worried. You’re a doctor already, and few in the country can compare to you in the medical field. You just like to keep a low profile. Else the girl from the Qiao Family wouldn’t be the talk of the town.”

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